THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/28/16

Ray RolandoJan Finley's Channel


To dive deep is not a dive at all. It is to open to the expanse of everything, thereby allowing you to fall, or surrender, into the depth of who and what you really are.

Feel that for a moment. Re-read it if you need to. Take it in. There is a pearl, or infinite pearls, in just that message.

S.C.U.B.A = Super Conscious Uncovered By Ascension.

This is where you begin to ascend within a physical body. How? By transcending popular belief upon tapping into all that is… within you. You see, there is nothing and everything happening all at once. Yes, your human mind is wired a certain way – actually it is wired two certain ways – pre-wired and post-wired.

The pre-wiring occurs prior to birth and ensures that you do not understand too much until your physical vessel, and circuitry, can handle it. The post-wiring occurs from human social consciousness of learned patterns and behaviors. This includes economic class, your parental up-bringing, peer pressure and the like. Peeling back the layers of post-wiring simultaneously has you uncover layers of pre-wiring. It is a two-for-one if you will. As you unmask your patterns, stories, and beliefs about the way you were taught to believe, you begin to teach yourself new ways of believing. In so doing, you expand the potential to hold more and more light in the pre-wired human container.

As this vessel of light grows so, too, does your potential reach to help others expose this nature within themselves. If you have heard us speak of “light quotient” before, this is what we mean. The contagion of spreading light is the one “fever” you want to catch. Once you do, you begin to build anti-bodies against unconsciousness and mindlessness.

However, this IS a process. It takes time. And anything worth its weight in Gold, always does take time. Though “time” does not exist, the happening generally does occur in a period of growth. We prefer to measure that growth by light quotient within mankind (each of you), rather than by time.

To this end, you should know – every action or non-action you take when an experience occurs eventually leads you home. How you choose to respond to such experiences could lead you there quicker than others. But it is ALL Divine Timing, is it not? Of course it is.

To begin to accept that, and still choose to live as consciously as you can is a choice that leads you to dive deep for pearls of wisdom. We will help you swim, so long as you continue to wade into deeper waters.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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