Weekly Forecast for October 14, 2022- Cosmic Consciousness Edition

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Oct 14 – We continue through the Eclipse wormhole (a short distance between two vastly different realities) with a Solar Eclipse at 2º Scorpio on October 25, followed by a Lunar Eclipse at 16º Taurus on Nov 8. This distorts the time/space continuum as you know it, so that it’s hard to get your bearings.

As your mind works overtime to find familiar reference points, seeking security – they are veiled, shifted or non-existent. What’s being offered (if anything), is a new path. But where is that leading you?? This is a faith piece, whether anything is visible or not, that has yet to be revealed.

At the same time, Mars (action/will) in Gemini is barely moving, preparing to turn Retrograde from Oct 30-Jan 12, which affects momentum and offers you a closer look at how you’re operating as the pace downshifts, if you can focus Gemini’s distractibility and busyness. Adjust your expectations about what should happen when to align with Divine Timing, rather than your (ego’s) timing, with faith that All is well.

The ongoing Saturn-Uranus square continues to create conflict and division via the old vs. the new; traditional rules and structures vs. rebellion and demands for freedom. Our foundation feels shaky, living in a divided world with people who have been programmed to fight for (fill in the blank).

Don’t take the bait – and realize that that this mirror of dualistic thinking is here to illustrate the futility of black/white, right/wrong, good/bad thinking that can reduce adults to acting like children. If you are awake, there is much wisdom to be gained by rising above and witnessing what people are willing to accept by being a follower. Claim your Authority and don’t be a pawn. Attune to your heart to know what’s right for you.

All week Mars in Gemini squares nonlinear Neptune, which can affect your energy, mental focus, processing, mood and motivation. Remember, Mars is barely moving – and dreamy Neptune calls your energy within to your Higher Self, imagination or higher dimensions of consciousness.

Therefore, left-brained work can be challenging, whereas creative activities, rest, leisure, nature and spiritual practices are food for the soul. This is a perfect time to practice “Wu Wei,” a Taoist principle of intuitive action that is spontaneous, natural and effortless, that flows around obstacles, and goes to the belief that less (effort) is more. No struggle or stress – stay connected and go with the flow.

Oct 17 – The Sun trines Mars, which supports efforts to move forward, but it may not be as smooth as you expect due to Mars Stationing to Retrograde and Mars square Neptune.

Oct 18, Venus trines Mars, that indicates someone appearing to assist you, a blessing or creative inspiration. Remember Wu Wei. Don’t push. Clear Intentions can magnetize your efforts tremendously, along with aligned actions taken in harmony with you and your environment.

Oct 19 – Mercury opposes Chiron, creating the opportunity for wounding or healing words. Choose the healing if you have made unkind remarks, need to make amends or reconnect. If your thinking has become negative, shift your mindset by having a reality check (is it gossip, self-pity, judgment, self-righteousness, entitlement, victimhood, denial?). Allow your mind to operate through the lens of love and compassion for a higher expression of mental processing, rather than egoic competition and scarcity.

Oct 20 – Sun squares Pluto, and issues around power come up and have to be dealt with. You may face a bully or be in a situation with an imbalance of power (either you or them as the tyrant / victim). Someone gets pushed or feels diminished, safety and integrity may be tested and may have to do with $$ or resources. Whatever comes up is a flag for healing, so get the memo if this is you.

A higher expression of Sun-Pluto energy is the ability to create what you want – or being able to access your gifts, strengths and talents to use, at will, for the Greater Good.

You may feel like you’re going nowhere – and on a 3D level, maybe you’re right. But energetically, you’re growing and evolving, stretching and morphing into your next incarnation of expression that is beyond the projection of your logical mind. I love a surprise – get ready :))

Your intuition and Higher Self are tracking with you; they are right there. If you get quiet and go within, you can feel the beauty of where you are, beyond the mind, in some higher dimensional space. Just sit there and Be whenever possible, for peace and a respite from the personal and collective transformation that you are going through.

Know that All is well, be patient, and watch the movie. Remember that separation is an illusion.

“Your strength will come from standing in the center of a place that no one can see, knowing what no one can verify and dancing to a tune that no one else can hear.” ~ Emmanuel

As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.

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