THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/25/16

Ray RolandoJan Finley's Channel

channeloftheweekILLUSION OF YOUR WORLD –

You believe that your world is “real” but it is not. Your world is but a game that you are learning to navigate lifetime after lifetime. Generally, you come in each lifetime having the grace from your¬†previous spiritual attainment in the last one. So you never start over. You begin from whence you left off.

If you are reading this message, please understand this – you have had at least enough grace to have just read those last few sentences. Not everyone knows and/or understands this. Not everyone is yet meant to. But it is all perfect.

Can you see that? ¬†That is, can you see the the¬†perfection in it all despite sometimes (or a lot of times) still “believing” in all the drama? The only thing that is real is LOVE. Everything else is an illusion. What you make of that grand illusion is ALL a choice. How you choose to see your world of illusion can either bring you into a state of bliss or suffering. If you choose to see it all as occurring FOR you FOR your growth, bliss is yours… perhaps eventually, but it will come with commitment to the path of being a spiritual warrior.

When we say it is an illusion, we mean it is all a perfect setup. It has been staged for you to come back to ONLY love and truth, and the vibration of peace. To¬†do so, you must karmically undo the doing, unlearn the learned. Even just reading these words, while they may be confusing, is energetically beginning to untrain the trained brain and negative ego. Reading this is like your conscious mind finally (if not already) being given the chance to say, “Yes, I knew it – there is definitely more to all of this!” Yes, there is. And you are right in the midst of that immaculate discovery once again.

The physical world is nothing more than an advanced dream state. But you must learn to navigate it with mastery. To attain this mastery, you must use tools like courage, your breath, discernment, awareness, and choice. You must learn to feel subtly into the truths as they are occurring, and find the silver lining in everything. We know, on some level it all sounds/feels like “same old stuff, but HOW do we do this?” The answer is two-fold: 1) TRUST MORE and 2) The HOW has already begun in you, otherwise you would not still be reading or looking for these messages of support.

We recently spoke of the thinning of veils in previous downloads and transmissions. We had said that you would begin making easier connections to all of the “Cosmic Teachings” because your world was changing and the masses are becoming more open to meditation, mindfulness and yoga. So we tell you to stick it out and you will prevail, you are prevailing, in the long run. The “when” somewhat depends on you.

Have you truly sought those individuals out who you either know, or believe, may be able to shed some light on these still seemingly esoteric “concepts” for you? Someone(s) who can “help make connections with and for you to make concepts your reality and your current reality a thing of the past? If not, and you know someone(s) who you think can assist, now is the time to act. Reach out to them. They are ready for you and, now, you are ready for them.¬†For, if you choose it, the time for being a character in the game ends, and the time for creating the game has begun.

Would you rather continue to “feel” like victims (even if at times), or empower yourself COMPLETELY to the world around you? In fact, what if you could realize that the world around you was created entirely by you? We say “realize” because to many of you this is intellectually understood, but still you need to KNOW this at your core, in your heart, and allow the negative ego (the monkey mind of negative thought patterns and socialized fear) to be bypassed.

To this we say, if you are still suffering, then you may have some of the teachings, but now you need to do the work with them. This is a call to arms, Arjuna. Now is as good a time as any to pick up your bow of meditation and BE the Spiritual Warrior you were born to be. You can do this. You must. For it has been written.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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