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I am beginning this on Earth Day, as I watch the noontime news for an update on our weather as we have the third round of severe storms scheduled for tomorrow. I tell you this because I am struggling a bit today. It won’t last; so I don’t attach much meaning to this “episode.” Occasionally, I have days when the news (which I generally keep at a distance after a quick perusal to update myself) and our current reality just simply get to me. Today is one of those days.
I seem to experience this process every couple of weeks. We can’t have a change of this magnitude without taking a moment – or two – to feel the associated anger and grief, frustration and confusion. In a way, it is part of the sacredness of this moment in our time. As much as we must face our own responsibility, incurred in this lifetime or through karma accumulated in other lifetimes, we also must experience every emotion generated by awakening. The trick is not to get lost in it.
Getting discouraged from time to time is no surprise. A quick dip in the news is all it takes to disgust and dismay, to feel as if this period we are living through is never-ending, that there is no hope in sight.
In my deepest heart, in that place that sings of joy and love and promise, I know that isn’t true. I know in my bones that this is the moment I have been waiting for my entire life. I know my purpose and I know there is brightness ahead. We are all here together deliberately for this moment in time/space. This is, quite simply, a huge transformation point. We know this, right?
I also know, without any question, that Love is the answer. How many times have we heard that? In this moment of time, it has never been more true. Love yourself, love everyone around you, know nor unknown, and love our blessed Mother Earth, with all of your being. Our open and loving hearts are the seat of all creation, and the New World begins within each of us.
Though it may seem otherwise, the path forward is clear. Those who resist are far fewer than your news would have you believe. As humans, emotions are an enormous part of who you are in this reality so it is important to allow your emotions to express themselves. The messages they carry are important. Important too not to lose your way in them. They are designed to move you along, not to keep you paralyzed in one place. Each of you is being flooded with love in the form of different rays which come to support and to guide you. Allow yourselves to open and receive this blessed gift of spiritual sustenance. Utilize the Ray of Wholing to help your body through these many changes. Learning to be patient with yourselves opens the door to entirely new ways of being within your world and with others.
When you find yourselves lost in the craving for a different future, remember that the Present is where your attention must be given. Breathe, breathe, breathe. And never forget, for one single moment of your time, that you chose to be here and light the way. You are more important than you think. Let the Love within speak to you, move and direct you. Your purpose has never been more clear, or more important.
Note on the Ray of Wholing: I was introduced by my guides to this ray several years ago. It is easily accessed, requiring nothing more than intention, and is intended to do exactly what it is called: Remind you that you are Whole. It is very powerful, warm and lovely, and can be used any time, anywhere, for anything. No special procedures and no lengthy sessions. Try it and let me know what you think. Xoxo

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