Capricorn New Moon Lunar Consciousness

Nicholas WestLunar Cosmic Consciousness


full moon tonight








New Moon today 1/9/16 at 5:30pm PST/ 8:30pm EST in the sign of Capricorn. It’s conjunct Pluto, the archetype known as the god of the underworld, but now being revealed as the Gatekeeper to the Higher Realms. We are being asked to connect to our Higher Self through the energies of Capricorn and from there we are able to enter the expansive realms of our consciousness that are not visible with lower perspective.


This calls for surrender and letting go – chances are that there have been challenging and difficult circumstances in our lives that have been bringing us to that point. It can be extremely intense, but there is a gift in it all. These situations bring us a choice really- to hold on, struggle and continue to suffer, or let go, surrender and allow. As we are able to do so, whole new vistas become available. The Universe is one of Love and Abundance, if we can let go and allow it to it to deliver; for that is who we are, Divine Beings of Love and Abundance.


It really is a matter of transcending the dramas and the stories to connect with a Higher Truth. We are more powerful than we think we are- we are it- we are the Creators of it of all. As we are able to overcome apparent conflict and strife, we truly have an opportunity to awaken to our higher capacities and limitlessness. This is the Awakening to our True Self.


We are in the midst of an profound evolutionary process – a soul retrieval, a gathering of all our pieces that we thought were separate and integrating them back into our Being. These may not always be what we want to see, but if we can integrate with love and acceptance, we are able to expand our consciousness more fully into the wisdom of who we are. We are everything- the “good” and the “bad”. As we lift off the tags and accept with love and attention, it all just is. This is the healing or “wholing”, coming to wholenss. In times such as this, Self Love is the absolute key, nurturing and honoring the Self as we would a child. For we are worthy of Love, whatever shows up; we are not perfect nor are we meant to be.


So plant your seeds to surrender your will to the Divine Will and all will be delivered. It really is all possible.