Weekly Forecast for September 9, 2022- Cosmic Consciousness Edition

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On Sept 9-10 we have two events occurring back to back. On Sept 9 Mercury Station Retrograde thru Oct 2, followed by a Full Moon in Pisces on Sept 10 @ 3am PDT. Needless to say, this can create distortions in your time-space perception of thoughts, communications and events – or maybe the experience is like being a Pisces: nonlinear, dreamy, circular and very right-brained, which can help you connect to your Higher Self, rather than living from your default mind (Mercury).


During Mercury Retrograde, you will be reviewing territory you’ve covered since Aug 21, with the opportunity to reassess and course correct anything that is calling for revision or an upgrade. Check in – feel where you belong, what you fee; called to do or create. Your intention will empower you.


This is also an opportune time to organize and clear anything superfluous – physical clutter, papers, clothing or items that represent a prior expression of You that is no longer relevant. You will feel lighter, freer and clearer by releasing that which is no longer aligned with your current consciousness. Keep your keepsakes, but don’t be a hoarder. Take photos of what you want to remember, but don’t need to hold onto. Also, double and triple-check details, especially for travel, meetings, purchases and anything important that’s on your calendar.


As I said last week, Mercury in Libra highlights relationships, partnerships and one-on-one dynamics, so this is your laboratory until Sept 23 when Mercury Retrogrades back into Virgo. Notice where you are out of balance in relationships – too much sacrifice, compromising, accommodating – or are you too self-centered, demanding and dominant? Mercury in Libra rules diplomacy, fairness, balance and justice. The ultimate is a win-win.


Also, Venus and Mercury are in mutual reception through Sept 22, as they are in each other’s signs, working together and helping each other (Mercury rules Virgo and Venus rules Libra). This is a beneficial combo seeking harmony, balance and productivity on multiple levels.


On Sept 10 at 3am PDT we have a Full Moon @ 17º Pisces, a time when things come to light and /or reach their pinnacle – and in Pisces, spirit, creative pursuits, and nature may call to you. This is time to go within and feel, dream, Be, vision, connect with subtle energies and higher dimensions that feed your spirit and allow yourself to receive messages that are available for you.


Spiritual practices are major now, to keep yourself centered and grounded. Find what works for you and practice impeccable Self-care. Pisces rules dreams, so messages may come via your dreamtime or in the liminal space between waking and sleeping. Be aware and keep a dream journal by your bed to capture any messages that come through for you.


Pisces and Mercury Retrograde both thrive with added space, so give yourself extra time/space whenever possible for executing your To Do list. Rushing, pushing and overloading your schedule is counterproductive – this is the setup for snafus that are often blamed on Mercury Rx.


The Full Moon in Pisces is sextile Uranus, creating potential awakenings, breakthroughs, activating innovative ideas and even channeling genius. You may receive an unexpected surprise that opens a new door for you. Stay open, notice any opportunities and trust what comes and goes, as the universe is always conspiring for your Highest Good.


Pisces rules the collective unconscious, and according to sound healer and channel, Tom Kenyon, humanity is at a choice point regarding what it will experience as a collective reality. Know that the reality that will prevail is being anchored through the choices we are making, both as individuals and as a collective, which seem to be ever-changing day by day…


Choose consciously, with love, compassion and care (Pisces qualities) – for yourself and for all Beings who share our planet, along with service, humility and diligence (Virgo qualities). This is the axis we are currently experiencing; make the most of this precious time.


Among the chaos, there is beauty, amazing grace and extraordinary gifts that are available to you if you stay awake and do your work. Contribute where and when you can. Be a good citizen. Your attitude matters. Look for inspiration and be an inspiration.


“Thank you, your Majesty, for loving us all as much as you have, and for representing the infinite majesty that really does exist in each and every one of us. Amen.” ~ Robert Holden 


As always, I am grateful for your presence on our journey together.


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