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 October 2016


October brings in the 10 energy, after the September energies of completion. In the Motherpeace Tarot, 10 represents transformation, a transition to something new, and is portrayed as a group experience. It is said that 10 is the number of God.


The month opens with a stellium in Libra: 2 new, slow-moving 5D planets—Makemake (on the Super Galactic Center) and Haumea; the Sun and Moon, co-rulers of the spiritual body, fresh off their New Moon monthly new cycle; and Jupiter, in his first visit to Libra in 12 years. Uranus and Eris continue their partnership in Aries after their 2nd conjunction on Sept. 25, and there is a partile (exact) manifestation between Mars in Capricorn and Ceres in Taurus; and an exact stepping stone between Mars and Makemake—all at the same time! You can’t make this stuff up! The Sun, Moon and Jupiter have already connected with Makemake; now it is Mars’ turn. On a physical level we are birthing a new world by our very presence, embodying the highest consciousness we are capable of through attunement to the divine cosmic order that exists throughout the Universe.

In addition, Chiron connects with Haumea (who is bridging Uranus/Eris) in a Great Eliminator, and it forms a stepping stone with Ixion, so once again, we are fulfilling our divine purpose of healing and wholing the planet, working to master our Selves by loving each part of our Selves and facing our fears, choosing love over and over again to bring in unity consciousness. Later in the day, Venus manifests with Neptune to provide open-hearted higher Love energy and faith to assist us in coming from the heart in right action and thought. And that is just the first day of the month!


Lunar Matters

There was, and continues to be so much awakening and transformation going on, that I neglected to add the Libra New Moon of September 30. Falling on the final hours of the 30th in NYC, it occurs on October 1 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) for Europe and beyond.  This New Moon delivers us from the wormhole, or sideways elevator; at 8+ degrees in Libra it marks the time when the co-rulers of the spiritual body meet in the sign of Physical Power on the Cosmic Clock. There they align masculine and feminine spiritual energies inside the mansion of the Mirrored Self, and we balance what comes to us from our relationships with the knowledge that it’s all US anyway. Relationships in the physical world serve as a barometer for what we are working to balance within our Selves. This New Moon cycle forms intimate interactions with Venus and Orcus, reminding us that we are never far from the invisible realm, which is Home, and that when we come from Love, we ARE Home. Sun/Moon form a great eliminator with Neptune, bringing up the need to choose Love in action and response, over and over, to eliminate obstacles to the enlightenment we seek. Venus and Neptune manifest higher Love, and Ceres manifests with out-of-bound Mars; open-hearted right action is bringing the new world into form.


October 16 brings us the Full Moon in the polar sign of Aries, the Divine spark of creation. Things begin here; it’s where we work to bring Love and Light into our thoughts through our higher mind, as opposed to Libra, where we see the results of those thoughts reflected around us through our relationships with everything in the physical world. This Full Moon features a new cycle between Sun and Haumea, shining Light on the higher divine feminine consciousness of Wholeness, unity, and respect for the integrity and perfection of each part of the Whole. This new cycle creates a bridge with the divine disrupters, Uranus and Eris; the Moon; and even Ceres, all in Aries. Now, more than ever, it’s imperative to allow Spirit to percolate into our higher mind by consciously thinking loving thoughts. Every disagreeable person or situation is a teacher bringing our attention back to the discipline of bringing Love to every thought or response. Mercury makes a stepping stone to Pluto, and both Mars and Saturn connect with the nodes, making this Full Moon deeply revelatory and transformational on many levels.


The Moon creates a new cycle with the Sun on October 30, at 7+ degrees Scorpio, the sign of Physical Love in Cosmic Consciousness. Here we honor the divinity of our bodies in physicality, understanding that the world we live in is a manifestation of what we have already envisioned. We have the power to change our world by calling on our higher Selves to come from our highest consciousness to envision, and thus manifest, a better world for all. This requires surrendering to Source; we must become the conduit for Source, not the do-er, in order to manifest according to our highest vision. Mercury conjoins the Sun/Moon, and all 3 lower bodies manifest with Neptune; with faith and an open heart we can use the access to higher Love and the energies of the higher mind to manifest clarity and deeper awareness.


Changing Consciousness and the Eye of the Cosmos

Every month the lower body archetypes change signs, signaling a change in consciousness in the energies of the planet. Last month Varuna, 5D planet representing the impersonal all-seeing Eye of Universal Consciousness, entered the Emotional Love sign of Leo. It remains at 0 degrees all month, going retrograde on Oct. 30, until it reenters Cancer onDec. 15. In the meantime it serves as a kind of portal for all planets entering new signs, forming a connection with each planet. Each planet then gets access to a new way of perceiving/observing its own energies from the highest view through the prism of Leo, each shining in its own way, bringing positivity and gratitude to its own quality of consciousness.


Mars entered Capricorn on Sept. 27, forming a Great Eliminator with Varuna. Our very physicality is undergoing transmutation, and we are given access to a new way of observing it. On Oct. 7, Mercury enters Libra, where we can use the highest perspective with our Higher Mind to truly Know that we are not separate from each other. Ceres connects with Varuna by stepping stone before retrograding back into Aries on Oct. 13. With this new cosmic vantage point, Ceres is recalibrating our mental bodies as she helps us reduce our attachments to the old world, in preparation for the new.


Venus enters Sagittarius on Oct. 18, manifesting with Varuna. We have the opportunity to bring Love as well as a higher perspective to the highest victory of mastering our physical experience by accepting the need to dispassionately observe any obstacles remaining that prevent us from accessing our highest Self, and then acting upon what we see. We bring passion and devotion to this higher vision when Vesta enters Leo on Oct. 19 and begins a new cycle with Varuna on Oct. 21.


The Sun, now in the Physical Body quadrant, enters Scorpio on Oct. 22, moving from the space of Physical Power to that of Physical Love. On the Cosmic Clock Scorpio is the 10 o’clock hour, where we can transform our experience by owning it, giving it (and our Selves) to Source, and envision what we truly want from the highest vantage we are capable of. The Sun/Varuna stepping stone on Oct. 23 helps us with this vision. Mercury changes consciousness again, entering alchemical Scorpio on Oct. 24, bringing the higher mind into the process of applying Love into our creations. Our perspective widens and we go forward, allowing Source lead the way through our transmutations.


Other New Cycles

New cycles are opportunities to take our new wisdom and perspectives to the archetypes involved and use them in a new way. Some new cycles occur often, such as the Sun/New Moon; others span years, such as Jupiter/Saturn’s 20 year cycle. The personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) have more frequent new cycles, but the signs change, indicating a change in the area of consciousness where the new cycle begins.


On Oct. 8, Mercury begins a new cycle with Makemake, 5D planet and higher octave of Saturn, representing the higher Divine Order of the universe and nature, beyond karma. Our Divine Masculine, operating through the higher mind, can begin to grasp the essence of this Divine Order and allow it to inform our thinking, applying it to the realm of relationships. We begin to see the significance of how perfect our relationships are in terms of reflecting our Selves back to us.


Oct. 11 is especially significant since there are 2 new cycles on that day. Mercury conjoins Jupiter at 6+ Libra, and Venus forms a new cycle with Juno at 21+ Scorpio (and manifests with Chiron in Pisces). It is no coincidence that the rulers of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine both begin new cycles on the same day, bringing balance in the Physical quadrant wherever Libra and Scorpio appear in our energy fields.

Mercury/Jupiter brings expansion and wisdom to the higher mind, bringing this wisdom to the capacity to think with the heart in the new expression of the Divine Masculine. Our social consciousness is changing, expanding, as our idea of what relationships are is permeated with higher consciousness. Venus/Juno infuses our hearts, the center of our Being, with unity consciousness; focusing on this will make it so. Manifesting this new cycle with Chiron, we are increasing our capacity for healing/wholing our hearts to become masters in coming from the heart, loving everything as One.


Mars begins a new cycle with Pluto at 15 Capricorn on Oct. 19, bringing transmutation to our very physicality. Every cell of our being is getting recalibrated and resurrected. Our physical environments– in our neighborhoods, on the planet and elsewhere–are transforming as well, as we see new structures being built or coming apart; as we become open to new information being downloaded (NASA accepts Ophiucus as the 13th sign, there is rain on one of Jupiter’s moons!) Occurring in the earth sign of Capricorn, this new cycle is at once physical and spiritual, reminding us that our connection to Source is what gives meaning (and reality) to the physical realm. Connecting to Source and allowing it to move us results in right action that will ultimately transform us.


Mercury conjoins with Haumea, higher octave of Virgo, on Oct. 20 at 23+ Libra, bringing our higher mind to the heart of unity and wholeness. We increase our capacity to understand and appreciate how everything fits together and is necessary to the functioning of the Whole. Spica and Arcturus, 2 benevolent fixed stars are also part of this energy. Mercury/Haumea also bridges Uranus/Eris, as we can travel that bridge from loving with the mind and understanding our place within the whole as revealed through the Mirrored Self, to incorporating the revelations and awakenings coming to us in our understanding of the Whole—and back again.


On Oct. 27, Mercury and the Sun form a new cycle at 4+ degrees, after both have entered Scorpio. The co-rulers of the Divine Masculine come together in a superior conjunction in the part of our energy field where we manifest the world through our beliefs, shining a Light on those beliefs so they can be transmuted into a more Love-based manifestation, through bringing love into conscious focus. What an opportunity, and sorely needed.  We are magicians, and the world needs our magic.


The last new cycle of October occurs when Venus conjoins with Saturn in Sagittarius at about 14 degrees. Sagittarius is the sign of Physical Wisdom, where we tie up loose ends in preparation for the next spiral up the ladder of consciousness. Do we have the self-esteem to take charge of our own inner authority to stand up and get past those habits and obstacles that keep us from our higher Selves? Ixion and Quaoar, both resonating in Sagittarius, say that we have the capacity to create a new belief system that will do just that.  Venus will connect with each of them next month. We cannot lose if we come from the heart, and Venus/Saturn helps us get to the Truth of who we are, showing us where our true strength and authority lies: in the heart, the center of our Being, through Love.


The thought for this month is to remember that transformation is an ongoing process that is best experienced with openhearted observation, leaving everything to Source, bringing Love to everything you do. We are all in this together.


Happy Navarati, Rosh Hashana, al-Hijra, Ashura, Yom Kippur, Diwali, Samhain and Halloween (All Saint’s Eve).



“Though the eye is small, the soul which sees through it is greater and vaster than all the things which it perceives. In fact, it is so great that it includes all objects, however large or numerous, within itself. For it is not so much that you are within the cosmos as that the cosmos is within you.” ~Meher Baba


“Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one. “~Marianne Williamson


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