Current Astro Events – May 10, 2024

Lisa E ZimmermanCosmic Consciousness Weekly

Written by Lisa E Zimmerman

May 10 – The final week of Taurus is fertile, ripe with New Moon and Jupiter- Uranus possibilities, as your personal orientation is still in flux after all the chaotic energy. Mercury moves through the final degrees of its Retrograde path before entering fresh terrain on Monday, allowing for a new level of clarity informed by all you’ve learned the past few months, with greater awakening to follow as the weeks unfold.

Neptune (Ruler of Pisces) is at 29o – the final degree of the zodiac in this multi- dimensional, transcendent energy. Attune to your Inner Guidance, Higher Vision, imagination, intuition, compassion and right brain. Neptune will be at 29o for two months and then Retrograde, remaining in Pisces until 2025.

Pisces rules Neptune (Higher Consciousness, Oneness, dreams) and Saturn (reality, structure, manifesting). Dream, meditate, be in nature, be creative, do your spiritual practices until your dream drops in. If you feel lost, something is likely unwinding, which is an opening. Relax into it and flow with the energy the best you can, but don’t push because that won’t work. Wu Wei; practice allowing trust in the rhythm of your personal unfolding.

May 13 – The Sun conjoins Uranus exactly today, but the Sun is 2o from Uranus on May 10, and it’s already percolating. Uranus is the Great Awakener, a disrupter here to break up stale energies and wake you up if you are sleepwalking through any area of your life. Uranus seeks freedom, space and often rebellion from patterns or agreements you have adopted along the way that are blocking your evolution.

The Sun-Uranus energizes your Higher Mind, genius, Authentic Self – anything that has been suppressed that is a true expression of you, or maybe something triggered to go in an unusual direction. Expect the unexpected, from yourself or others – especially regarding anything you’ve been tolerating or if you’ve been dishonest (people pleasing) in a relationship. This can be like truth serum or a plot twist, which can be shocking – or liberating, or both. If you are faced with a sudden change, be as flexible as possible.

If there’s something you’ve been wanting to try or do, this is a good time to take a risk, innovate, dare to step out beyond your familiar boundaries. The wind is at your back. If you feel restricted, bored or just want to stretch and need to break free in some area of your life, here you go!

May 13 – Mercury leaves its shadow and it is now in unexplored territory, so any insights you have from your recent experiences can be applied to the upcoming info you receive. Stay tuned… this should be exciting, especially with Uranus (the higher octave of Mercury) conjunct the Sun on the same day! Lots of stimulating mental energy – pay attention to messages, conversations, what you read, see and hear, and downloads coming through…

May 13 – Saturn sextile Venus. This stabilizes the energy following the Sun- Uranus conjunction, which can help you integrate or align with any changes, movement or unfamiliar events, experiences, paradigms or people who you come in contact with in this new setup. Beyond Sun-Uranus, Venus-Saturn brings sane relationships, commitment, harmonious, responsible people, where your well being is in good hands. Peace. A nice counter-balance for the excitement of Sun-Uranus, especially for your nervous system…

May 15 – Mercury in Taurus. Now Mercury leaves Aries (after two months), as Taurus will take practical steps to make things manifest – and it is patient, it is in no rush. So Mercury will have a new rhythm until June 3 and it will be much more relaxed. Nice!

This week is one of curiosity, exploration and discovery. Where are you? Leaving the chaos, the Eclipse Wormhole, the retread of Mercury Retrograde shadow onto a path with no tracks yet… like freshly fallen snow. With Neptune at 29o. Practice tuning in to your Inner Guidance and Higher Consciousness to see what you experience.

Wherever you think you’re going, allow incoming messages to inform you. There is no rush. Everything happens in Divine Timing. Always.

The second half of the month is full of beneficial aspects that will bring youopportunities and blessings. Really extraordinary, stacked with Goodness.

We are in virgin territory now, a new land where we’ve never been before. Therefore, you must chart your own course, so dream a BIG dream for yourself.

You came to be here at this transformational time as we are turning a major corner – and you have a magical gift to share that NO ONE has like you do.

Don’t put yourself in a box and don’t minimize your gift with self-doubt or self- judgment. You deprive the world when you do that. Please be available. 

“Perfectionism can break your heart and all the hearts around you.” ~ Rachel Naomi Remen

“Enlightenment is You undefined by fear.” ~ Emmanuel

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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