Cosmic Channel of the Week

Jan FinleyJan Finley's Channel

We speak to you today on a matter of some urgency. While we do not interfere directly into human affairs, we can and do offer guideposts, suggestions, hints and gentle nudging. As the End of the Age has approached, our messages to you have become more prolific and direct. For instance, there can be no mistaking the meaning behind the word “Corona” as in coronavirus. That the pandemic is named for a crown of Light surely must seem significant to you. We leave you to determine the message.
It is also no mistake that masks must be worn to protect each of you from contagion, but consider the mask itself. Do not each of you already wear a mask every day as you present yourselves to the world?
Do you not also see men in authority wear armor of sort, dressed for war against others as they are? These representatives of the dying Patriarchy model the armor of history and karmic responsibility for acts of aggression. Do you not also wear armor each day as you present yourself in the world?
The events on Earth are gathering momentum, as can clearly be seen. The transformation is here and you must come to it open and unguarded. The time to drop your enteric mask and armor is here. All that is hidden and held back within you must be allowed its proper place. You were not designed to appear in your lives as an amalgamation of what you thought you should be and appear as. You are Divine Beings of Light, each of you. The time for armor, masks, deception, self and otherwise, is over. The time of Accounting, Remembering and Be-ing is here. You must be as Spirit made you to enter the New World, else you recreate this world.
Each soul must face its own culpability for this moment in time space. Each soul must embrace its divine nature and all that implies. Each soul must embrace the purity of love from an open and unafraid heart. Each soul must speak up and lay the armor aside. Hiding behind a constructed image must stop. The words that you speak must come from your hearts and soul, no matter how simple and mundane, no matter how powerful.
When emotion arises in you, take the time to allow its expression. Emotion is nothing to hide and ignore. Emotions are designed to move you forward, and as you give them unfettered access to you, you will better understand your divine nature.
Humans have forgotten their ability to see into another’s heart and soul through their eyes. They forgot in an effort to shield themselves from others and from knowing their selves. This too must stop. Take the time to look into another’s eyes, to see not only their humanity but their divinity, to see their heart and soul. We promise you, as you do this, you will be changed by it.
When we tell you to be the Light that you are, you understand now perhaps the depth of meaning in those words. We mean for you, the Walkers between Two Worlds, to take your rightful place as the wayshowers, modeling the new human.
When you shake a hand or hug another, take a moment to really experience that person and allow yourself to be experienced and known.
Shifting how you see another will also lead to shift how you see yourself, and your place within the New World.

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