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Today’s energies are giving us the opportunities to pay attention to any polarities that come up in our reflections or experiences today.  If they are there, they are calling for balance and unity.  Allow yourself to live in the balance point of polarities today.



July Numerology

In deep love I welcome in this powerful month of July!!!  We are all prepared and ready for this powerful experience.   Remembering back to last Sept so much inner growth and inner clearing has taken place – we have been uploaded with a new mental operating system and we are now just finishing up with a new physical upgrade.  So now we are completely and absolutely ready to align with the energies of July, the 7th month.  As we integrate all that we have created, called forth, and been blessed with since last September, the focus of this 7th month is one of “owning” our vastness, identifying with our new 5D archetypes/planets, realizing and embracing our mastery, and focusing within to uncover and discover even more.  This month assists us in realizing our beauty, our vastness, our creatorship, and our unlimited nature.

The 7 energy assists us in looking within for all we seek – it assists us in embracing and owning all the new that is manifesting before our eyes.  We are our own master teacher – we are our best friend – we are our lover – we are our inspiration – we are our beauty – we are our protector – we are our truth – we are the one we are looking for – we are everything we see – we are everything we experience.  This month, we are asked to truly own it all – own that everything is a reflection of the Great Self that each of us are.

The old way is falling away – the old belief in being small, separated, limited, flawed, not enough, of looking outside for what we want, and of having to settle is no longer being supported.  That world of limitation is deteriorating.  We all are invited to own, identify with, embrace, allow, and love our greatness – the largeness of who we are.  Our unlimited nature is the identity that is being supported in our new world – every new discovery, every new revelation, every new insight is pointing toward our unlimited nature and giving us opportunity after opportunity to embrace this new identity.

It is an excellent month to write, journal, create, express, and follow your desires – it is a month to discover more of who you are – to express freely and deeply from your truth – and to love all that you uncover.  There is nothing inside of you that is not loveable – there is nothing inside of you that is wrong.  There may be aspects of you within that are undeveloped and unloved but that does not make these part wrong or unlovable.  Every part of who we are has a purpose and a point – every part of you is useful, desirable, and, indeed, needed to fulfill your truth, purpose, and destiny – every part of who you are is necessary and loveable.  This month assists us in uncovering and loving all parts of self.  Understanding self is the first step toward loving self.  Do your best this month to enter into the deepest excavation within self and to do this with profound love and compassion and with the knowingness that EVERYTHING within you is good, loveable, necessary, and precious.  May we all immerse ourselves deeply within to discover our deepest and most priceless treasures that are hidden within – so be it!

Cosmic Numerology for the year 2016

2016, a “9” year, is a year of completion – not just a completion of a cycle that began 8 years ago, but a humungous completion of a cycle that began thousands of years ago – a final letting go of separation. Yes, we all have been working towards this for so long, but this will be a “big” year – completely letting go of separation – decision time – whether to cling to old patterns of limitation, or whether to embrace your Divine Nature – embrace that everything in your visible world and your invisible world is you – profound and unlimited – a year to fully commit to love – it’s all God, it’s all love – this is the year to no longer fluctuate back and forth but a year to completely and permanently align with Love. This is the year to move into 5D permanently, completely, and with the deepest commitment of will to never doubt yourself again; to never judge yourself again; to never blame yourself again; etc. etc. And of course, when we no longer judge, criticize, doubt, and blame ourselves, we no longer judge anyone or anything, within or without.

The “9” energy brings both endings and birthing within its energy so be ready to engage with the process of letting go and possibly, in the next moment, embracing the excitement of new ideas, new dreams, new passions, and new opportunities. These new birthings may not have a manifested form yet, but they will be very real to you in the form of revelation, passion, and inspiration. They will begin to be noticed in the womb of your visions. Allow them to gestate.

The energies of 2016 cannot be put into the limitation of words – its vastness is too great. It is the ending and the beginning and everything in between – it is like the profound moment between breaths.

While one aspect of our journey may seem to be completed, a new step or beginning is right around the bend or over the horizon – in fact, we have already taken our next step. Our steps to expansion never end. This year will require patience with your journey, trust in self, trust in life, trust in God, and faith that regardless of what it looks like, every step is a blessing and a gift. We will need to stay immersed in our love this year.

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