THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/30/17

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channeloftheweekBACK TO BASICS¬†–

The world is going through much shifting at this hour. It is in times like these that you need to remember what you have learned. So we ask you, “What is it that you have learned?”

For starters, I believe that you have learned all is always perfect in all ways, haven’t you? If this is true, then what you are witnessing in world affairs at this time is nothing more than the arrival of change. It does not always look like what you were expecting. However, you have to remember that the element of surprise, shock and awe even works for the aura of a planet, not just for individuals.¬†When things get “shocked” in the auric field, they have an enormous opportunity to clear out of the auric field for good.

It appears at this time that borders, walls, segregation, and separation is happening all over again, correct? But Back to Basics¬†would tell you to, “Look Again!” What are you seeing in the silver lining? Can you even find the silver lining? Perhaps this is the issue. You see, you are being tested. You are being asked how still you can remain in a prism reflecting SO many colors right now that you THINK you see only black, or dark. Well, look again!

Blackness contains ALL colors in unison, and in unity. If darkness has stepped fully into the light, perhaps it is doing so to be re-absorbed by it. Your job in the face of seeming darkness is to practice a death of sorts… that is the death of illusion, the death of darkness and the birth of the light. You see, every death brings darkness RIGHT before the brightest of all the lights that will ever come for you. Are you forgetting these ultimate truths?

At this hour, you are being implored to remember who and what you all are. You are bright lights here to hold the space within you that all is well in all ways, always. While the world is distracted by “worldly affairs” you are being asked to remember that the world you live in is but a speck in the macrocosm of the Universe. This Universe I speak of is ever-growing, unfolding, and displaying wonder to you. It is what you choose to focus on that brings happiness or suffering. What you focus on, you get.

Here’s a secret though. Not out of selfishness, or self-centeredness, but from a TRUE desire to be centered in the SELF – in the I AM presence – within you, if you choose to focus on all the good that is happening WHILE the dark presents itself in the world’s experience, there is more of it for you while everyone else is focusing on fear.

Oh, and another secret, when the masses begin to find the silver lining with you, like the Universe, the silver lining continues to grow, unfold, and show you the miracles of your world that so many have chosen NOT to focus on. What this means is that you create more of the miracles when the masses look at, or perceive, miracles together. In fact, this occurs at unprecedented rates when there is so much dark (potential) at the ready.¬†Therefore, if instead, you all used this “potential dark” to create lightheartedness, you would see lights in the hearts of many. You see, either way, you cannot lose.

So, back to basics… where are you choosing to put your focus? Perhaps it is time then to reign it back in, and re-negotiate your happiness.

With so much love in my heart for you,


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