THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 2/8/16

Ray RolandoJan Finley's Channel

channeloftheweekPORTAL OF POSSIBILITY –

So, life lessons are coming fast now, are they? Of course. You are there. Where? Remember that horizon you were keeping your focus on for the last handful of years? You are approaching the zenith of that right now. To break through requires tons of trust and courage.

So what happens when the tool of trust is not working for you? We understand there are times when trusting in only the human sense is difficult. You go to the head, and leave the heart for a time. This, too, is ok and ALL part of the grand Mastery that IS you. When this occurs, fret no more. Instead, use your beautiful mind to navigate back to your heart.

When you find yourself struggling for answers, dig deep in your mind for the tool that feels most powerful to you in the moment, whatever that may be or look like. IF we were to suggest one to you, it would be the combination of the tools of your breath, then self-love and self-forgiveness.

Every time you want to step out of trust, or feel frustration or anger arise about the process, take a deep breath, which will help detoxify your thoughts. Then, perhaps certain, more truthful (or higher) awarenesses may come to you about your next possible choice(s). If so, maybe you can choose to reach for loving yourself through the impulse to not trust, and FORGIVE yourself for doing so. This is where mastery of the self begins… self-love and self forgiveness, which brings self-compassion and full self-acceptance.

And this is the pathway back to the heart. From there, ANYTHING is possible. For the heart is the Portal of Possibility, where physics and limited potential are transcended and magic occurs. Once you return there, gently ask your head to serve this magical place within you. Even if you must fake it until you make it, the practice of reigning in the wild thoughts and returning to the heart upon the breath and higher choices is the way out, and the path to mastery.

Even when it all seems daunting, KNOW that you can do this. You must. It is your destiny.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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