THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 2/27/17

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Just as the beauty of snow covers the darkness of the shadows below it, your energetic white (k)night is on its way as your savior. First, however, humanity must decide to save itself. How? By turning inward during times of great outer projection. If you do not like what you see on the outside, it starts by taking responsibility within about how the collective that you are a part of has created what you see.

It is true, the collective has created all the unrest so many state they cannot bear to watch. Do you realize yet how much easier it is to cast stones “out there” than to look within your closets and accept that man created such atrocities… together? Even the silent speak vociferously in unison as your energy bodies scream for change. Well, change is what stares back at you now. Is this the type of change you wanted for your world?

Humanity is being asked now to save itself. Not that the powers that be will not assist. But you are at the precipice of REALIZING you are the God-beings we have told and shown to you to be. To achieve such lofty goals, however, you must accept what you have done unconsciously with your collective and individual power. Then you can realize that you are your own savior of the light to show up on horseback and rescue the day.

To do so, you must begin looking at it all internally, understanding the dynamic of your inner thoughts creating your outer experiences. They truly are. Your heart creates the energy pattern in your auras. Your mind clouds your heart. Meditation helps the two to become discernible, where once again your hearts can light the torch of truth that leads you down the righteous path of change and allows light to reign supreme once more as the white knights you were born to be.

But this is a practice, and it takes time. If you know someone(s) who can help you in this endeavor, we recommend you reach out now. If you are “in the know” and can lend a hand or two to help fellow beings awaken, please use your meditations to show you where to take action. For the White (K)night is coming to brighten the darkened skies. Keep up the good fight, especially now, and you will be so proud when you arrive. After all, even the white night shines brightly in a seemingly dark sky.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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