THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 8/14/17

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


So this week’s message starts with a powerful metaphor in a single word, “Afterglow”. Ha ha! But let us be honest, shall we? Every great, powerful, and transformational experience, including the tougher ones like childbirth (or child rearing), and even tougher like revolutionary upheavals for freedom, leave an afterglow, do they not? Of course they do.

Such is a course in life. Some of the most difficult processes that mold your beings, such as the stages of eclipse passages, provide the greatest after-effects, and this wormhole you have found yourselves in has been nothing short of being among the most powerful shadow events in the history of your human life. Sit with this for a moment.

You are still here reading this message, which means you survived it – that is, you have survived the first rounds of this physical manifestation on the outside that you are SO experiencing on the inside… in more ways than one, we know! You are shifting in ways, emotionally, physically and spiritually that you are, and are not, aware of. The tangible ones are probably most obvious, such as newfound abilities seemingly out of nowhere to be able to “let go” of that which no longer serves you. Yes, you will be doing that a whole lot easier since the upgrades of the shadow period overhaul has begun.

Many more upgrades have completed, too, while others are still to come. And, remember, the physical takes the longest (usually) to notice. Most of you are more physically sensitive than the majority of your counterparts in the world, and some of you even more so that your spiritual peers. For those who FEEL quite a bit, try feeling into your new bodies. What do you find? We imagine some VERY interesting discoveries are on the horizon for each of you if you have not already begun to feel the physical shifts.

This is not to say that upgrade (or ascension) symptoms are not still upon you. Oh, they are indeed. Summer coughs and sniffles that wipe you out for days, stomachs that have you running for the nearest restrooms, headaches that ground you for a day… these are all intended to allow you to integrate as easefully as possible.


Remember, most importantly, that embracing the shadow is a continuing process that occurs beyond eclipse passages. But doing so, as recently reported, allows you to embrace, or reign in the powerful dark matter of the unmanifest in your world to create whatever you want to experience. And we have it on good authority now that many of you will begin to ACTUALIZE these teachings as integrated pieces of you VERY soon, if you have not already begun to do so. In other words, these transmissions are becoming integrated as full-body healings, not just intellectual knowledge any more.

You are being downloaded with truth when we tell you can create whatever world you like. It is not a philosophy or an ideal. It simply is. And you are all beginning to get it… at an unprecedented pace. Not all in your world will, but they will soon discover other dimensional realities one way or another, as you begin to create yours. What this means for each of you will depend on what you choose to create from this moment forward.

You have the ability to create and be love now with unprecedented amounts of Cosmic Acceptance Energy to support you endeavors TO be love. Meditate on this. It is a reality available to you now. No more fear, no more lack… IF you choose it. For to embrace the shadow as you have been doing means that you annihilate prior incarnations of your belief systems because they no longer serve you.

So we will watch now as you hopefully call upon us in love to help you create more of it. In the meantime, please enjoy the ride. You have earned it. After all, you engineered it, so you might as well FULLY enjoy your own creation and the afterglow of its birth. It is here to show you just how powerful YOU are!

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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