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For the week of August 14 – 20, 2017:

We’re in the middle of an intense worm hole passage, at the exact balance point between the two eclipses, and the energy is off the charts.  Transformation is occurring, tensions are escalating, and only thing left to do is let go and be the release of Love.  Love is the ultimate response to all that is occurring on the planet right now, and we’re at the tipping point of awakening, through the heart.  It requires 100% commitment to hold the balance point of equanimity and Unconditional Love.  That vibration is the necessary frequency required to calibrate ourselves and our planet and resurrect into the new.

Timelines are merging and our past karmic stories that have yet to be fully resolved are being revealed now through current events.  The suppressed and buried wounds of story lines from our collective past are surfacing now for healing, wholing, and mastery of emotional wisdom, so that we can collectively move forward on a clean slate, together in peaceful partnership and cohesive union.  We can’t ignore the past events that were never tended to with compassion and understanding.  We can’t pretend that our relationships (personal or collective) are on equal ground when the symptoms show otherwise.  The truth is being revealed everywhere, for the purpose of conscious and holistic evolution.  Everybody wins, or we haven’t won…yet.


When we smile and pretend that everything is ok, while silently judging or detaching from what we don’t like, diverting our attention towards the like-minded, we feed into separation consciousness, which is divisive, and eventually splits us in half.  The only way to unify is to become equanimous and unconditional.  There is nowhere else to go when our planet is divided.  No matter what side of the fence we’re standing on, we all share the same soil, the same ocean, the same air, and the same sun.  What unites all of humanity as One is the Earth, Breath, and Spirit.  We are each the walking embodiment of unification through every breath that animates our bodies into life through every fiber and cell of our being.  By design, we are the unification and wholeness of the elements, in divine expression.


When we fragment from ourselves or from our true nature, we become the walking embodiment of separation consciousness.  When we’re in conflict with ourselves, when we resist our deepest truth, deny our heart, or detach from our core wounds by severing our roots, or when we burry emotions and pretend not to notice or care, we contribute to the conflict that is playing out on our planet.


When we take responsibility for our own healing, when we dive deep below the surface to excavate and resuscitate the truth of our soul, and consciously align our choices, words, and actions with our reawakened heart, there is Love, and we become empowered.  Our individual wholeness calibrates the collective wholeness, and we rise together, hand in hand.


We can’t tend to the bigger picture without tending to ourselves, and we can’t ignore the bigger picture by focusing only on ourselves.  Both are necessary.


All lives matter, all hearts matter…including our own, and including the ones we resist the most.  Our freedom lies in our willingness to hold our enemy the same as our most cherished loved one.  Everything contains and reflects everything, there is no separation.  Resistance and hate fuel more resistance and hate.  The only energy that creates resolution is the consciousness of Love.


It’s important to note that embodying Love doesn’t mean giving up and passively going with the flow, singing “Kumbayah” and sweeping the debris under the carpet while hoping for something better.  Love is the most powerful force of energy available in the universe, in fact it is the higher law of nature.  There is nothing meek or passive about the universe and the forces of nature.  Love requires relentless commitment, conscious discipline, unwavering strength, unconditional courage, and the heart of a lion.  Love is just as fierce, unapologetic, and raw as it is gentle, nourishing, and peaceful.  Love balances the scales and restores harmony, just like the forces of nature.  Love honors, protects, and holds sacred space with integrity, respect, and value.  Love restores peace, shines the light on truth, even when it’s uncomfortable or painful.


The consciousness of Love is awakening on the planet.  In order to awaken, we must have the courage to see the truth, and let the truth shake us to the core.  If we’re afraid of being shaken to the core, we will resist all that is yet to awaken within us, which is pure potential and light.  We’re being birthed through an intense portal that is shedding the skin of ego, safety, and familiarity so that we can finally recognize each other by the signature of our light and by the sound of our frequency.   We didn’t come here to suffer, and we didn’t come here to live in fear or hate.  We came to manifest Love, to embody Light, to awaken consciousness, and to restore unity through freedom and diversity.  We are all connected, and we are all reflecting each other, through shadow and light.  And the truth is, there is only light.


This week is the balance point between eclipses, leading to the full Solar Eclipse on Monday August 21.  It’s important to hold the consciousness of Love on the planet, wherever we are, and be the bridge to possibility and unity, no matter what is occurring.  We are expanding, and feeling the ripping apart of our own muscle fibers and skin as we stretch far beyond anything we’ve known before.  This is the moment we came to experience, and as Light Workers, this is the moment we came to serve.


Monday 8/14 is fairly quiet with no major aspects.  A great opportunity to get grounded and clear within our own selves so that our energy is clean and crystal clear.


On Tuesday 8/15, Venus is in a bridge with Pluto and the Sun is in a resource with Haumea.  The Venus Pluto story shifts from 3D victimization by the dark forces of the underworld, to the fully empowered 5D feminine voice that chooses love and authors her story, beyond what’s reasonable, logical, or previously acceptable.  Our hearts are reincarnating and reinventing the story, from the most empowered position of strength.  And we gain the support of higher consciousness of wholeness, that can see beyond the current limitations or restrictions, and allow for a much greater wisdom that unifies all choices, all stories.


Wednesday 8/16 is a huge day.  Mars is in a great eliminator with Pluto, the Sun is manifesting with both Eris and Ixion, creating a Grand Fire Manifestation.   And, the Sun is starting a new cycle with the North Node (collective Soul Star Chakra).  Mars and Venus together are the co-rulers of the divine feminine archetype that are birthing the new world.  After Venus’ bridge with Pluto, now Mars eliminates from our physical space whatever is no longer serving us, so we can resurrect fully into the new expression of our heart’s truth.   The Grand Fire Manifestation ignites our awakened consciousness with our soul’s purpose and blueprint.


The Sun starts a new cycle with the North Node, and we each have the opportunity to not only choose the high road, but to elevate the collective conversation through our conscious evolution.   When we can see the current events through a higher scope of vision, we choose the evolutionary path, which unravels the karmic roots of the past.  We are not bound to the historic conditions or repetitive loops of the collective consciousness, we can elevate the entire conversation when we bring our awakened consciousness to any scenario.


On Thursday 8/17, Venus is in a stepping stone with Jupiter, bringing the heart into full blown expansion.  If it feels like we want to explode, let the explosion be of Love, and shower that Love to All, unconditionally.  We each have the power to ignite a revolution through the limitlessness of our hearts.


Friday 8/18 is a Venus great eliminator with Saturn.   When we own the limitlessness of our hearts, we gain the authority and power to redefine whatever is occurring around us.  We’re writing the script, creating in the moment with every choice of the heart.  When we say no to anything out of alignment, we’re honoring the integrity of our hearts.  No regrets, no doubts or hesitations.


Saturday 8/19 is quiet, no major aspects.  An opportunity to integrate and calibrate the choices made from the heart.


And Sunday 8/20 is another HUGE day.  Venus is in a stepping stone with Haumea and Eris, which is a T square with Venus as the intersection or balancing still point.   Also, the Sun is in a great eliminator with Chiron, and Mars is in a resource with Jupiter.  Haumea and Eris hold the bridge of awakening through inner discord or disharmony.  When we are balanced and grounded in our hearts, every disruption leads to awakening, without any unnecessary drama or chaos.  If we’re not in our hearts, the disruptions get louder and louder until we can elevate to a higher consciousness to see wholeness with wisdom.  We must be in our hearts to access the higher wisdom of any scenario.  When we hold our seats in Love, our consciousness eliminates the patterns of old perceived woundedness, and we expand into our own personal mastery.


The practice this week is to find the still point in the heart.  As we practice conscious discipline with our minds and hearts, we achieve the still point that activates new possibilities never before imagined.  Meditate for at least 10 minutes each day, feel the heart and mind side by side, in partnership, as yin and yang.  Imagine a perfect Star of David as the relationship of yin and yang in divine balance and wholeness.  Then inhale violet light from the crown chakra, into the Star of David at the heart/mind still point, and exhale that violet light through the tailbone into the Earth for grounding.


“If there is Love, there is hope to have real families, real brotherhood, real equanimity, real peace.  If the Love within your mind is lost, if you continue to see other beings as enemies, then no matter how much knowledge or education you have, no matter how much material progress is made, only suffering and confusion will ensue”.  – Dalai Lama 



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