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Shelly LealMonthly Aspects


For February 2017:

February, with its frequencies of the “2”, brings to us the softer, feminine energies of compassion, sensitivity, balance, service, diplomacy, consideration and adaptability. It resonates with partnerships and relationships of all kinds, even within ourSelves. It can show us polarities, which separate us, or offer us ways to build bridges across those differences through awareness, higher perspective, intuition and heartfelt love. It is said to resonate with the Moon, receptive co-ruler (with the Sun) of our individual Spirit. The “2” is a uniting force. In Cosmic Consciousness, Pisces represents the 2 o’clock mansion of Spiritual Wisdom, where we go beyond (imagined) limitations imposed by the ego in order to ultimately realize our unlimited connection to one another. We face the fears and doubts thrown up by the ego to keep us separate, mastering our Selves in the process, through trusting our Selves and having faith in the Divine; it is indeed Divine Love activating through us.

The Power Crossroad

The month begins with an ongoing Power Crossroad (or Grand Cardinal Cross) created by the Jupiter/Haumea-Uranus/Eris bridge, and the Mercury/Vesta bridge, all between 21-24 degrees. While not part of the Crossroad, Saturn and Chiron make connections to it, reminding us that while great change is upon us, great wisdom and wholing (bringing together of our fragmented parts) is available to us as well, if we choose to exercise our inner authority with discipline and diligence in facing our fears and those less evolved parts of our Selves, clearing what holds us back from experiencing our True Selves. We are working to bring in unity consciousness from the deepest expanse of our hearts, in service to the highest cosmic perspective. We are unifying our own free will with Divine Will. There is so much activity in the Sagittarius-Capricorn and Pisces-Aries fields: the Divine Masculine calls for attention; and we are clearing our lower selves, strengthening our connection to Source, in preparation for the next step in the creation of the new world we already inhabit. The Aquarius and Virgo hours on the Cosmic Clock are empty; we must continually fill ourSelves with unconditional Self-love in order to align our Selves in heart, mind and Spirit. The Power Crossroad remains in effect all month, with Pluto anchoring it at 18 degrees. We must allow the transformations to occur where they may, they will happen anyway, we might as well surrender and let the process occur without resistance. Mars assists on Feb. 22 with a stepping stone to Pluto, bringing our bodies and/or environment into the process of resurrection, joining the Power Crossroad as he moves towards the Great Awakeners. Mars squares Vesta on Feb. 24 and forms new cycles with Uranus on Feb. 26 and Eris on Feb. 27, triggering passion and transformation to the awakening occurring at the physical level.  Pay close attention to your home, neighborhood, and especially your body; they are calling to you. There might even be physical disruption in the world (or your world). The conscious discipline of allowing Source into your higher mind by deliberately choosing loving thoughts over fear will serve you well now. It is the kindest act of Self-Love.


Jupiter, the Wisdom Giant

Jupiter is always an important archetype in our lives, representing one of the ways we connect our individual experience with that of our experiences with others. Jupiter guides us to pursue cultural, educational and spiritual truths, bringing wisdom, openness, expansion, abundance and growth through our interactions with others. Its 12-year cycle is the foundation of Cosmic Consciousness; we spiral up the Cosmic Clock to a new level of higher consciousness and social identity every 12 years. Jupiter has been resonating with Haumea (5D archetype of the unity and integrity of all parts of the whole) in Libra (the Mirrored Self) since September. We are seeing the results of what happens when we don’t honor those of us with whom we disagree; in order to Whole the polarities, we Lightworkers must expand our view to include and send love to the unawakened and newly awakening ones. We must first do this for the unawakened shadow parts of ourSelves, then we will see it reflected out into the world.

At the beginning of February Jupiter makes many connections to other parts of our energy field; his conjunction with Haumea is part of the ongoing Power Crossroad with Mercury (then Pluto), Uranus/Eris and Vesta, and also the focal point of the Finger of God involving Chiron and Sedna. Jupiter-Haumea resources (sextiles) with Saturn and Ixion (and the Part of Fortune!), makes a stepping stone with Mercury, completes the bridge with Uranus/Eris, and makes Great Eliminators with Chiron, Vesta and Sedna. That’s a lot of connecting! We are growing in the capacity to align all parts of our Selves with wholeness borne of the wisdom of our new social consciousness. In turn, we are creating a new social identity that expands to include all diverse points of view. We must bless our Selves every day for being willing to stand as beacons of Light for all who need it.

Jupiter goes retrograde once a year for 4 months; on Feb. 6 he begins his journey towards Source, refraining from meeting with Haumea (until we are ready for it on Sept. 7); he goes direct again on June 9. In Feb. Jupiter will then be the only 3D planet going retrograde, giving us the chance to integrate and apply Source’s input into our consciousness and changing social identity. Interestingly, Mercury makes 2 connections to the Great Wise One:  a square on Feb. 2, before Jupiter’s retrograde, and a manifestation (trine) on Feb. 21. With his newly transformed mental operating system, Mercury brings knowledge and greater awareness to our higher understanding, where it can be transmuted into applicable wisdom and right action. Our consciousness gets beautifully expanded with a Sun-Jupiter manifestation on Feb. 11, and Mars bridges (opposes) Jupiter on Feb. 27, joining Eris, triggering more awakenings and disruptions and also great growth in our capacity for right heart-centered action. It may be easy to overdo; trust your body’s messages, it Knows what to do.


Grand Manifestation

All month there is a Grand Manifestation (formerly known as a Grand Trine) involving Juno, Quaoar (higher octave of Mercury), Ceres (the midwife) and the Soul Star Chakra (N. Node), with the Earth Star Chakra (S. Node) forming the tail of a kite.  We are actively bringing in unity consciousness from entirely new Source-based thought patterns resulting from the work of clearing karma. These new thought pattern energies are bringing the future into the Now, and allowing us to perceive the unity behind the apparent separateness of the physical plane. Ceres is there to ease this manifestation by helping us to release the old ways of thinking, steering us towards the new, allowing this new thought to emerge. As Juno and Ceres progress in their journeys, both change signs; our unity consciousness is infused with new direction from Source, which is available to us if we allow it in by trusting the inner guidance we receive. The Sun, co-ruler of the divine masculine, adds his light to this planetary kite picture when he conjoins the Earth Star Chakra on Feb. 21, balancing the divine feminine energies of Juno and Ceres as they manifest with the Soul Star. The Sun reflects the downloads we receive from the higher dimensions as we work towards the rebirthing of unity consciousness for all. By the end of the month the Grand Manifestation shifts to include Orcus, connecting us with the invisible realm, becoming exact on March 3 with Mercury as the tail of the kite as we work to align our upgraded unity consciousness with the higher dimensions using our recalibrated mental operating system. We are manifesting our reality as we go.


Heart, Mind, Body and Spirit

Venus enters February fresh off her new cycle with Chiron. The Divine Feminine is wholing herself; we are pulling all the unacknowledged or underutilized parts of our Selves together, aligning them with our deepest emotions, coming from the heart. Knowing we are not alone, we are standing up, facing our fears, and going beyond our limits in the process of birthing our Selves anew. Venus manifests with Varuna before entering Aries (Feb. 3) and immediately making a stepping stone with the Juno/Quaoar New Cycle on the same day.  Our hearts are open to the highest vision of what is possible with Love, and we must bring that into our higher minds by deliberately remembering to choose loving thoughts whenever fear rears its head. Our hearts have the capacity to create what we focus on, bringing the fire of Divine Love to burn away what is no longer needed. We must keep our focus on our heart chakra, and let the light within awaken us to the new beliefs around the unity consciousness that we are creating together.

Our hearts connect to the dissipating Orcus/Neptune Lightbridge with Great Eliminators to the N. Node Soul Star (Feb. 7) and Orcus (Feb. 15) and subtle intimate connections to the S. Node Earth Star (Feb. 7) and Neptune (Feb. 22). Our deeply felt emotions must be purified through the heart, not allowed to spread out into fear or distraction by dropping into the lower mind. The Divine Feminine is taking us to new vistas, which we can See if we have opened and cleared our hearts enough. Venus bridges Makemake on Feb. 8, reminding us that the highest cosmic law is Love. The Great Messenger Mercury resources Venus on Feb. 10, aiding us in coming from the heart in every way we communicate. It should be noted that although Venus gets within 4 degrees of Mars, they never come together until Oct. 5, when they align together in Virgo.


Mercury in Capricorn, newly transformed by his new cycle with Pluto (Jan. 29) and Uranus stepping stone on Jan 31, is ready for realignment with a resource to Chiron on Feb. 1, before his next stepping stones with Jupiter AND Eris on Feb. 3. Our resurrected higher mind, reflecting Christ Consciousness, has the capacity to expand even higher and grow in wisdom, powered by the drive to know the Truth, standing on the bridge between awakening and wholeness. As we awaken the slumbering parts of ourSelves we become more whole. We are becoming more comfortable with our inner authority and passion for identifying and removing outworn ideas that prevent the integration of the Divine Feminine into our higher mind. We know on a subtle level that our higher purpose demands this integration, and we can open ourSelves to the widest vision of what this would look like, if we’re ready.

On Feb. 7 Mercury enters Aquarius, the sign of Spiritual Love, bringing our higher minds to the task of removing barriers to loving ourSelves unconditionally so we may share ourSelves more fully. We have a renewed capacity for communicating new beliefs about unity consciousness. Mercury makes his own connections with the nodes (Feb.9), Orcus (Feb. 12) and Neptune (Feb. 14); we have to choose to apply our knowledge and higher consciousness to our own evolution, while getting comfortable with and having faith in not knowing what that would look like.

The Great Messenger is resourceful all month; he begins by bringing his divine masculine energies to our emotions (Feb. 10) and actions (Feb. 16). We need the higher mind to provide the balance to our deep well of feelings as veils lift and we begin to see how to ride the waves of transformation with loving, measured, conscious action. Mercury connects with the bridge to wholeness and awakening with resourceful connections to Uranus and Eris and manifesting trines to Jupiter and Haumea (all between Feb 20-22), ending with more resourceful sextiles to Ixion and Saturn (Feb. 23). We have the support of our higher consciousness to navigate the unrelenting changes that are leading us to the integration of our own wholeness. This includes being in touch with our own Inner Guru, allowing it to lead us to productive action from the widest perspective. We can achieve this only from the place of inner authority borne of deep Self-acceptance and understanding, and Self-Love. Mercury enters Pisces, the sign of Spiritual Wisdom on Feb. 25, with the Moon in tow. There are now 6 planets in Pisces: It is time to face our limitlessness, not run from it, responding to what comes with openhearted Love and faith, bringing mastery to the process. Mercury connects with his 5D counterpart, Quaoar, and Makemake, before closing out the month with a New Cycle with the Earth Star Chakra (and a bridge to the Soul Star). We can clear much karma by what we think, say and do, consciously moving through uncharted territory with courage, grace and compassion.


Mars spends the whole month in the sign of his dignity, Aries, which, according to Cosmic Consciousness, is where we bring Love in to activate our higher mind. When the ego (fear) rears its head we need to be aware, redirecting its energies to a higher, more loving perspective. The Divine Spark seeks to ignite, to create, and the body (Mars) wants to move and bring forth this expression of creation on a physical level–but it takes conscious effort to come from a more loving space when our fears are reflected in the 3D world. As our higher Christ Consciousness gets activated we need to bring it into our Being through quieting the mind and thinking only loving thoughts; this will bring Source-based thoughts into the mental space created by the strengthening of the heart chakra. The body responds to these loving thoughts by softening and opening, making a path where Love can be expressed.

Mars makes his own connections to the Neptune/Orcus/nodal Lightbridge over the first 2 weeks of the month, including a bridge to Makemake. We must choose to acknowledge and follow the higher cosmic laws, caring for our bodies and environment. Between Feb. 22-24, Mars squares Pluto and Vesta: our very physicality is transforming and purifying, vibrating at a higher level in preparation for the changes to come. The big news is the Mars/Uranus New Cycle, occurring just hours after the Pisces New Moon Solar Eclipse on Feb. 26, bringing new frequencies from that new beginning into our very cells, activating the Power Crossroad. The next day Mars bridges Jupiter and makes a New Cycle with Eris, his last aspect of the month. Actions will speak louder than words, and we must apply Conscious Discipline to our higher minds; thoughts create the physical and with so much energy it can be easy to bypass our minds and react from fear-based emotion. We must deliberately bring Source-based loving thoughts into ourSelves, where they can activate the heart and allow action to flow from there, bringing in more unity consciousness.


The Sun is our very consciousness, our life force energy. Where the sun is in our charts is where we live and express our individuality. In Cosmic Consciousness, the Sun is the masculine co-governor of our Spiritual Body (along with the Moon, feminine co-governor), giving rise to our expressive and creative side. In February the Sun spends much of the time in Aquarius, sign of unconditional Spiritual Love, disposed by Uranus the Awakener. Love awakens, transforms, illuminates. Once awakened we are forever changed; we can no longer go back to what was before. The Sun connects with the bridge of awakening and wholeness when he resources (sextiles) Uranus and Eris and manifests with (trines) Jupiter and Haumea, all between Feb. 9-12. During this period he bridges the Moon, and contacts Vesta and Chiron. We are bringing a higher consciousness to the process of change, wholing ourSelves as we attend to removing barriers within that prevent us from seeing our Oneness. This awareness does not come easily; Sun is a foreigner here, and we need to apply compassion where we fall short of our goals. This is the “unconditional” part of Self-love. Our Inner Guru and life purpose get to shine (Feb. 14) before the Sun moves into the sign of Spiritual Wisdom and selflessness (Pisces). Can we see everyone with the eyes of compassion for whatever situation we find ourSelves in? Can we find new ways to express the Truth of our Divine Spirit in ways that allow us to ride the rocky seas of change and not get thrown off course?

On Feb. 21 there is a Sun/Earth Star New Cycle, creating a bridge with the Soul Star, as well as a Great Eliminator with Makemake. We must choose to surrender to the higher laws of Love and Divine Will to clear the next round of karmic debris that arises. We have already cleared so much; what comes up now is lighter, subtler, but still in need of attention. As we respond with conscious awareness rather than react from old emotions, we will do much to clear these ancient energies. The unifying and nurturing divine feminine energies of Ceres and Juno are resourced by the Sun on Feb. 24, and we have access to the invisible realm on Feb. 26 when the Sun bridges Orcus.


Eclipse Season

When the Sun, Moon and Earth align with or near the Moon’s nodes, an eclipse forms. On Feb. 10 the Sun and Moon bridge each other at 22 degrees Aquarius/Leo, creating a penumbral Full Moon Lunar eclipse, where the Moon passes through the outer region of the Earth’s shadow. This eclipse is the culmination of the very potent Jan. 27 New Moon in Aquarius, and it opens a wormhole, the sideways elevator that moves us through time/space and delivers us to places we haven’t yet even conceived of. A lunar eclipse is a reboot of the receptivity of the spirit, the capacity to give and receive equally without expectation; here we are asked to give and receive blessings, with gratitude for the awakenings we are being shown, and for the perfection in the Divine Plan. We can free our Selves from emotional attachments to mass consciousness and old ways of being, reintegrating our emotional responses to reflect who we truly Are and wish to be. The Grand Fire Manifestation between the Moon, Saturn/Ixion and Uranus/Eris opens a portal to bringing our higher consciousness and ideals based in spiritual Truth into manifestation. The bridge between the Lights (Sun and Moon) connects with the Jupiter/

Haumea-Uranus/Eris bridge, creating a Mystic Rectangle planetary picture, bringing stability and balance to the disruptive, changing energies that are delivering us to integration and wholeness. Saturn and Ixion connect to it resourcefully, offering up structure, discipline and stability borne of a renewed inner authority that is aligned with our divine purpose in this incarnation. The winds of change (air) are spreading the light of Spirit (fire), transmuting or eliminating the old, preparing us for the new. There is so much healing now; Love is spreading like wildfire.


On Feb. 26 the Sun and Moon come together for a New Moon Cycle conjoining the Earth Star (S. Node) and Mercury, bridging the Soul Star (N. Node) and Orcus, creating an Annular Solar Eclipse. It is almost a total eclipse, with the Moon covering 98.5% of the Sun’s disk, exposing a visible ring of light. Although it will not be visible in the northern hemisphere we will all still feel its effects, as it calls forth new beginnings in the way we perceive ourSelves and in how we act upon that perception. We are called upon to open ourSelves to a higher octave of frequency, to vibrate in resonance with our higher Selves, and to communicate from that vibration. Just hours afterwards Mars conjoins the Uranus/Eris-Jupiter/Haumea bridge, activating the Pluto/Vesta bridge and therefore the Power Crossroad in cardinal signs at 18-24 degrees. We must stand in the center to balance and access all the energies of spirit, mind, heart and body that are available to us, and use them in the actions that resonate and emanate from the core of our Being, which is the seat of pure Love.


February is all about seeing the unity in perceived opposites, which, from a higher perspective, become polarities, opposite ends of the same entity. Relationships, even within ourSelves, require another vantage point against which to balance. In order to balance a polarity we must stand in the middle, like a fulcrum balancing a see-saw: it goes up and down unless we are perfectly centered, then it comes to rest. To achieve this balance we must pay attention to anything that takes us off center (our heart chakra) and return there without expectation or reproach, only Love, again and again. It is only there that we can find rest within and connect with the Source within us all.


So divinely is the world organized that every one of us, in our place and time, is in balance with everything else. ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Life is a balance between what we can control and what we cannot. I am learning to live between effort and surrender. ~Danielle Orner


Happy Groundhog Day, Valentines Day, President’s Day and Mardi Gras!


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