THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 4/10/17

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channeloftheweekWHAT WOULD LOVE DO?¬†–

So… over the last few months, we have established that there is plenty of¬†unrest in the world at this time. Much of this is to do with the cycle of major shift the planet is in with regard to the end of the Kali Yuga.

As Mother Earth (Gaia) makes her way through humanitarian fear back towards a loved-based system, or a system based in love, much letting go is occurring. This is a necessary aspect in order for the current human conditions to finally and fully fall, so that the basis for love can once again be established if full-scale systems are to be based on it.

Money and the world economy, corporate architectures, and family dynamics can be re-founded in systems whose basis is not points and material gain, but rather truth and integral merit. For this to occur, however, humans MUST stop reacting and instead begin asking as often as possible, “What would love do?”

To establish peace and calm, the entire race needs to begin contributing to the idea of “adding to the silence”. When you see something that looks or feels like “not love”, can you recognize that love is required, rather than reacting? Well, you need to get this and apply it if this is to work.

When love sees anger, frustration and violence, what do you suppose it does? How do you surmise it responds to unkindness? It may be fierce, but love is always loving. What this means is that the actions behind fierce love are always taken for the betterment of the situation, the environment, and the planet as a whole. The intention is always… love.

So, how do you best be love? Well, simply, by acting from a space, or desire, to constantly improve the whole. This does not mean forcing others to change. You cannot and should not attempt to change anyone, ever.  Instead, you set examples with your actions of how best to be loving.

This does not ever mean to allow folks to over-step boundaries, and become disrespectful or bullying in nature. What we are saying is to find the intention of love within you, even when you might have to ask (or tell) someone to leave your space because love is not present in their actions. That might simply be the most loving thing you can do. But, you see, your intention there is loving.  In fact, it is loving with empowerment behind it.

Love is not disempowering you to allow others to feel comfortable. No. Love is serving the “we”, of which you are a large part. To serve “we” consciousness, one simply aims to improve themselves and their environment by contributing more positively to their environment. In this way, the greater good is positively affected by individualized positive shift. Do not attempt to change anyone’s world, but simply change your own and allow “them” to ask what it is you have done¬†to bring more happiness into your own experience. In doing so, you have “loudly” added to the silence by showing the way out of disharmony, anger and unrest.

True love, without strings (i.e. misaligned motivations), breeds more of itself. It is a contagion that, once earnestly caught, is not easily let go of. You know this. How do we know? Because you continue reading these transmissions week to week, possibly for years. Why? Because you want more of it. And that’s just it… the perfect example… isn’t it?

So, what can you do to add to the silence? Ask what love would do and stop buying into all the hype. It is an illusion. Only love is real and can pierce the veils of that illusion. Remain still, and let love come to and through you. In this way, your entire environment can change… and then the rest of the world. It starts with your grain of sand. Time to build some beaches.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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