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 Today is a universal 9 day, a day largely focused on completing the themes of the last ephemeral (daily, in this case) cycle.  1 and 8 energy is prominent in this day, as it has been for the last few days.  In the month of physical evolution, we may finally be seeing some palpable changes taking place in the collective.  Polarization is continuing to produce catalytic change that each May promises, but none so boldly as this one in recent memory.  We are on the third cycle of 9 in terms of daily energies that will be expressed in this month.  We are 2 days into the third daily cycle of 9 in May, and we’re about to have the third universal 1 day of the month tomorrow.  Let go of all that’s not serving you in this moment and take a deep breath as we move into the final third of May.  The chemistry of the moment is potent.  The Earth is percolating beneath our feet.  Thank the Divine Mother for another day to hold her close as we ascend to the next cycle together.

My name is Jameson (1+1+4+5+1+6+5=23=5) and as an identity abundant in 5 energy, it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the beautiful, expansive energies of the fifth month of May. But Jameson, you may say: By your own logic, May is not a 5 energy at all. May (4+1+7=12=3) asserts itself as a spiritually catalytic identity, a 3, and that is worthy of note. In a dualistic universe, nothing is ever “one” thing except everything, so for the purposes of divination through numerology, it’s important to consider all factors associated with any given concept. It is the dynamic between these factors that defines the energy of the moment.

Let’s set that thought aside for now. For practical purposes, we will discuss May as a 5 energy. 5 denotes the month in the coded date itself, and as numerologists, we’re interested in how the codes we discover in this universe divine the meaning of the moment for us personally and collectively. Identity is meaningful, but identity doesn’t have a direct and measurable effect out in the physical world. If 3 is the identity May wears, 5 is the measure by which May operates in this space-time reality, and that energy is building off the catalytic 3, our number of Original Cause, connecting (2) us to the fulcrum of the original cycle of 9, the midpoint from which our beginnings and endings are equally visible with our newly shifting perspectives. The 5 energy asserts a dynamic system of identity (3) in the midst of the creative process, utilizing connection (2) to manifest diverse identities (masculine/feminine, light/dark) interacting in developing harmony (6). 5 is not harmonious; it is the necessary step before harmony is achieved. It is a vital ingredient and precursor to our understanding of harmony.
1 begets action and new beginnings. 2 asserts the realities of receptivity, connection, and opposition. 3 takes the observer’s stance of these 2 preceding identities and creates the system of catalytic introspection and inner diversity that defines a spiritual being. As 3 moves into 4, we have physical manifestation and the foundation of physical creation. We have space. We have separate bodies, but only a singular spiritual identity has fully developed from this series of numerical identities thus far.
After 4, this is where the 5 energy asserts itself. 5 defines the indwelling masculine, expansive energy of the bourgeoning feminine identity (6). It is the active feminine, the masculine connective counterpart to the receptive, feminine 2 (and also elucidated by the decimal expression of ½, .5, or inner development leading to evolution of identity/value--in this example, you'll notice that a single digit, 1, is necessarily comprised of masculine, feminine, and spiritual essence, and so it is true of every one of us). The 5 energy is the creative force, the essence of pleasure, pain, and physical movement itself, the emotional dynamic between fear and fun/love, and the tipping point between beginning and completion. It is evolutionary, and it commands our attention through displays of physical force. It communicates the needs of the counterpart to instigate interactions where there is, temporarily, an uneven exchange of specific types of energy, and it defines the remaining minority of factors that are required to finalize a process. It consults with the space afforded by the 4 energy, and it adds time to the mix, with varied results.
Doesn’t that all feel very much like May? How do we typically associate with May? In the northern hemisphere, May is still a distinctly spring vibe, but we’re not talking the first musings of warmer weather that typically show up around March. No, May is the month where you truly feel spring in the air, and the possibility of summer is just around the corner. That said, the weather extremes only become more noticeable—you may not question the occasional blizzards or unseasonably warm days in March, but by May, a blizzard may feel like a slap in the face, and you may be anticipating that first 80 degree day with bated breath.
That is the 5 energy at work. After the energy of the 4 firmly plants itself in the earth, the energy of 5 is decidedly physical in nature, with an anticipatory flair. We experience contrast fully on this wave, comparing all that came before with all that is coming next while feeling ourselves in the midst of all that has been, is, and will be created. We experience change, growth, and evolution personally and collectively through exchange, communication, and activity. If March produces the buds and April watches them sprout, May puts the “petal” to the “mettle”, so to speak; we see the shape of the Tree of Life take its form, and what comes next is determined by our reaction to the manifestation at hand. Makes sense, as Taurus, represented by the symbol of the Tree of Life in Cosmic Consciousness, leads the energies of May before effervescent Gemini, the 5 o’clock hour in the Cosmic Consciousness Clock, takes the baton and moves us from Conscious Obedience into the energy of Conscious Wisdom, symbolized by the Diamond. Learning to receive in gratitude evolves our feminine wisdom and substantive strength.
Take in all the wonders of the natural world this month, the trees and stones, the earth and air. Watch the seasons change in earnest as the promise of spring gives way to actual spring and summer, and bask in the 5 energy, the idealistic notion of eternal progress. 5 is the harbinger of the 6 energy, the introduction to the notion of equality amidst diversity through necessary change and adaptation. 5 gives you the gift of precognition, but it asks you to be here now. May asks you to go out in the world and interact with it, change (5) it as you see fit, all the while knowing that each action produces spiritual catalysis (3), instigating further change in the physical realm. In this masterful 11 year, the 5 month puts the spiritually catalytic May (3) on the spiritual path itself (11+5=16=7) through action supported by diverse harmony. The change within will be reflected in the change without.

Cosmic Numerology for the year 2018

This is the second master intuitive year of the new millennium. 2+0+1+8 =11, and 11 is not reduced when practicing numerology, necessarily. 11 is the number that reflects the nature of our dualistic universe, the mirror that exists in each individual’s perception of the reality we share. It is the elevated 2; numerologically equal in value, but illustrative not only of connection but of activity and receptivity in one definable unit, illustrative of the true nature of consciousness, a collection of identities or archetypes within a cohesive system, one beside another, all serving a divine purpose, defining order amidst seeming chaos.
So if this is the second master 11 year of the millennium, that begs the question: How was your 2009 (2+0+0+9=11)? Let me tell you a little about mine:
In 2009, I graduated with high honors, receiving my bachelor’s degree at the age of 25; I was a bit late to receiving my degree compared to many people my age. I was nevertheless very proud of the accomplishment. I had earned my degree by way of pursuing a triple major in literature, creative writing, and psychology, in the face of what many considered a crippling mental illness. Despite severe bipolar disorder and a slew of medications that altered my perceptions and personal gifts immeasurably, I persevered and accomplished something I wasn’t sure I could. And unfortunately for me, I did so just in time to watch my country’s economy crash. Turns out, when the shit hits the fan, English and psychology majors aren’t exactly in high demand out there in the U.S. economy, though in all fairness, most of my friends graduated into similarly dire circumstances, regardless of our educational pursuits.
Do you remember 2009? It was a personally polarizing year, by my estimation, but how about collectively? Do you remember the U.S. swearing in its first black president, the 44th president Barack Obama (let’s just remember that derivatives of 11 are likewise not reduced to put that number in perspective), a moment that brought tears of joy to so many of us who grew up in a racially divided world? Do you remember the backlash to his administration, the huge political demonstrations, the polarization of the electorate in response to his campaign’s resounding victory, which then called the resounding victory into question as the administration seemed to collapse under the weight of the expectations placed upon it?
Yeah, me neither. I remember drinking myself stupid in my parents’ basement, feeling sorry for myself. I remember searching for jobs in the morning, getting tipsy in the afternoon, and trying to come up with some excuse for my miserable existence in the evening while pretending to be sober enough to carry on reasonably intelligent conversations with my parents, who were kind enough to house me during some very uncertain times, personally and collectively. I remember my determined atheism, my persistent depression and substance-fueled mood swings, my endless confusion.
Many people will be dwelling in these themes this year, and not all will come out with a smile on their faces, as I did. 11 isn’t an especially kind number to the resistant, if we’re looking at this from a 3D perspective. It is the number of enlightenment, and enlightenment can come in the form of revelatory bliss or agonizing disintegration. It is not for the faint of heart.
But there is good news, folks.
As a life path 11, I can tell you that working with the energies of 11 becomes a privilege once you recognize what is being asked of you, and that is total surrender. That is a request on behalf of God, the Universe, that can only be answered by the emerging Divine Feminine energies that represent the new order of this millennium. In the year 2000, I lost my mind, and the only company I had left was my broken heart. The energies of 11 rebirth the heart like a phoenix from the ashes and teach you to live through the heart, where truth enters the physical plane, rather than the mind, where darkness resides, coloring in the shadows that determine our perception of depth in the physical world and create the stories that inform our worldly interactions.
2009 sent a shockwave across the Earth. Find your heart, and begin to live through it, was the request. It is the test and the trial of our times. Many of us intuitively answered the call, some of us (like me) stumbling there in the midst of our pain. 2012 would mark the end of an epoch, the Kali Yuga, and there would not be much time to heed the call before the energies sealed our fates a few years later, either way.
We are still here, in these intense times of transition, and this second master intuitive year asks you to connect with the energies of the first to produce a new conscious identity that will cohere the expanse of the human collective. We are overseeing this birthing process now, as Stephanie Azaria has evidenced for us in her daily analysis of the planetary behaviors.
Let’s back up a bit. So how will this master 11 year present differently than 2009?
Well, for all you astrology fans out there, I have a way of conceiving of this distinction. Imagine the most dynamic connections you can find in a chart. You might argue that these would be the four corners: stepping stones/squares and bridges/oppositions. Makes sense numerologically. These angles produce a 9 energy, the completion of a cycle, and are made more dynamic by the involvement of the 0 Prime Creator energy supporting the essence of the angle. Stepping stones give us a 90 degree angle, represented by the combination of the 9 and 0 energies. Bridges give us 180 degree aspects, also delivering us to a 9 energy through the 1, 8, and 0. Seeing some numbers in common with our first two master intuitive years of this millennium?
Think of 2009 like an intersection, the combination of two stepping stones. There was a fork in the road preceding the 2012 end to the Kali Yuga (universal 5 year of change). We chose what we chose, and it delivered us to this moment in 2018.
2018 leads with the energies of the emerging feminine order, 2, integrates the prime creator energy of 0 (no longer doubled in mastery a la 2009, as our own mastery is now beckoned to engage where the Prime Creator was infusing this energy the first time), supported by new beginnings (1) and a balancing and unifying of the collective (8). We are seeing the dynamic of a double bridge in this second master intuitive year of the 2000s. Where there was a fork in the road before, now the energies have set two high-speed energetic streams moving back and forth next to each other, and hopping on one will lead you straight into the polarity of the moment. We are separating into light and dark, masculine and feminine, and those who have not done the work of centering themselves in the heart will find themselves disintegrating. But when you take the higher perspective of the 11, you see that these fast-moving energies are really encompassing a singular, larger dynamic that can be all things to all people. It is the opportunity for healing of the highest order.
For those of us that have opened our hearts, who have been learning the language of the universe, the gift we have to share with the world is our recognition that all (8) are one (1/8), and in searching our own expanded, masterful hearts, we have the keys to awaken every single human mind in an instant by unifying these polarities we are experiencing. Compassion is the emerging energetic language, written by the Divine Feminine herself, and we are learning it every single moment we spend in this magnificent year.

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