THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/11/16

Ray RolandoJan Finley's Channel

channeloftheweekTHE MASTERY OF ONE PLUS ONE –

Mastery is that there is no ONE else. There is only you. You are connected to the one-ness of it all. But you are having a human experience that requires “us and them” mentality, also known as duality. But do not give into the illusion. For to have a human experience requires that you only be given hints and clues about the way it all works, and then test those very things against your trust and faith that something bigger has got your back. And it SO does.

You are not alone.

The magic of this particular message is imbued with the stargate (Cosmic portal) energies of 1/11 (aka: 1:11 and also 111). Eleven (11) is mastery of the mirrored self. When “put together (added together)”, you get 2, right? Or maybe you just get 1. By¬†simple math you get 2. But by Cosmic Math, you still get 1.

You see, everything happening in your experience, as we have said, is happening FOR you, not to you. You are not a victim. So this means that when you can begin to see the Law of the Mirrored Self reflected in everything you experience, you have begun true mastery.

Now there are levels, depths to this Law of Reflection. For example, the first level states that if, for instance, someone is angry with you, ask yourself, “Where am I still angry at myself, even with this particular subject matter that this individual is reflecting to me?”

Once you have had a go at that level for a while, you will begin to notice level 2 occurring because you will begin saying to yourself, “I actually believe I’ve dealt with that anger and this is not mine, so what are they reflecting?” There you will have achieved an experience at level 2, which states that the mirror is there to show you how far you have come since last this particular subject had arisen. As you begin to appreciate your growth, without becoming too proud of your newfound humbleness, you will eventually, and quite accidentally even, step into level 3.

Level 3 of the Law of Reflection shows you that there is nothing that is NOT you. Not only have you achieved peace with “pieces” of you that “others” reflect, but you begin to teach others how this works, even if ONLY by your example.

There are other levels, other dimensions, and the like. But they all, ultimately teach the same thing… 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 1. How, or why? Because when you truly accept that when an individualized being enlightens themselves, the entire planet becomes lighter, that is when you understand that there TRULY is NO SEPARATION between you and anyONE in your experience.

Perhaps now you can begin to feel the truth that when a butterfly first opens its wings in Japan, your life will never be the same again. Then, maybe, you can become a little more ok with change because the world is constantly changing and evolving, which means you are. Only resistance to change limits growth, and that limits Unity Consciousness.

So, if only for tonight, when you eat for you, eat for the masses. We promise THAT energy will feed a hungry child, if ONLY to prove that you can save your world.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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