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Today is another day filled with the 8 and 9 energies.  These are not easy energies to engage with, however, when we do, the results bring quantum leaps in our understanding.  Love yourself no matter what is expressed by you – no matter how you show up – no matter how you feel – no matter what you believe is “wrong with you” – just love all those deep parts and be amazed by the miracle of your experience when you are able to love the parts that you want to “cover-up.”



August Numerology

Here we are in the powerful month of August, the 8th month.  Wow, what a year this is being!!!!  It has exceeded our expectations!!!

The energies of August, the 8th month, are not necessarily easy, however, when we align and work with them with faith and with trust in self and with an attitude of our own empowerment and with the assumption that within our every step God/Source is in action in our life, in that moment, and in every moment co-creating with us our new world, our new life, then this attitude lessens any negative impact that we may feel as we move through our challenges during this transformation process.

Because the 8 energy offers us great opportunities to unify polarities, there’s a good chance we’ll see even more polarities this month.  It is part of the transformation process.  We need to do our very best to unify as best we can, without inner judgment or outer judgment, every polarity that impacts us.  Unifying polarities is not a piece of cake, however, every tiny step we can make to understand more fully each side of the polarity will allow the “two sides” to come more fully into alignment.  If we do nothing, nothing will happen.  This month will require our most kind and compassionate attitude within self as we work at unifying these polarities.  Finding something, anything to love about what we are seeing and experiencing is the first step for me when I am working to unify.  Love is the universal unifier.  It works.  And when we open just a little to bring forth love for something we cannot imagine is loveable, then Universal Love is right behind us like a freight train assisting us to open the door fully to love and once that door is opened, profound light and understanding also come through that door.  How many times have we all experienced that light of understanding where we soften with compassion and fully understand in deep love something that until that moment we have held in resistance?   Once love is let in, it changes everything.

As we all know, 8 is the energy of transformation – just contemplating the process of transformation gives us a clue as to the power and the opportunity for all of us this month.  The image of the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly immediately comes to mind when I contemplate transformation.  Consider how cramped and dark it must be inside the cocoon of a transforming caterpillar and  take your imaginings all the way through to the breaking out of the cocoon and butterfly’s first flight into its new world – what magnificence – what a “high” the newly formed butterfly must feel as it discovers more and more of its new world of flowers, flight, sight, smells, and the bliss of flying.  This may be a helpful image as we move through this month.  We are still in the darkness of the cocoon, however we have begun the openings into a new world and it is delicious, even though we are not yet fully out in full flight into our new world YET – but it is coming and we can all feel it and at times experience it and we often get profound glimpses of what that new life of “heaven on earth” can be like with complete equality, complete respect for all, complete financial abundance for all, complete freedom without harm for all, complete health for all, complete and healthy cooperation with our earth mother by all, and mostly all of us knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are me and I am you and we are the same.  That is the vision I am holding and I invite you to hold your most powerfully light-filled vision of our new world that you can possibly envision.  If we all hold such a profound and powerful vision of where we are going, it propels us, it uplifts us, it breaks through the walls of our restriction, it opens us, and it merges us into Light, Love, Empowerment, Equality, Oneness, Abundance, Health, and Unconditional Love.  May we all be blessed beyond our most profound imaginings!!!

Cosmic Numerology for the year 2016

2016, a “9” year, is a year of completion – not just a completion of a cycle that began 8 years ago, but a humungous completion of a cycle that began thousands of years ago – a final letting go of separation. Yes, we all have been working towards this for so long, but this will be a “big” year – completely letting go of separation – decision time – whether to cling to old patterns of limitation, or whether to embrace your Divine Nature – embrace that everything in your visible world and your invisible world is you – profound and unlimited – a year to fully commit to love – it’s all God, it’s all love – this is the year to no longer fluctuate back and forth but a year to completely and permanently align with Love. This is the year to move into 5D permanently, completely, and with the deepest commitment of will to never doubt yourself again; to never judge yourself again; to never blame yourself again; etc. etc. And of course, when we no longer judge, criticize, doubt, and blame ourselves, we no longer judge anyone or anything, within or without.

The “9” energy brings both endings and birthing within its energy so be ready to engage with the process of letting go and possibly, in the next moment, embracing the excitement of new ideas, new dreams, new passions, and new opportunities. These new birthings may not have a manifested form yet, but they will be very real to you in the form of revelation, passion, and inspiration. They will begin to be noticed in the womb of your visions. Allow them to gestate.

The energies of 2016 cannot be put into the limitation of words – its vastness is too great. It is the ending and the beginning and everything in between – it is like the profound moment between breaths.

While one aspect of our journey may seem to be completed, a new step or beginning is right around the bend or over the horizon – in fact, we have already taken our next step. Our steps to expansion never end. This year will require patience with your journey, trust in self, trust in life, trust in God, and faith that regardless of what it looks like, every step is a blessing and a gift. We will need to stay immersed in our love this year.

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