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I have never been more aware of the differences in perceived realities than now. Even with concern for friends and family across the world, this pandemic has been a profoundly spiritual experience for me. Relying on my years of training and practice, I have been able to dig deeply and find my way to my own Truth, and that sustains me.
What I see around me is a very different story. Two houses down, they have several cars in the driveway and seem to be hosting a get-together. On the other side me, also two houses down, new carpet is being laid in a house that recently sold. The workers are in each others’ space and a child is with them, up close. No apparent concern for social distancing.
Our perception of the danger of this virus and the meaning of social distancing are manifested in very different realities.
Stephanie posted a message on the 26th that resonated powerfully with me in that it is extremely similar to what I have been told these last couple of weeks. Paths and choices will diverge. I hope if you haven’t read this message that you will now.
Almost since the beginning of this Covid 19 experience, I have felt myself settle in place. I can say with complete certainty that this is the moment I came here for. I don’t assume anything special about that, just simply that this is the time I anchor myself tightly into the earth and I light up my world like a wildfire. I reach out to all of you and feel you reach back to me. This is my job now. I take care of myself and breathe and exercise and can see the difference in my face. I have no expectations of outcomes about this. I simply know this is where and when I am supposed to shine from the depth of my being.
I have been told with regularity that we haven’t seen anything yet and to watch for miracles. Yesterday I was told to watch for the virus mitigating and to lose some potency at some point. There are still lessons to be learned, I am told.   The word “mitigating” was in quotes so I anticipate that the way it mitigates will be surprising in some way.
And so I am told:
The world continues to turn and paths diverge. Choice has always been a prime directive in this experience called life on earth. A perceived reality is not the only reality. Each must decide themselves where they wish to go and which calling is their own. Doorways are endless, as are choices.  
The Lady is in her rightful place, the Father at her side. Balance is being reclaimed but remains unsteady at this moment, due to resistance to change. Change will come, indeed is here, and those who fight or ignore these changes will be the most encumbered by them. Every moment is a choice, and each must be weighed in the heart. Each must ask themselves if they are ready for the New World and all that it brings. Possibilities sparkle with allure…for those with eyes to see.  
In the days to come, trust your heart as an indicator of truth rather than what is presented to you on the world stage. Some of what you hear or see maybe truth, some may not. Be discerning and deliberate as you step forward in all that you do. Your heart’s internal guidance system is fully online now and will help to redirect you if necessary.
Wonder returns to the earth. Reach out for it and allow it to enter your heart. Embrace the Dawn.

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