THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 2/1/16

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channeloftheweekESCAPE THE HUMAN? –

You are here TO be human. Do not get so caught up in what it means to be spiritual, or attaining enlightenment, that you forget that the vehicle for both IS the human journey. The experiences that you have in the physical, human form are opportunities to polish out your perceived inequities, or inconsistencies within you. ¬†Identifying your “faults”, “character flaws”, “sub-par” behaviors, patterns, and the like and being you unapologetically is the ENTIRE point.

In truth, you cannot assist another, or achieve inner or outer peace, without accepting all of you on some level(s) first.

If you still believe on ANY level that “they” are somehow NOT part of you, think again. You should, in fact, be seeing EVERY opportunity to see the Law of the Mirrored Self in some way(s) whenever you are in relationship to another. Seeing the wholeness, oneness, of it all and thanking it with true gratitude for all of its messages is where “in light in man” (enlightenment) exists.

Oh, and stop the search. You know, the search for enlightenment… around every possible turn, bend, or avenue? It is not in any of those places. It is already within you, and when you can release the expectations of and for it, it will literally DROP INTO, or rise up from, your human experience. That is the nature of the game – to not reach for the fruits, but allow them to drop from the tree when they are ripe. You need not worry about farming, and tending to the crop. God and the Universe has that part “under control amidst the chaos”. Your trust in that process is what makes you ripe so that the ah-hah moment is realized.

Please, allow us to indulge you for a moment with a non-rhetorical question. Have you ever had a moment while taking a walk, or sitting at a desk, or driving a car and something suddenly “dawns on you” about a person, place or situation and then all the pieces sort of just come together to show you a bigger picture? Yes? Ok. Now, did you ever notice that this usually occurs seemingly all of a sudden, out of nowhere, and without trying? THAT IS ENLIGHTENMENT. Specifically, the part about not trying… that is key here. It just comes to you when it does. It is like lightning striking you amidst the seeming chaos. That is Divine Order.

And NONE of it can occur without the journey of humanness.

EVERY one of your experiences leads you to those moments, and then to the even bigger ones. Think about it… your life is never the same after those moments because you are forever shifted in some way towards greater awareness – not only about that situation, but toward the bigger picture of how that situation plays into the greatest book you will ever write – YOU. The most interesting part is that it is almost like the reverse effect of the Russian Nesting Dolls (matryoshka dolls). Instead of getting to the smaller and smaller doll until there are no more because you have hit the core, you expand and expand and expand from the core essence into unlimited potential.

That… just for that moment… is enlightenment. Do not try to hold onto it. Let it go, for it brings the next experience of it so much more quickly.

So be sure to enjoy the journey. There might be so much more you are willing to SEE there now that, perhaps, your eyes could not or would not have noticed before.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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