Summer Solstice 2022

Bernice Kadatz Solstices and Equinoxes






June 21, 2022

Sun 00° Cancer 00°

5:14 EDT, 2:14am PDT,  9:14pm GT

The summer solstice marks the exact time when the sun is the furthest away from the equator, making it the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.


The summer solstice has a profound significance for humanity in many areas, including the growing of food. It is believed that ancient stone structures were built around the Sun at solstice that holds many mysteries and secrets.


To examine the astrological influences during the summer solstice, one approach is to identify or define why there is such a profound effect. If you think of a pendulum or a swing as a dynamic image and compare it to what happens in the heavens, it helps to begin to understand the major influences at this time of year with the Sun.


When the pendulum or swing goes through the tangent of midpoint, we reach the greatest velocity, and the dynamic forces of movement are the highest. In physical terms we have the highest potential for change. When the pendulum comes to the maximum range or furthest point in its travel, it comes to a standstill in the highest and lowest position in the sky at the time of summer and winter solstice. It is at this time the maximum (summer) or lowest (winter) energy flow is coming to the earth. The effect lasts for about 9-12 days and then the Sun begins its return journey.


The summer solstice can also be looked upon as a type of gateway where we are collecting all of the required energy to embark on our return journey. The astrological aspects the Sun makes during the solstice reflects the energy we take back with us on our return journey




New cycle aspects blends energies, intensifying them and creating a stronger, focalized energy.

While the Venus Sedna new cycle, or conjunction, is exact the day after the solstice, the vibrations of this new beginning can be felt building during the solstice. Venus is the classical dispositor of Libra, and Sedna, the keeper of Divine Feminine frequencies, is the 5D dispositor. This aspect signifies the importance of and need for the qualities of receptivity and acceptance at the heart level to whatever comes, and this affects us all at a personal level.

The Sun forms a resource (60°) with the fixed star Regulus (0° Virgo) and Eris (24º Aries). Regulus marks the location of the heart in the Leo (lion) constellation; it represents our spiritual evolution, allowing us to become sovereign beings and bringing us into wholeness (Virgo). Eris supports this energetic by applying the inner disruptive energy or spark (Aries) to initiate the process.

The steppingstone (90°) aspects the Sun forms can be interpreted individually or as a group. The Part of Fortune, our destined path, at 29° Pisces in the 11 o’clock hour, brings the message that we have infinite capacity to manifest.  When we embark on this process with consciousness, the steppingstones the Sun creates with the Moon (3° Aries) and Jupiter (6° Aries) can lead to conflict or irritation, but will ultimately lead to success through the integration of the two energies. The Moon generates a reflective energy that can stimulate or irritate old hurts or memories, bringing them up for release, ultimately creating the space for more expansive energies to come in.


The Sun forms trines with both Vesta (Pisces) and Saturn (Aquarius), bracketing the Midheaven. Each connection marks the gateway, one on each side and exactly 5° from the midheaven. I saw this as a 5:5 gateway signifying change.  Vesta initiates the fire of devotion that we have to our self and at times we do not need to know how or why but hold unwavering faith and trust that it just is. Saturn is the inner guru, helping us shape how we define ourselves, and provides the framework that creates our social consciousness. In addition, Saturn is retrograde giving us the opportunity to take a deep dive of introspection of our social structure. The Aquarius energy reminds us to love ourselves as unconditionally as Source does. 

Pluto forms a great eliminator with the Sun, reminding us that we are in a transformational process, of death or release of old beliefs, and the (re)birth of new truths and understandings. The Lightbridge between the Sun and Ixion supplies the blueprint of our crystalline expression required for the rebirthing process.

The aspects the Sun forms for this year’s summer solstice can be seen as a roadmap with gateways marking the entrance into a brand-new world. It is difficult to see beyond the gateway and we must walk through it to get to the other side. All the tools we need to navigate the journey are there and come into our awareness precisely when we need them.


Happy solstice!