Channel April 15, 2024

Jan FinleyJan Finley's Channel

Written by Jan Finley

Long ago,  I experienced several years that left me shattered and uncertain who I was and where I belonged in the world. All that was familiar was gone. I questioned who I was and why I was here, always feeling that I was a misfit in both my family and this world. These dark years emphasized feelings of isolation and not belonging.  I was ill-equipped to navigate the chaos so I did what I knew at the time and I buried myself deeply inside.

In the ensuing years, therapy and inner work of various kinds helped me to  heal, grow and transform. Beginning to accept myself opened astonishing doors within me.  I have accomplished much but discovered today, purely by accident, how a tiny piece of me still holds sway deep within my hidden realms. Being able to see how it kept me from stepping forward as I wanted to, I chose to face this “smallness” that chooses fear and powerlessness (Joyous Woman With Sukhvinder Sircar). My smallness has held me back and it is time I acknowledged that aspect of me fully, with patience and acceptance.  I might surprise myself with what I find.

We live in days of great expansion, both externally and within the mysteries of our own inner world.  Our consciousness allows us to be both complex and direct. As we expand, as we open, more inner aspects reveal themselves in this world of inner discovery, allowing us to embody more than we ever imagined possible.  We are allowing our natural state of  multi-dimensionality to emerge.

The beauty of an eclipse is that after the light is taken away, it returns and with it renewed clarity. I have lived long enough to experience many eclipses but none as powerful as the total eclipse last week. As the sunlight returned I literally felt myself returning to me. I felt me expanding, including the person I used to know, and so much more.  The Mystery of my smallness, I discovered, is both my greatest place of resistance and my greatest blessing. 

And so I am told:

Within in each soul is a rainbow of possibility.  Humans often limit themselves with “should” and “ought” and judgments and blame and so many other uniquely human “attributes”. We would suggest to you that all of that is nonsense. Step out of constraint, step out the past, step out of judgment and allow joy to rise with you. Yes, the human world is an amalgam of chaos and conflict right now but it will not stay that way and it does not have to overshadow your life.  Be the flame that rises high in sky rise within your soul. Be the butterfly that dances in the sun. Be the hope that ignites the world in unity and peace. Your multi-dimensionality allows the prospect of expanding beyond your imagining.  Why be  limited by past experience and beliefs? 

Open to ALL you can be. When we remind you to be the light that you are, we mean the entire light and not the limited bit that you have allowed yourself and others to see. Let it all go. Let it all be set free. You have nothing to lose and a world of wonder to discover.