THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 8/15/16

Ray RolandoJan Finley's Channel

channeloftheweekWARRIORS OF TRUTH¬†–

Wayshowers, we sternly state to you now that you MUST remain clear and steadfast on your journey. Please understand this process of spreading love and truth IS working. Imagine for a moment… bringing light for the first time into a five hundred million year old cave. Can you see all the critters running from the light, scurrying for cover? Of course they do. Your light is uncovering much unjustness, untruth, and imbalance.

At a time when the Divine Feminine is briskly making her re-emergence clearly known, you are being asked to trust THROUGH this transformation. You must remember that what you see on the outside is a reflection of inner change mirroring progress. So we ask you, has your progress always been clean and pretty? Sometimes it is the storm that truly and FINALLY brings the calm.

We never promised it would happen overnight, in a month, a week, a year or a decade. Your job remains unchanged – to know and find God in everyone and everything. To see truth as best you can with the tools you have in every situation IS the way HOME. We have said it before and we will repeat it here now because it bears repeating – you are most LITERALLY clearing the way NOT JUST FOR YOU, but for all who currently do not even understand what this means. Can you imagine for a moment the undertaking you have signed up for? Can you appreciate your roles enough for a moment to FEEL the feelings that go with that work?

Frustration, anger and more frustration are warranted. However, do NOT be spiritual in your head about those feelings. You came here TO FEEL them. Once you do, THEN you have found true spirituality. So be frustrated and annoyed, just not for too long. Let these e-motions (energies in motion) move through you, AND MOVE YOU to your next action. You were born a warrior of the light, and so a WARRIOR YOU MUST BE.

Do not be afraid to a be a warrior. Love is not just rainbows and butterflies. It is hard work, dedication and an occasional “get out of my way!”… when needed. Remember, you can be loving when helping to wake others up. But when you approach a grouch in the morning only to be grouched at, it is ok to say, “Knock it off and WAKE UP! It’s time to go to work!” They don’t need to know what you mean. The fact that YOU do is enough.

The point is, be human. That is what you came here to be. The sooner you stop resisting being human, and know that you ARE, the sooner enlightenment (in light in man) can find you again.

In the meantime, know this. It is the Divine Feminine who will nurture and stroke the Divine Masculine once both energies are firmly planted (grounded) in an ALIGNED way. Until such time, she will wreak havoc, bringing attention to her and her wrath, until the Divine Masculine sees, feels, and re-remembers her. Only then can true healing occur.

In the meantime, keep your eyes firmly planted on your horizons. Dreams are still being delivered in the time of great shift. In fact, if you can catch one of her waves, the Divine Feminine can carry you to the MOST fertile soil you have ever stepped foot on. There, you can realize ALL of YOU, and then share that God-Being with the world.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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