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This spring, in the midst of world chaos, a mated pair of purple finches made a nest in a bucket of silk flowers that hangs next to my front door. They spent much of their time on the transom above the door serenading me, however inadvertently.   I have little familiarity with purple fiches so this is my first up-close encounter and I have to say that I find them enchanting.
Once the nest was completed, one egg arrived and a couple of days later, four more were added. The male stayed busy, bringing the mother food and singing to her and the world (and me). Even on rainy nasty days, one or the other of them spent time on the transom singing with all their hearts.*
A few weeks later, the eggs hatched and five babies arrived in the world. The parents were very busy gathering food to feed all five of them, but they still found time to sing. Before long, the babies were learning to fly. The song became cacophony as hungry babies clamored for food and attention. I watched with joy from my dining room window as the fat, fluffy babies became stronger and more skilled. I watched as they learned to sing too.
The babies have left home now, but they have stayed nearby, which delights me.   Now I have seven purple finches who grace my porch to share their song with me. The male still sits on my transom every morning and sings for several hours. Both he and the female return in late afternoon to sing, often accompanied by one or more of the babies.
These birds have been art in a world of closures, beauty in a world of chaos, miracle as deaths mount, and comfort in a world of isolation. They have touched me profoundly and I am indebted to them for bringing me such joy, however unintended the gift was.
And so I am told:
Earth abounds with joy and miracle. Your lives here were never designed to leave you bereft of comfort, for in the remembrance of beauty, joy and love lies the pathway Home. All was planned to keep you from forgetting completely all that you are, designed as gentle reminders along the way to prod you through that most powerful tool you received: your heart. 
Embrace these reminders, however mundane they might appear at first, as they light the way home to your deepest heart, which in turn opens the way to the New World. Pause and acknowledge a moment of transcendence as it occurs, allowing it to fill your heart completely. Turn your eyes from those who act in anger, violence or selfishness, for your path is not theirs. They have their own destiny to fulfill, as do you. Search instead for the anger and violence within your deepest being. Once something within you is named, it loses its power over you. Thank it for the lesson learned and breathe into your heart, where love lies waiting.
Watch for the gifts, clean your house within and embrace the joy that is there waiting for you. The Pathway home is yours.
*If you have never heard purple finches sing, check out this link:
(A serious note from me: It has never been as important as it is right now for each of us to do our shadow work. I know I have said it repeatedly and I am saying it again: dig deep, find that old stuff, bring it into the light and own it with love. I cannot emphasize enough how important this is!! And it is important right now, this minute, not next week when you have time or it is convenient. Now. Get on it. Xoxo
The Karmic Debt of accumulated lives aches to be released. Release the dross so the gold within takes wing. It is less frightening than you think and more powerful than you can imagine.

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