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Two years ago this week, at Stephanie’s invitation I began writing this column. Without question, it has been the journey of a lifetime and I am profoundly grateful for the opportunity.
Recently, I read this phrase: “a solitude of being” and it struck me that this is what this Covid isolation has been for me. Despite life going on in some fashion, despite the news, the anxiety, the up’s and down’s, what has been most steadfast in this time for me has been the spiritual quality of my particular solitude of being. I have been blessed to learn myself in a completely new and different way, to dig deeply into the story of my life and allow it to share its mysteries with me. I have partnered with my Self in this exploration and discovered a much deeper meaning to my existence.
I came to see that I am a being who lives my life on two different levels. The daily life must be experienced fully in order to have true context for the spiritual life. While I may do or say things that seem contradictory, they are, in fact, not at all because they are part of a whole that I am processing, absorbing and creating. Mistakes are mine to make in order to inform me of truer choices and alternatives.
Where once my shadow languished unloved and unacknowledged, she is now a welcome part of my being, instructing and illuminating those choices and regrets. My Higher Self whispers in my ear and heart and is welcomed as revered teacher, introducing me to my deepest possibilities and reminding me of forgotten aspirations. While I hunger for the loving touch of children, grandchildren and friends, I am never alone, comforted as I am by my active be-ing. To call it a partnership seems like a worthy choice, yet it is much more than that. I have entered into a divine unity of spirit and self that allows me to be more than I ever imagined.
And so I am told:
Many have now begun to experience this unity of living, exploring the hidden terrain within. In the willingness to dive deeply into the unknown, one faces the Self with courage and openness. The Breaking was designed not to diminish the human spirit but to bring it alive. Consider it a doorway, exposing separation for the false construct that it is and leading each to the discovery of Oneness. This inward journey generates the reconciliation of the spiritual and physical, allowing both to partner in harmony.   Here lies the path of true Be-ing. 
Welcome your own journey. Mysteries and magic await.
Thank you all for being on this journey with me.


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