THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 1/4/16

Ray RolandoJan Finley's Channel

channeloftheweekWHAT LIES BENEATH¬†–

As you have probably come to understand by now if you are (still) reading these messages, looking within answers all of your questions. We would add, too, that doing so uncovers layers of hidden agendas and possibly even “lies” you have been telling yourself about the world. This would or could occur either because you were taught these things from fear, or perhaps because you were not completely ready to handle the whole truth.

The WHOLE truth is that YOU are responsible for everything that happens in your experience.

If you feel victimized, then you are a victim. If, however, you choose to recognize that your higher self has called in EVERY experience you have EVER had, or are going to have, then you have the opportunity to remain empowered to it all. The higher self is that aspect of you that is not your body. It is, shall we say, your guidance system. Call it God, call it Universal Life Force, the Council of Elders, your guides, angels, and so on. It is ALL ONE, and then it is not.

Confused? Well, then, consider this. Separation is real… until you realize how all the separate parts contribute to, and make perfect, the WHOLE. So, whether it is the Karmic Council, your guides and angels, or just the higher aspect of you (higher self) that knows your blue print must be fulfilled, it is ALL working toward the ONE objective of bringing you fully and completely back to HOME to your WHOLE, or fully realized, self.

As you uncover depths of you that you didn’t even realize were there, you do so by looking at old patterns and inhibiting behaviors that have kept you trapped in cycles of karma – that is, “good” or “bad” actions from the past that lead to the present moment (present karma or present set of circumstances), which in turn leads to your future karma, or set of circumstances. This occurs until grace finds you and you begin to even transcend the karmic cycle (or wheel).

Until grace finds you in THIS way, as it IS finding you all the time at the level at which you are experiencing life, your only role is to just BE. As we are sure you have heard this many times, in many ways, what we mean is simple Рlive your life as you are living it, until something shows you a different or higher calling. Hear us when we tell you that you will absolutely KNOW when this moment has arrived, and you will NOT be able to miss its boat, or calling.

In the meantime, continue to look within for answers. Have the courage to untell yourself the untruths, or “lies”, that perhaps you have been told, or are telling yourself, about the world around you. Then you will begin going deeper and deeper within until the grace of liberation finds you and shines upon you. That is when¬†you will finally FULLY “see” that everything out there was ALWAYS an inside job.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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