THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 10/9/17

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


There is SO much change in the air of late that we are quite sure you have been feeling. We know, that is an understatement. Ha ha! You see, for those resolute on the journey of awakening, these winds are the most important ones of your time. Take a moment to receive that.

You are in quite unprecedented times. Yet, by unprecedented we quite literally mean magical. Feel into this.

Your world may feel like it is coming apart at times. However, this is strictly because as you perceive you coming apart, we are working with you to remove the impurities of your bodies and minds to bring you back to wholeness. To do so, you must absolutely have trust and faith at heart.

Trust and faith do not require the mind. Quite the opposite. When the mind runs to and fro, your heart can remember to choose trust and faith IF you allow it to. No one can do this for you, and it is a continual practice the hue-man needs to remember. It is there, buried deep within your DNA. And it is attempting to come out and play in the 5th Dimensional realities of unconditional love and world peace.

Remember, when you look or observe with love, what you are observing turns to love. This is SO important, because as world events continue to unfold, if you can remember to view them with an open heart of unattached compassion, you will begin to see the perfection in all things. However, when looking with attached compassion, you will suffer more than is necessary because you will be buying into stories and dramas. If you still need to every once in a while, perfect.

But if you are ready to release old patternings now, fantastic! We are here to assist your stepping fully into who and what you are at this time. And it would be our pleasure to watch you do so. You are powerful beings of love and light, and that is the very reason you project that type of energy onto beings like the Archangels, because you believe they are what you are not. Untrue. Simple as that.


It takes courage to come back here, to this dimension and begin to wake up again. It takes courage to let go of hue-man suffering. For you think you will suffer more. Untrue. Again, simple as that. You ARE ready for the higher truths. You are READY for all that the Cosmos have to deliver to you. How could you not be? YOU ARE the Cosmos. You have simply forgotten it.

But now it is time to remember, remember, remember. For we are you, and you are we. Together, let us reclaim the world you are entitled to.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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