THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 4/24/17

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channeloftheweekWHAT OTHERS THINK¬†–

So… how much time do you spend thinking or behaving in ways that may or may not be acceptable to others? And how much of that time is consciously spent specifically on what others think of you? Perhaps we should explain here what we mean by “consciously”. ¬†Consciously means mindfully, or with awareness. It is important to note that your conscious mind actually only runs about 10% of the whole show. It is the unconscious that runs the show to the tune of 90%. Wow, right? RIGHT.

This means that roughly 90% of what you do is pre-determined by your experiences that you have labeled good or bad, which then lead to you choosing to be attracted to or averted by certain people, situations, and events. Forget past lives, Akashic Records, psychics and the like. What MOST DEFINITELY IS pre-determined is your likelihood to respond to stimulus in your environment a certain way based on past experiences in this life.

So then the key to YOUR HAPPINESS IN THIS LIFETIME is not so much what others think, but what you do actually. Huh. Well isn’t that interesting on ANY level? It should be.

So how, then, do we propose that you deal with the sub-conscious that will lead to a happier life? By slowing down. When you slow down, you will eventually see that what you “think” others to be thinking is actually a projection of your own mind at the highest level. How? Because in Ultimate Truth, there are no “others”. Everything is YOU, but it isn’t yet that way for you until you realize it again.

But… when you slow down, you slow down the frequency or vibration at which things hitting your auric field are being perceived by your mind, conscious and sub-conscious. Slowing down could look like meditation, taking a walk alone, gardening, or what have you. The key is, when you slow down on your own, it lessens distractions, and opens space within your aura and your mind for Divine Wisdom to drop in about your patterns and your patterned behavior(s) that may not be serving you so well anymore, except that they got you here to this moment to show you how to deal with them.

Ultimately, what we are saying is that when you slow down enough, eventually you begin to catch your patterns in action that have been standing in the way of your happiness. The key here though is NOT to think your way through this process. You are not wired to understand ALL of this with your thinking mind. Parts of it? Yes. But the other parts where HUGE breakthroughs reside come in the package of an experience, NOT a thought. The experiences are what give you wisdom and Divine Knowledge.

In summary, what we are attempting to share with you is just how much energy you will have for your happiness when you stop giving it away to empty thoughts about what others may or may not be thinking about you. Ultimately, such things do not matter. And when you realize any level of that with an experience of catching your patterns of thought in the act of tripping you up, you become a little bit better each time at not letting them reach and disturb your aura and your homeostasis.

Remember, it is a practice. Just ask others what they think… ha! Just kidding. Truly, what matters ONLY is what you think and feel. And when you start living from that space with confidence, others and their opinions will be neutralized within your decision-making process. Then, you will have so much more energy¬†to obtain the happiness in your life that you deserve. So, fix you and stop looking at “broken” people for their opinions for they haven’t done this work yet on themselves. Therefore, when you do this, you get a false sense of what is right for you, and drain your energy.

Renew you by catching your patterns, not theirs, and you will have so much more joy in your experience.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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