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November 2016


Happy All Saints Day, Samhain/Beltane, birth of the Bab, all of which fall on November 1.


The beginning of November is the mid-point between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice, and we finish the harvest, till the soil and celebrate our blessings and bounty with loved ones. November is the 11th month, which, in Cosmic Consciousness, is the Sagittarius hour, when we reap and manifest the accrued wisdom, Love, and other gifts that result from our efforts at loving our Selves and being loving in our thoughts and actions throughout the year. It is here we get to face the Truth of what is standing between our Selves and our highest victory over our lower selves and align with it, removing the obstacles or turning them into strengths. This hour is disposed by Jupiter, in Libra; our relationships show us where we are getting in our own way, and remind us to return to, and come from, Love. The number 11 is a master number, representing fine-tuned intuition, illumination, manifestation of thought into form, and pushing of limitations of human experience into highest spiritual perception. It is said to be associated with Neptune.


November opens with a Grand Fire Manifestation between Ceres (Aries), Part of Fortune (Leo) and Ixion/Quaoar (Sagittarius). As a blueprint for the month, this bodes well, for we are bringing forth new ideas and beliefs grounded in Love and gratitude, shining our Light in big and small ways. Through the cracks of disruption this Light is shining; our task is to hold the space of Love and Light for all as much as we can, nurturing our Selves and staying open.


Neptune-Orcus Karmic Bridges

The Neptune (in Pisces)-Orcus (in Virgo) bridge has been opened for over a year, joined in the last few months by the Earth and Soul Star Chakras (South and North Nodes) nearby. This month both bridges are very active as Antares makes a Wisdom (mutable) intersection with the nodes on Nov. 13, and Neptune makes a new cycle with the Earth Star Chakra on Nov. 17, hours before he stations direct on Nov. 18. A day later Orcus and the Soul Star Chakra make their own new cycle, and the Neptune-Orcus bridge becomes close to exact at 9* Virgo-Pisces on Nov. 29.


Orcus represents the invisible realm where we come from and return to when we drop our bodies. It is where our eternal Cosmic Self resides. The nodes represent the evolutionary doorways from which we enter (the Earth Star Chakra) and leave (the Soul Star chakra) this incarnation. You might say Orcus is the other side of the doorways, beyond the physical realm. We currently have access to it through Neptune’s limitless field of higher consciousness and enlightenment; we have the capacity to sense it intuitively from this highest perspective without conscious knowledge, conception or even awareness of it. This can be frightening to those anchored in 3D consciousness; they become confused and seek to escape this deeper realm they are subtly attracted to. The Neptune-Orcus bridge has been open for some time, but now we can apply it to our karma/dharma. We are at a crossroads; as we stand in the middle of the bridge spanning the nodes, our collective shadows are bringing all sorts of ancient karma up for clearing, extending this clearing into our future, which on a 5D level is now. We have already cleared so much that we are ready and able to access the essence of the invisible realm whenever we need to.


All the lower body planets will connect with these bridges, beginning with a Wisdom intersection with Mercury in Sagittarius on Nov. 18. We are asked to apply our higher minds to this karmic clearing through coming from the heart in the service of Truth. Venus, in the sign of spiritual power, gets resourceful sextiling the Earth Star and Neptune, and manifests with the Soul Star/Orcus new cycle minutes before it begins on Nov. 19.  Love is part of our evolution since Love is what we are truly made of, so only Love can manifest from all realms, if we allow it. Mars in Aquarius makes a great eliminator with this new Orcus cycle on Nov. 21, reflecting our need to choose to accept and allow the new energies of the future into us (even as it’s already here) by loving our Selves unconditionally for whatever our capacities are in opening to these new energies. We are thus prepared for the New Moon on Nov. 29, when the Sun and Moon make their own Wisdom intersection to the nodal and Neptune/Orcus bridges. (More on that below.) Each of us, at our own level and in our own unique way, is tapping into these deep and karmic energies that stretch beyond time and space, as we ascend up the evolutionary spiral and prepare for the next level, towards Source.


Disruption and Unity

The other major evolutionary bridge, Uranus/Eris-Haumea, will be open for quite some time, reflecting the reuniting and recalibrating of the pieces taken from outworn, dysfunctional systems, ideas and beliefs that are falling apart.  We go back and forth across the bridge until we see it as part of the whole(ing) process. We can make changes based on our new realizations, and when we change one part of our lives, it affects and transforms the whole. We have already experienced this process on a physical level with Mars on October 29-30; it will continue in our hearts and emotional body when Venus, traveling in uncharted territory, manifests with Uranus/Eris (and Ceres) and is resourceful with Haumea (Nov. 5-6). It serves us well to remember that we are already whole, and to stay safe in the heart of Love as emotional waters swirl. Mercury forms great eliminators with the Great Awakeners on Nov. 7-8, reminding us to think with the heart and not choose fear even as events appear chaotic. Our consciousness gets to make the same choices when the Sun forms great eliminators with Uranus (Nov. 13) and Eris and Ceres (Nov. 14). In this middle of these last aspects, the Moon bridges the Sun for an amazing Full Moon! You can’t make this stuff up! Ceres resonates with the Uranus/Eris-Haumea bridge all month, entering it when it conjoins Eris on Nov. 17, helping us to nurture our Selves and mourn what is departing, even as we make needed adjustments to bring in the new.


Lunar Consciousness

The Taurus Full Moon on Nov. 14 is one of 3 supermoons. According to NASA, since the moon’s orbit is elliptical, one side is about 30,000 miles closer to the Earth than the other, called perigee.  When the Earth, Sun and Moon line up as the Moon orbits Earth (syzygy) and the Moon is on the opposite side of the Earth from the Sun, we get a supermoon (aka perigee moon). This particular Full Moon occurs about 2 hours before perigee, making it the closest Full Moon since Jan. 1948, and it won’t come this close again for another 18 years!


This Full Moon asks us to be fully present, grounded and focused as we use our inner guidance system to create the vision of what we want to manifest. High tide will be higher and low tide lower; as we are 80% water, our emotional tides might be more intense as well. Now is the time to tune into our inner guidance and let it steer us, keeping us centered amidst emotional tides. Taurus-Scorpio bridges the physical with the metaphysical, the 3D with the 5D experience. We can only create what we truly envision when we are grounded. Venus and Pluto, dispositors of the Full Moon, are both in Capricorn, getting their marching orders from Source, heading for a new cycle together on Nov. 25. Mercury, Mars and Makemake (the 3 M’s) are resourceful with each other, connecting higher mind and body; punctuating the changing of the divine masculine archetype from Mars to Mercury and elevating it by Divine Law.  What an amazing day!


When the Sun and Moon create a New Moon cycle in Sagittarius on Nov. 29, there are 7 archetypes in the sign of Physical Wisdom, not including the blessing of the Part of Fortune (which only remains in the sign for 2 hours), all working together to clear away obstacles to our highest victory over our lower Selves, preparing us for the energies of the coming year. This Sun/Moon lunation also creates a new cycle with Juno, all at 7+ degrees, unifying our conscious/unconscious masculine/feminine Selves. Jupiter, dispositor of the New Moon, is resourceful with Saturn, manifesting with Mars, and making a stepping stone with Pluto. We are planting the seeds of a transformational new social consciousness that will allow us to see each other as equals and work together for the good of the whole. What a wonderful way to end the month.


Changes in Consciousness

Juno, representing the unity consciousness we have awakened to, and the transcendence of duality, enters into Sagittarius on Nov. 6. Mercury follows into this expansive sign of Physical Wisdom on Nov. 12, and the Sun makes his ingress there on Nov. 21, focusing our consciousness in this area of our energy field.  It is in this sign that the New Moon occurs at the end of the month. Our consciousness, unity awareness, higher heart-centered thoughts, burgeoning new ideas and beliefs, evolutionary purpose and inner authority are all located in the Sagittarius mansion, bringing their gifts to us in service of clearing away old habits, routines, thought processes, attitudes and beliefs that get in the way of our evolution to the next level in our ascension to our highest purpose. The Divine Feminine has led the way: Mars and Venus have already prepared this ground; Venus spends almost 1½ weeks here before she moves into Capricorn on Nov 11, and Mars, leading the lower body planets, brings our physicality into Aquarius on Nov. 9. The Divine Feminine is working to help clear our karma collectively by raising issues of how women are perceived and treated in the public arena and in our minds and hearts. The fact that Juno enters Sagittarius first, and the Moon enters it last, should not be lost on us, as the Divine Masculine is now ready to face these issues and work with them head on. The divine feminine  (Juno and the Moon) is preparing us to receive, soften, transmute and elevate this karmic clearing, and the new seeds planted at the New Moon will yield real change that will benefit us all. Mercury is a foreigner in Sagittarius, making it uncomfortable, but Quaoar, higher octave of Mercury is there to help bring in clearer, higher thought. It is also significant that the Great Attractor (14 Sag) and the Galactic Center (27 Sag) are located here. The Galactic Center is the center of our Milky Way galaxy, our Source. The Galactic Center is the Source that goes beyond the Super Galactic Center, which sources the Galactic Center. All the archetypes that resonate and make contact with each of these points are raised to the highest level of Truth that knows no separation. The presence of the 2 slow-moving multi-dimensional planets, Ixion (our collective soul purpose) and Quaoar (from which the essence of thought begins), in Sagittarius, reinforces that we are here to raise our frequency to a higher level, and ultimately see that the only real Truth is that we are not “we” but One.


Mars spends Election Day in the US (Nov. 8) at the 29th master degree of Capricorn, and enters Aquarius, sign of Spiritual Love, just after midnight on the following day. No matter who wins the election, we are entering new territory; the future is now! It behooves us to give our Higher Selves the last word, act according to our beliefs in a heart-centered way, and accept the results without feeling lessened if results don’t go our way; these results are Divinely ordained, created collectively by all of us. Mars in Aquarius reflects our capacity to bring in the future through each of us by loving our Selves so unconditionally that we allow our Selves to be seen for Who we Are: facets of Divine Love. We must surrender and take down the defenses to that Divine Love so the Truth of our Selves can be seen. When we can do this, we open the doors for others as well.


Venus brings her healing Divine Feminine energies to Capricorn on Nov. 11, crossing the Portal of Truth and bringing together the physical and spiritual quadrants of the Cosmic Clock. Spiritually our hearts get a much needed renewed and upgraded connection with Source, now that we have worked on the barriers getting in the way of expressing Love from our deepest core. We go forward, recalibrating and strengthening our connection to Source, using that connection to empower our inner authority at the heart level. The heart knows what to do.


Important New Cycles

In addition to the new cycles mentioned above, Mercury and Venus make other new cycles during the month. Venus meets with Ixion (Nov. 6) and Quaoar and the Galactic Center (Nov. 10) on her way to Capricorn, and Pluto. Venus informs our collective souls’ purpose for being here with Love and compassion, and infuses Love into those new thoughts, beliefs and ideas coming from and aligned with Source. She is our connection with the vastly higher belief systems we are bringing in as we navigate 5D for the planet. With these new alignments we are ready to take Love to the next level.  When Venus and Pluto unite for a new cycle on Nov. 25, Love gets resurrected and transformed to a higher level. The co-ruler of the Divine Feminine meets with the Divine Gatekeeper; Persephone meets her beloved Hades…our hearts open wider; we know Love never dies, only transforms and expands. Our capacity to love (and Be Love) from an empowered place becomes alchemically changed when we surrender to the wisdom of the higher Self. As we hold the space of Love for the unawakened, our own hearts undergo a strengthening transformation.

Mercury makes a new cycle with Juno on Nov. 14, signifying an upgrade in our mental operating system with unity consciousness. More and more we are becoming aware that what we experience is a reflection of what we put out there in thought, word and deed. Loving thoughts and loving words will change our every experience. On Nov. 23 the co-ruler of the Divine Masculine makes a new cycle with Saturn, the Inner Teacher/Guru, who is conjunct the Great Attractor, the Source of the Source of our Source. Our newly restructured mental operating system gets upgraded and realigned with the wisdom and guidance borne of exercising our inner authority. In turn, our new capacity for heart-centered thought informs our inner guidance system, which in turn is receiving deep levels of consciousness from the highest realms. This new cycle can yield empowering new ways to communicate what we are coming to know based on our inner guidance and unity consciousness. The Mercury-Ixion new cycle on Nov. 28 reflects the fact that we are all here on the planet to bring forth that unity consciousness through heart-centered speech, thought and action.


Social Consciousness

Jupiter makes a resourceful connection with Saturn all month, as part of the waning 2000 Jupiter/Saturn cycle that will begin anew in 2020. Our social identities are changing, expanding through the structures that once supported us but that we are outgrowing, like a dress we bought years ago that no longer fits how we see ourselves. We are also heading for the end of a Jupiter/Pluto cycle, which began in Dec. 2007; the 2 archetypes will reconnect (I want to say resurrect) in 2020 also. On Nov. 24, Jupiter makes a closing stepping stone with Pluto, 2 hours before Venus keeps her appointment with the Gatekeeper! You can’t make this up! Our social identities are being transformed from social consciousness (separateness) to spiritual consciousness (Oneness) through the addition of Love and expansion of wisdom. We are becoming bigger, more openhearted, multidimensional versions of our Selves. How this manifests into the world will be amazing to see.


This month is a good time to identify 1 or 2 habits, issues, attitudes or beliefs that get in your way of being your best Self. Accept them totally as part of your Self. Then envision your Self without these habits, issues or beliefs. What would that feel like? The key is to keep coming back to your heart center again and again, and get out of your head. Take time to nurture yourself with loving thoughts, kind words, and heart-centered actions, even for a few minutes a day. You deserve it.


“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”

Christian Larson.


Wishing everyone a warm, nourishing Thanksgiving!

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