THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 8/28/17

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Greetings, all. There is so much shift transpiring in your worlds – inner and outer. So at this hour we ask you, “What is your focus on – the uncomfortability of change itself, or the absolute opportunity to shift your entire world TO your benefit amidst it?”

You see, when the tides of change come, they do not discern which “beaches” their waters will reach. No. They reach all beaches in all lands simultaneously. Whether one area sees windfalls of rain, while another sees drought, if you believe that not ALL beaches are receiving the rain and the drought simultaneously, then perhaps you need to revisit your beliefs.

In consciousness, or practices of mindfulness, one of the first teachings is that you are ALL ONE. This means that no action or non-action affects just one individual, one region, one country. It means that every action and non-action touches the lives of every being, in all worlds. So when tides shift in the sea of consciousness, what you focus on determines your destiny.

For example, when it pours rain, do you see buckets of water? When there is drought do you perceive lack of water? Or do you understand on any level that both events are equally perfect as Mother Nature does her thing to ensure balance in an ever-changing world?

You see, the more you can see perfection in these changing times, the more these times are perfect. The more you can visit the silver lining, rather than victimhood, the greater the opportunity THE ALL has at making the shift to seeing all as perfect.

Now, this does NOT mean to simply stand by and watch perfection unfold. No. In fact, what this means is quite to the contrary. For as you practice stillness, the most paradoxical thing occurs… clarity of your next action is brought forth. This is why the wise sages have forever said, “Sit with your questions and “still” the mind… as you do, clarity will come forth.” They knew and know the key was and is to BE IN the paradox of duality, and to become the observer of it.

So, our sentient friends, we are asking that you watch your thoughts now more than ever as the tides continue to shift. Set and focus your thoughts on love, not fear. Become the observer OF the situation(s) you find yourselves in as much as possible by coming to stillness within. For it is from this place of stillness that you eventually, if not already, begin to realize that you can shift those very tides to the shores upon which you will set your foundations of service.


And when your desire is to serve others, or the WE which includes you, your own dreams MUST come true. For that is the nature of your existence here. So enjoy the boat ride and allow the sea of consciousness to deliver you to the shores you have set in motion for you.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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