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Divine Mother’s energy is fully with us and in the fore-front today.  She is always with us but on these Divine Mother energy days, she (within and without) offers opportunities to notice her where we did not before.  On these days she offers us opportunities to engage with every experience we encounter in unconditional love.



April Numerology

Welcome April !!!  We are only into the 4th month of 2018 and what a year it is so far – amazing and remarkable!!!  April continues to assist us in our ever expanding journey of forever!!!

April’s vital “4” energy assists us to manifest into matter –  to manifest into form all that has been incubating within us during 2017 and 2018.  Of course this will differ for each of us depending on where we are on our pathway.  So I will share the basic energy patterns of the 4 and I ask you to stretch it and see how it applies to where you are on your pathway.  The more you engage with this energy, the more “juice – power – building power” this month will have for you.

The 4 energy is about creating a step by step plan, strategy, or foundation on which to manifest – on which to build your ideas, your dreams, your passions, your creativity, your visions, your song, your footsteps, your choices, and your truth for the purpose of bringing into form that which you have held in spirit – in energy.  The energies of April receive the birthing push of March and manifest what is being birthed into form – into matter.

April supports us in building matter FROM a balanced foundation.  One that has been put together step, by step, in a methodical, stable, and solid truth.  YOUR absolute truth.  What we each are now building cannot be hurried – as we lay each piece of our new foundation, we must examine each step, each piece to be sure it is aligned with our NOW and NEW TRUTH.  As we build our new life and our new world and our new pathway, we ask ourselves, does this piece reflect my absolute truth and if not, what is my truth that I must reveal to myself that will become this new piece in the foundation of my vision or expression.  We are building our diamond Christed Crystalline pathway step by step with each step containing our Light and our Love and our Truth.  Who are we today?  Who are we this moment?  What are our gifts that are now ready to radiate forth to our community – our family – our friends – our co-workers?  The 4 energy is precise – it is deliberate – it is intentional – it is methodical – it is capable of building into form ANYTHING we can conceive of as long as we build it from our complete truth.  As we all know, manifestation is instantaneous as long as we are 100% aligned with our Highest Truth within our heart.  Until we live there 24/7, this 4 energy of examining step by step each piece ensures that our manifestation will, indeed, reflect our truth and our manifestation will be in our highest and most enlightened reality.  Once we are in our heart, manifestation is instantaneous.

I am an artist and I love painting scenes in nature that are powerful Light Portals.  When I paint, I allow my heart to choose what to paint.  Then I go within my heart and find the place I wish to paint and I merge with it in my deepest love and gratitude.  Once in that place, the painting “paints itself” – it just flows from me non-stop.  However, I must honor all my steps in order to create the beautiful paintings that emerge from my heart.   It doesn’t work for me to pick up my brush and paint without going through my inner steps first.  This is an example of how to use this month’s 4 energies.  If you resonate with this, recall the times when you have manifested instantly or very quickly and smoothly.  What were your inner steps?  What was the state of your heart and your intention and your self-trust?  Work with your inner 4 energy and call forth your steps?

For each of us, as we align with our own unique “steps” that manifest our visions, our passions, our creativity, and our expression, this month will grant us our most exquisite fruits in matter – this month we give life and form to our love.  This month we are now radiating our Light – we are singing our song – we are gifting all of life with our love-filled expressions.

Cosmic Numerology for the year 2018

Happy New Year !!!  Today we enter a new vibration for 2018 – the energy of the 11/2 !!!!  There is much to discuss about this pivotal and most life changing year we are entering into today.  We have all been preparing so deeply for this year – especially since the eclipses of August all through the remainder of 2017.  Our inner work has been relentless, tiring, powerful, and so important in order for us to fully receive from and engage with this new year of 2018.  This is not only a 2 year, but it is also a master number 11 year and we are now ready for all this year is gifting us with.  I will discuss the qualities of both the 2 energy and the 11 energy because this year carries the vibration of both the 2 and the 11 energy.

2 is a feminine energy and therefore our inner and our external feminine nature will continue to develop and express in empowered ways all year long.    2017 was a masculine energy year and last year we witnessed the dismantling of the “separated” masculine energy AND the rise of the higher frequency and balanced and empowered masculine energy.   Just one example of the empowered balanced masculine energy was how there was immediate firing of high ranking men in the entertainment, government, and health fields after the “silence breakers” spoke – this immediate action of firing these seemingly powerful men was indeed the empowered Divine Masculine principle emerging.  This year, 2018, we are moving toward maintaining a perfectly balanced inner and outer masculine/feminine partnership and this began in earnest last year and will continue fully this year.  To create our new world we must have a perfectly balanced masculine/feminine partnership.  They are both equal and vital within ourselves in order to create the new we are all building together.

We have spoken about the feminine qualities in great length so I will just summarize them here.  They are: flexibility, allowance, compassion, mediation, partnership, nurturing, holding, birthing, all inclusiveness, openness, receptivity, courage, powerful intuition, knowingness, and unconditional love.  This year we will have the opportunities to engage with, strengthen, and build these qualities within ourselves.  We will have the opportunity to develop, demonstrate, and use these powerful gifts in an empowered way.  In 2017, we transmuted the separated and unempowered aspects of our masculine side by developing our strength, our uniqueness, our individuality, our willingness and courage to express from our truth (the silence breakers demonstrated powerful masculine qualities to come forward and honor their feminine side).  This year, 2018, we have the opportunity to marry these now balanced and ready parts of self – our inner empowered feminine with our inner empowered masculine.  This alchemical process will be sacred, unique, and delicate for each one of us.  These two aspects of self, in a balanced and powerful partnership are now ready to create the new earth that will be ready to be birthed in 2019 and 2020.  So this year will also be an incubation year – a year pregnant with the potential that will be birthed in 2019 and 2020.

In addition to that which I have discussed above – 2018 is a master number year of 11.  Every “2” year is not a master number year so it’s not like we get this master number year every 9 years.  This master number year of 2018 comes to us as a powerful powerful opportunity to use the accelerated energies, codes, activations that are being gifted to us this year to transmute, to release, and to align ALL that is preventing us from living 100% of every now moment fully in our True Unlimited Self.  We are not working toward enlightenment, it is here, now, and ready for us to realize.  We have been “working toward” our enlightenment for so many lifetimes, and it is a subtle pattern within in many of us and this subtle pattern has to go.  We are there now !!!  Own it!!! Claim it !!! Remember the month of November 2017 ???  That was a master number 11 month.  2018 will carry a similar intensity wherever we have the slightest pattern of separation.  So anything having to do with our relationship with self, with our relationship with our body, with our relationship with others, with our relationship with our earth, our relationship with the planets, etc. that needs transmutation or attention or balancing or healing or acknowledgement will be in our faces to attend to in 2018.

We cannot move into the birthing of our new world if we carry within us any unresolved relationship issues so this year any and all relationship issues will come up for our loving healing embrace through our revelations, through our inspiration, through clarity, with insight into solutions, with understandings, and with powerful alchemical shifting – this will be our focus during 2018.  The master energies of the 11 bring forth a heightened focus so that we can FEEL the illusion and FEEL the separation sufficiently within us and with enough frustration to push us into calling forth a greater truth that will replace or dissolve the illusion.  These intense experiences are coming forth for each of us because there is a Truth missing that we each need to reveal to ourselves and once we SEE the Truth, ALL illusion falls away.  That is the point and the purpose of the intense energies of this master number 11.  It will meet each of us were we are – it will bring up for each of us anything that is required by the God within each of us in order for us to truly and freely live, know, and BE the unlimited God that we each are.  And once we find the missing truth in each situation, then we are done with it forever and we move into the all powerful, unlimited, unconditional LOVE that is our true identity.  Happy New Year!!!

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