THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 6/26/17

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channeloftheweekGREAT LEAPS –

In the scheme of things, great leaps (of faith, of courage, of whatever) are merely Cosmic Steps Forward. See if you can wrap your heart around this concept for a moment.

You see, you are not cosmically taking great leaps when you simply trust. You are instead moving toward the higher truth of who you are… just being a being, a soul that ebbs and flows WITH the Universal movements of YOU TOWARDS GOD.  HOWEVER, while human, when you trust you ARE JUST moving forward, while having faith despite not understanding it all, you actually take TREMENDOUS leaps forward on the Earth dimension through the thickness of the 3D veil. So while you do not actually take great leaps in the Cosmos because in the Cosmos there is nothing to leap from/to, there only IS, you absolutely do take gargantuan leaps on the Earth plane in Earth time… the only type of dimensional time and space where great leaps even seem, and are deemed, “possible”.

Letting go for a moment of your need to understand the above transmission, just come into your heart. EVERYTHING is ok RIGHT NOW. There is nothing you truly need. You actually have EVERYTHING you need in this moment. The key is to want what you have because it is ALREADY showing you the way Home for you. The karmic situations you find yourselves in, individually and as a species, are the VERY things that are leading you toward liberation… individually and as a planet, as a race. If you could trust THIS, suffering would cease and souls would be liberated on your plane by the masses in an instant. Please re-read that last statement, as it is SO true and so overlooked.

On this plane, great leaps forward come INTERNALLY when you have ah-hah moments. It is then that you perceive the world moving faster and lighter. But truly, it always moves at the same pace. So if your focus ALWAYS remained on internal growth, you would move through the 3D heaviness MUCH FASTER. Can you feel that truth coursing through you?

See? Truth has a vibration. When felt by a human, everything can be measured and compared for your highest path against such resonance of truth. When you do, you have a simple way of measuring where you are versus where you want to be in any moment. And it always comes back to a choice of love over fear in its simplest form in any moment to get you where you actually want to be. And it is there that great leaps are had internally, and seemingly externally. It is there that everything seems to just take you leaps and bounds above and through past “seeming” obstacles.

However, it is all your choice to perceive FROM love. When you can and do, EVERYTHING BECOMES A GREAT LEAP. Here, EVERYTHING SEEMS GARGANTUAN… because that is what you are… GARGANTUAN in that you ARE the Universe incarnate. Sit with this. Roll with this. Be this. For if you can receive it on ANY level, yet another “GREAT LEAP” is yours.

And, please keep in “mind”, these transmissions are often intended to confuse the brain and bring you into your higher mind (Sacred Heart) that knows these truths to be self-evident – after all, all “men” are created equal, and you will all get “there” in “no time”.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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