2022 Fall Equinox

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September 22, 2022

Sun 00° Libra 00°

21:04 EDT/9:04 PM


Fall Equinox is an annual occurrence. This liminal event is the astrological start of the fall season in the Northern Hemisphere and of the spring season in the Southern Hemisphere; it is where the night and day are equal in length.

In my summer solstice report I used the analogy of a gateway where we are collecting all of the required energy to embark on our return journey to source. Using the same analogy, we now find ourselves at the midpoint of the journey. Looking just a bit further down the road of our journey we can see alternate paths, or a potential shortcut in the form of a wormhole, often referenced by Stephanie Azaria as a sideways elevator. Sideway elevators are unpredictable, and regardless of the experiences we have while inside, we will always find ourselves closer to our desired goal upon exit. Again, the aspects the Sun makes not only refine the energy we take back with us on our return journey, but it also offers a source of light should we take a path exploring shadows of our past as we transcend old wounds.


The balance point of the Fall Equinox creates a brief still-point allowing us to recalibrate and prepare for the next leg of the journey, which is sure to have many twists and turns that we are likely not expecting.

When we look directly at the Sun there is an exact conjunction with a retrograding Mercury in the sign of Libra. Mercury relates to our capacity to think, to use our intelligence, to communicate and to connect with the outer world. The retrograde action of Mercury reinforces this remembrance. As the world around us spirals into a state of chaos it is critical for us to activate our brains, to think for ourselves, allowing us to sidestep situations that seemingly come out of nowhere to throw us off our path.

When we look just a bit further, the Sun makes a conjunction to MakeMake, which is balanced by a connection to Venus in the opposite direction. These conjunctions on either side of the Sun remind us that we must adhere to universal law as well as connect to our heart as we journey. If we fail to abide by these tenants our journey will take us on a much longer arduous path.

The Sun forms a solid steppingstone (square) with Ixion in the sign of Capricorn. Ixion provides the 5D blueprint of our crystalline expression while within the highest connection to source (Capricorn), creating the perfect energy cocktail to take us to the new 5D earth.

The energies of this potent time are tempered by a manifestation (or trine) with Chariklo, which brings stability in the sign of Aquarius reminding us to love ourselves as unconditionally as Source does. Another manifestation with Sedna provides with us with the remembrance of the Divine Feminine. All we have to do is learn to trust ourselves and we have all that we need to complete a very challenging and rewarding journey.

The Sun forms a powerful bridge with Jupiter, reminding us to leave wiggle room in our thoughts, allowing us to explore new ideas or concepts from the opposite vantage point, revealing things we would have never realized without a different perspective.

Another powerful aspect of the Fall Equinox is a great eliminator aspect (or inconjunct) between the Moon (Leo-Fire) and Pluto (Capricorn-Earth). Our divine power (Capricorn) can only be activated by Love (Leo). Regardless of the circumstances we may encounter on our journey, the only thing we need to remember is that our divine power can only be activated by Love. The Moon will facilitate our connection to our emotional body while Pluto has the power to lift us from what may appear to be certain demise and deliver us to a higher state of consciousness.

Happy Fall Equinox!