THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 12/5/16

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channeloftheweekLOVE IS –

Love is non-judgmental and unconditional.

However, this is not what societal thinking has taught you. In fact, it is so “wrapped up” in the material that, for the most part, it has taught you the opposite of this. And this makes it difficult to decipher truth, does it not? It does. But there is good news.

You see, to know and appreciate the sun, you require rain. Why? Because you live in duality. In a dualistic state, you require opposites to appreciate two sides of every coin. But you may then ask why humanity must go so far in one direction to know its opposite. The reason is so that you will never have to return to that extreme forgetting ever again. The point is to change duality into something altogether different than what you have come to know and “love”.

The catch is that this cannot be done in the standard 3D (three dimensional) world you “think” and project that you live in. You must go beyond that which you think you know and understand. You must open to the vast potential of everything… yes, the darkness. This is 5D… and beyond!

Truly, to appreciate what love is, you must connect to the vast expanse of possibilities that God-consciousness attempts to deliver happiness to you all the time. It is only the hue-man vessel that has a brain that limits this potential BY believing THAT it is limited. Potential is limitless and comes from the dark. THAT is what love is.

Can you grasp that? Of course you can’t. That’s the point. Stop reaching for more and more and more. In your reaching you are missing everything else you could have in moments. Those spaces are where you can connect into ALL potential for you and your loved ones. In that space, you create a vibration of what true, non-judgmental, unconditional love is. When that vibration resonates from within your being out to the Universe, you tell the Universe you are ready to finally experience ultimate happiness.

It is then that the Universe responds by matching your vibration and you can feel something beyond human. It is then when you can attract this truth to you in your experience.

Then you can share it, for that is what love does.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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