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For January 2017:

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2017! According to Cosmic Consciousness, we begin the New Year and the Cosmic Clock when the Sun enters Capricorn on Dec. 21, the day of the Winter Soulstice.  The calendar year creates new beginnings of its own:  January 1, 2017 marks the first day of the first month of the first year of a new cycle that ends in 2025, 9 years from now. 2017 is a Universal 1 year, where we plant the seeds of intention for the forthcoming year, and the entire 9-year cycle. Jan. 1 marks the 1:1:1 Star gate, downloading us with new energies, opening the Lightdoor to new possibilities limited only by preconceptions or beliefs. There will be other triple-1 star gates, on Jan. 10 and Jan. 19, but the first downloads will be the purest.


Beyond making the usual New Year’s resolutions, this year we infuse Love and intention into our deepest heartfelt desires, dreams, and vision for every area of our lives. These intentions set the tone and direct the flow of energies within the field of potentialities in every area of our lives: relationships, health, spirit, and so on. Once these intentions are set, we release any preconceived ideas, beliefs, attachments, or attempts at understanding, allowing the Universe to bring forth what wants to be expressed. It is no coincidence that the year begins with Mercury retrograding through Capricorn. We are not meant to bring our minds into this process. This is the time to plant the seeds of co-creating with the Universe what we truly want for our Selves and the world we want to live in, coming from the heart. We go forward, without expectation or attachment, trusting in the Universe, the Masters and our higher Selves (which are all the same), spreading seeds of Love and peace.


The Light Bridge: Neptune & Orcus

On Dec. 19 Mars entered Pisces, the limitless realm of possibilities, spiritual wisdom and Christ Consciousness. The New Year opens with a New Cycle between Mars and Neptune, governor of Pisces. We are given a new way to perceive enlightenment through the physical domain: physicality is an illusion, being mostly space between the atoms that make up what we have agreed to manifest into form.  Cells are born and die with each passing breath; we are continuously winking in and out of existence, between the invisible realm and our 3D world so quickly it is beyond our perception. Our very Being anchors the fabric of the Universe. Antares forms an intersection between this new cycle and Orcus, bringing up the Shadow in each of us for us to claim, and rise above, one soul at a time.  While we are working towards enlightenment, if we resist, if we are not being centered in our hearts, we become confused; we must face our fears arising from false beliefs and fears of separation, which is an illusion, and act on our spiritual wisdom, remembering to reconnect with our heart space where we are ALL connected. Neptune’s energies help us disperse what is no longer needed, opening us to new possibilities.


On Jan. 11, Neptune makes a stepping stone to Antares, while Venus opens up a bridge with Orcus, followed by a Venus/Neptune New Cycle on Jan. 12. We are called to rise above any drama created by the shadows and illusions before us, remembering that Love is our birthright and our home; tapping into the stream of Higher Love that is always within us will elevate us and clear us of misqualified energies, putting us on the road to Self-mastery. Mercury connects resourcefully with Neptune (Jan.23) and manifests with Orcus (Jan. 22), bringing his divine masculine energies to balance Venus’. Pallas adds her divine feminine wisdom gearing up for a New Cycle with Neptune on Jan. 31, becoming exact the next day.

Fingers of God: Choosing the High Road

Also on Jan. 1 not one but three Fingers of God begin to form, involving the 5D planets; the social planets Jupiter and Saturn; and Mercury and Venus, the governors of the divine masculine and divine feminine. Jupiter and Haumea in Libra resource Saturn/Ixion (and Juno) in Sagittarius, and both form great eliminators with Sedna, the remembrance of the Divine Feminine, in Taurus. Our social consciousness is undergoing a huge upgrade; we have available to us the wisdom of the ages as held by the Divine Feminine.  Our collective purpose includes being mirrors for each other, reflecting our innate wholeness and beauty, as well as where we need to step into our authority and face the Truth of our Selves. This process is not easy, and when we are filled with fear we can be blind to the divinity inherent in others because we forget to see it in our Selves. The Truth is disruptive, shocking even, yet it awakens us and ultimately brings us to wholeness, allowing us to assume the mantle of our lives. By actively choosing to act from the highest perspective of mindful compassion, we make our Selves whole and reflect that into the world. This configuration will be with us throughout the month.


Mercury (3 Capricorn) and Quaoar (29 Sag) form a resourceful connection with Venus (28 Aquarius) and Pallas (1 Pisces), making a Finger of God with Vesta (2 Leo) and Varuna (29 Cancer). Each point of this planetary picture straddles 2 signs (actually creating two FOGs next to each other), involving all the qualities of consciousness: spiritual (fire-Sag and Leo), mental (air-Aquarius), emotional (water-Cancer and Pisces) and physical (earth-Cap). Mercury, recalibrating and integrating his lessons in Capricorn before his meeting with Quaoar and the Galactic Center, connects easily with divine feminine Love and wisdom, balancing the mind and heart with wisdom (and clearing karma as well). It will take the wisdom of the heart and new ideas and beliefs to open us up to the highest Universal perspective that is available to us, but we must choose to allow each to come, rather than directing it or otherwise trying to make it happen. We can begin with gratitude for the gifts of our brilliant minds and loving hearts, however unbalanced they may be.


Makemake in Libra resources Vesta in Leo (with Varuna nearby) and both point to Pallas (and Venus) in Pisces. Our devotion to and appreciation of Divine Universal Law, which is Love in all its forms, is reflected in the unlimited wisdom of the feminine if we choose to face our fears of opening up and surrendering to Love itself.  Makemake begins his retrograde journey on Jan. 1, reviewing the connection of higher cosmic law to Source. During this retrograde he moves from 3 Libra 52 to 1 Libra 51, going direct on June 16; during this retrograde he will move back and forth over the Super Galactic Center (2 Libra 33), the black hole at the center of our super cluster galaxy Laniakea. The SGC is the Source of our spiritual sustenance and guidance; the cosmic laws of the Universe are immutable and beyond our conception. This retrograde, as well as Makemake’s connection to the Vesta/Pallas/Earth Star Chakra, means that for the entire year we must consciously choose to clear our collective karma through listening to the messages of the natural world (laws of nature) and act on them, and surrender our outdated emotional baggage, clearing our Selves repeatedly so we can stand as beacons of Light for those who are beginning to awaken.

The Great Awakeners, The Midwife, and the Bridge to Wholeness

We are in the process of birthing a new world; we have no reference points, and everything is new. The Ceres/Eris New Cycle on Dec. 31gives us a new way to engage the disruptive energies that will continue into the new year. Uranus has just gone direct and is barely moving; Eris sits at 22 Aries 32 for most of the month, stationing direct on Jan. 8. These stationing energies are so very powerful, generating shocks and discontent that force us to awaken and stay awake. Ceres has done her job nurturing us through these massive waves, allowing us to grieve our losses and let them go, and delivering us to this next round of evolution. We are in search of Truth and karmic clearing, witnessing the dismantling of all our outdated constructs; the Jupiter/Haumea bridge with the Awakeners is wide open. (Jupiter bridges Uranus on Dec. 26; he repeats this connection with Eris on Jan. 17. Ceres makes a bridge with Haumea on Jan. 13). Haumea reminds us that this dismantling is necessary for the true Unity to come into being, and we must support each other through this process, even those with whom we disagree; we are all co-creators and participants together, and none of us can progress until we all do. (On Jan. 22 Haumea changes direction, moving towards Source, reintegrating lessons of wholeness; she will turn direct on July 7, maintaining the bridge with Uranus/Eris for the rest of the year.) Our social constructs are undergoing change as well, with Saturn/Ixion being resourceful with Jupiter/Haumea, and bringing structure, authority, and purpose to the changes and awakenings expressed by Uranus/Eris/Ceres. These changes are so huge they require planetary archetypes to act in pairs!


Over the course of the month Juno trines Uranus (Jan. 5), Eris (Jan. 11) and Ceres (Jan. 25), and our growing awareness of our conscious unity with everything we perceive to be ‚Äėout there‚Äô reveals insights that can shake us up. The Juno/Ixion new cycle on Jan. 19 connects with Ceres, bringing to our collective life purpose new ways of being in relationship with it ALL. The Sun, masculine co-ruler of our spiritual consciousness, makes stepping stones with the Great Awakeners (Jan. 10 and 12) and Ceres (Jan. 14) as part of a power intersection (in 3D, a cardinal T-square) involving spiritual, mental and physical power signs. We take our connection to Source, bring it into our higher minds, using it to energize and fuel our creative thought, and watch it manifest in the physical world.¬†¬† We are tasked with applying conscious diligence to staying out of drama, and allowing the pure expression of our highest intentions to manifest.


Changes in Consciousness

Change is our constant companion, we learn to ride its waves and let it carry us where it is meant to go. This month contains the usual lower body shifts, featuring a very active Mercury. On Jan.3 Venus enters Pisces, where she shines. Our hearts focus on compassion and Selflessness, exploring the vast unlimited Ocean of Love within each of us, applying spiritual wisdom to removing any obstacles to its expression. (Venus enters her shadow at 27 Pisces on Jan. 30 in preparation for her retrograde journey on March 4.)


Meanwhile, our higher minds undergo renovation with Mercury’s retrograde back into Sagittarius on Jan. 4, where he will connect with Quaoar and the Galactic Center for Source-based downloads of higher consciousness in preparation for the upcoming transformation with Pluto. We are being readied to create a new belief system reflecting Truth and wisdom, while working to clear collective karma. Mercury goes direct on Jan. 8, retracing his steps with newly downloaded information gained from his 2nd connection and new cycle with Quaoar on Jan. 11, before he enters Capricorn on Jan. 12. In Cosmic Consciousness this shift from physical wisdom to spiritual power marks a new beginning of Source direction; our higher minds reconnect with Source and focus on creating new goals, which are held as intentions that are met through attuning our Selves to our inner authority and Divine Director, allowing them to guide us to right action.


On Jan. 19 our (Sun) consciousness shifts from the sign of perfecting our connection to Source to the sign of spiritual Love, Aquarius, where in order to truly share our Selves we must shed Light on what is preventing us from loving our Selves completely and unconditionally. The Sun is a foreigner here; it is not easy to go within and face our inner saboteur. When the Sun’s feminine counterpart (the Moon) joins him in Aquarius on Jan. 27, we get to begin a new cycle of change through allowing and expressing the Divine Love that lives eternally in our hearts.


Because they move so slowly and have such wide orbits, 5D planets change signs infrequently, and when they do it really alters consciousness. Quaoar has a 285-year orbit, but goes retrograde for 5 months each year, so it only gains about 1-1.5 degrees yearly. Quaoar entered Sagittarius on Oct. 24, 1994: we have been evolving new ideas and beliefs about what is true for us, about the nature of consciousness and reality itself for years. We have expanded our capacity to transcend and clear our karma, accepting and allowing a higher, deeper understanding to percolate into our higher consciousness. We are clearing old habits and emerging victorious over our lower selves. Quaoar has connected with the Galactic Center for the last 3 years, fueling our growing capacity for new thought with Source energies. We are ready for a new beginning. On Jan. 26 Quaoar enters Capricorn, where he will remain for the next 23 years. We are poised to open and allow Source to move us, to help us reclaim our own inner authority, to guide and support us in the new beginnings (and belief systems) we are ready to initiate. What perfect divine timing (which is NO TIME at all!)!


Finishing the lower body changes of consciousness, Mars enters Aries, his own sign, on Jan. 29, and immediately makes a stepping stone with Quaoar. How amazing that we can immediately put our emerging new beliefs into action. Yet care must be taken at the beginning of all things. Now, with Mars resonating with Uranus/Eris/Ceres, we must bring loving conscious awareness into our thoughts, for what we think can spark into existence like the magic that it is. We must respect and align with the power of our higher minds.

New Beginnings

New cycles are always new beginnings. When 2 planetary archetypes meet (again) they fuse their energies in a new way, according to the quality of consciousness (sign) they are in. Some of the new cycles have already been discussed; there are still more that will affect us throughout the month.


Venus, traveling in Pisces, where all things are possible, will conjoin with Pallas on Jan. 5, but the heart will need more integration of wisdom before their new cycle begins on May 28. There’s a Venus/Earth Star Chakra new cycle on Jan. 7, a meeting with Neptune (Jan. 12) and a new cycle with Chiron, the Master Teacher/Healer, on Jan. 25. We are gifted with new ways to love and embrace our karma and clear it, and so bring our Selves to wholeness. Mars has his new beginning with Chiron on Jan. 16. Our bodies might call out for healing; right action and breaking of old habits may be called for.


Our consciousness gets rebirthed with the Sun/Pluto new cycle in Capricorn on Jan. 7, showing us where we are creating our own disempowerment and what we need to change or let go of in order to access our inner authority. We will need this transformative awareness when Mercury finally reaches Pluto on Jan. 29. Mercury brings all the multidimensional downloads from the Galactic Center and Quaoar to this new cycle; our mental operating system, already deepened and expanded, gets totally revamped and recalibrated. Truly a new beginning!


Lunar Matters

The energies of the Jan. 12 Cancer Full Moon are powerful and dynamic, one could go as far as to say life changing. The Sun/Moon bridge, at 22 degrees, directly activates the Jupiter/Haumea-Uranus/Eris-Ceres bridge, creating a Power Crossroad. One can travel this ring of stepping stones one at a time, or stand in the center and access them all, simultaneously. Each leg of the Crossroad provides us a necessary part of the whole that we need to work with. The Moon is powerful in her own sign; Pluto adds his alchemical presence to the Sun in Capricorn, whose governor, Saturn, is conjoined in a new cycle with Juno, manifesting unity consciousness and inner authority (and our life’s purpose) with the Awakeners and Ceres, and resourcing Jupiter/Haumea. Mars and Chiron make a resourceful connection with Sun/Pluto. At the same time, Mercury and Quaoar make a Great Eliminator to Vesta/Varuna. You really can’t make this up!


The first New Moon of the year, on Jan. 27, takes place at 8 Aquarius. Interestingly, the governor of this New Moon cycle, Uranus, is 72 degrees away, called a quintile aspect, which is a karmic connection. Our consciousness is infused with intuitive revelations that help us to take down ancient barriers to our capacity for Self-love.  The Sun and Moon form a Great Eliminator with Orcus, activating the Neptune-Orcus bridge. Not coincidentally, Pallas sits at 9 Pisces, where Mars and Neptune began their new cycle on Jan. 1, and where the next wormhole opens at the end of February. We are bringing wisdom to this sensitive point, the kind that only the divine feminine can deliver, the kind that, if we allow it, will help us navigate the energies still to come.


The month ends with another developing Power Crossroad as Mercury takes the Sun’s place and fills in the 4th leg of the Uranus/Eris, Vesta and Jupiter/Haumea intersection. We are beginning a new journey, armed with transformed awareness and a new, refined mental operating system. With all the pure potential available it is a good time to find your center and move from there, going slowly, staying aware, feeling your way, keeping your focus on you.


Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. ~ Seneca


Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect. ~Alan Cohen


Happy Chinese New Year (Jan. 28), Year of the Fire Rooster.


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