Channel of the Month for September 2023

Jan FinleyJan Finley's Channel

By Jan Finley

I am filled with joy to be back with Stephanie and all the other amazing writers here on The Cosmic Path. I know we have all missed Stephanie’s profound wisdom during this last year but what joy it is to celebrate her incredible journey and healing!


As I reflect on this past year, I realize it has been an extremely transformative year for many, my Self included. As a Light worker who was called into service, I somehow expected that when these current years arrived, the years we have been waiting for, life would be easier, and yet, I find they seem more fraught and uncertain than I expected.  There is far more “maybe” than “yes” or “no”.  We are, I believe, learning to live in the ‘both/and’ instead of the ‘either/or’.  It is certainly uncomfortable, but I do believe this is our new frontier.  We must learn to live at the point of balance.


And so I am told:


The world as you have known it is changing quickly and irrevocably.  The years you have spent, knowing these days would come, will serve you well as you transit this pivotal phase in human existence.  You have always known that humans are more than they appear to be, each “acting out” a pre-planned life trajectory, stretching and learning with each passing day, yet still following the guidance of a capricious god or government, never quite in charge of your own destiny.


We now must inform you that the pre-planned portion of your life is over.  This new trajectory is, as humans would say, not a drill.


It is time to put the past to rest and step forward into the Be-ing you truly are. 


You are coming into alignment with yourself and like every other human transition it is messy, confusing and uncomfortable. This balance you are learning will serve you well.


What must be understood by those of you who have been Lightworkers is that the Light is much more than a vision you carry; it is an active force formed in the crucible of Love.  It is nothing less than the very fabric of all that exists. Humans have spent years learning to “turn on” the Light within you, so to speak. Each has become familiar with it and learned that the Light of one awakens the Light of many. It is time now to wield that force as the transformative element that it is. You will begin to experience that Light as who you are, rather than as something you carry outside of yourself.  Humankind must fully embody the Light and become one with it.


You are Sacred Warriors of Light. Welcome to the arena of change.