THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 5/29/17

Ray RolandoJan Finley's Channel



Travelers of the path, we have auspicious news to share with you, and it is simple…


What this means is that miracles, magic, wonder and beautiful things abound WHEN YOU CHOOSE to feel into the more subtle energy fields. We understand great tragedies continue to befall the world. But please remember not to give into the illusion. Remember that all souls contract for the experiences they are having. This includes you having experiences that are seemingly “of others and their experiences”. This is SO important in understanding and ending the game so that you may return HOME without leaving this plane.

Remember, too, this process of returning HOME without leaving in the physical is called Earth-bound ascension. This is where you transcend, or rise above, the old and step into the new, heart-centered realities of 5D and beyond. The magic in this is that you begin creating from the unknown, quantum field, rather than the known and perceptible reality that the ego refers to as “the past”.

When you begin creating from the heart, limitless potential is yours. When you remain in the “old” analytical-based way of existing, where practicality reigns supreme and rarely allows the heart to run the show, you exist in the known. When you know you are stepping FROM one and INTO the other is when you begin to see the matrix for what it is. For example, someone stepping out of the dramas of 3D and into the 5D expanse of Great Potential can laugh while a TV commercial shows people smiling, running, and lifting children off the ground WHILE pharmaceutical company tells you all of the ways you can “die” while¬†taking the very product they are advertising. Why would you smile and laugh at such a thing? Because perhaps you can see the play and you have caught it in the act OF the play.


Do not attach to enlightenment as some grand merging. That will happen in Divine Timing, as will all of your Divine, enlightened moments that lead to THE moment. Until then, look for opportunities to expose your observer. You know, the observer? That’s the part of you that can see it all as perfect and does not give into the illusion that the drama would otherwise have your ego suffering from. When you observe, you do not suffer. Instead, you rise above old belief systems and simply watch it all play out FOR your enlightened experience.

Do not worry if this has not begun happening for you yet. Believe us when we tell you IT IS COMING. And the fact that it has not yet arrived simply means you have more magic to uncover – how exciting!!! In the meantime, look for opportunities to see EVERYTHING as PERFECT, because in the eyes of God-consciousness, it is. Even the “sad” moments show you how to lead a better, happier life. When you can begin to see this, you then begin to see everything, and we mean EVERYTHING, as a service to mankind.

Regardless of your “seeming world leaders”, “seeming world affairs”, and “seeming tragedies”, you MUST at least begin applying teachings at some point that absolutely tell you that if you are still blowing yourselves up, then you simply need to bring more and more attention to it UNTIL YOU DO NOT. And in that, you should see that these events are still a service, there to show you that you still need to see it in order to feel powerful enough in numbers to STOP IT.

In the paradox of this, can you find the magic? Or do you at least have the courage enough to allow the magic to find you? Yes, let it find you. To do so, you must open up to seeing everything as perfect. Recite this mantra when you forget, “All is well in all ways, always.” This is the mantra of the Sacred Heart. This is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the Universe right inside your own vessel. How willing you are to apply this mantra will determine how quickly and easefully you now return HOME in truth. After all, it is only your destiny. So you might as well enjoy the ride.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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