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For March 2017:

March, as the third month in a 1- year, holds the space of growth, expansion and abundance, communication, self-expression, inspiration, joy, and creativity. It represents the energies of the triad, the Trinity, a sacred triangle (trine) where all parts work together harmoniously, creating a portal that brings forth manifestation of desires through allowing the descent of Spirit into the mental plane; there Source-based faith in action becomes consciously directed intention. The active initiating force of new beginnings of the “1” combines with the receptive, germinating energies of the “2,” resulting in the “3” energies of manifestation. In the Motherpeace Tarot it is represented by the Empress, who gives forth love, life and connection, and who knows how to manifest what is needed to survive and thrive on the physical plane. In Cosmic Consciousness, the 3 o’clock hour, represented by Aries, is where we enter the mental quadrant, bringing Love in purposefully and diligently to activate the higher mind, which is Christ Consciousness. This activation requires bringing golden Light focus on the heart chakra, where its vibration gets elevated into the higher mind, aligning it with Love, opening a gateway for something new to manifest. March is a month to put plans into action, trusting your intuition to allow what has already been birthed on some level to come through. The days with the highest “3” energies are 3/3, 3/12, 3/21 and 3/30.


March Manifesting

The month opens with a Grand Earth Trine between Juno (Capricorn), Ceres (Taurus) and Orcus (Virgo), with Mercury in Pisces forming the tail of the kite. This Grand Manifestation has been in force since the end of January, when Juno and Ceres trined the Soul Star Chakra (N. Node), which gradually morphed into a trine with Orcus. This portal remains intact through mid -March as Mars moves in to hold the space occupied by Ceres. For some time now we have been evolving towards unity consciousness, and it is fueled by our Cosmic Self, the part of us that lives in the invisible realm and knows the truth of what lies behind the chaos we see in the physical world. Aligning with this Truth and trusting it will enable us to access our inner guidance and use it to bring this Truth to the world through grounded, committed actions based on our heart-centered values.

The Sun/Neptune New Cycle on 3/1 lifts veils for those with eyes to see, bringing clarity, enlightenment, shining Light on the shadows and depriving them of their power.


The Awakening Lightbridge is Part of The Crossroad

The bridge to awakening and wholeness created by Jupiter/Haumea (conjoined with Spica and Arcturus) and Uranus/Eris, was triggered by Mars 2/27, setting the stage for March’s energies. Despite the shake-ups, disruptions, awakenings, passions and quickened vibrations, we have access to great wholeness and wisdom that we wouldn’t otherwise have. The world is polarized but heading for unity as more people are getting involved and peacefully coming together to create solutions to common problems. The old paradigms, like an old unstable building, are coming down, to be replaced by something more sustainable for us all. This Aries/Libra Lightbridge is part of the ongoing Power Crossroad (Cardinal Grand Cross) with Pluto in Capricorn forming a bridge with (opposing) Vesta in Cancer. Together these 2 bridges form stepping stones to each other, allowing us to rise above the drama, to walk on water over it, rather than getting pulled under by turbulent emotions. We purify our emotions by letting them come, feeling them fully and letting them go, clearing and opening our Selves for resurrection at the deepest levels. The disruptions and realizations trigger emotions, which, when processed, lead us to wisdom and understanding of the greater picture, which effects a transformation in our Selves, leading to greater awakening. By standing in the center (of our hearts) to manage the energies we have access to all of them at the same time; knowing which one to utilize is our practice and our mastery.  Any planet at 19-24 degrees will activate the Power Crossroad. The Moon connects with Jupiter/Haumea on 3/15, and the Great Awakeners on 3/29; how we choose to respond from either side of the Lightbridge is up to us. Mercury bridges Jupiter on 3/24, meets Eris in a New Cycle and conjoins Uranus on 3/26, but because of his retrograde in April he will connect with Uranus twice more, with that new cycle occurring on 5/10, bringing mindfulness and higher consciousness to the awakenings still to come.

The Crossroad is comprised of those planets in the Power quality of the Tri-fold flame (the others being Love and Wisdom) that operates in each quadrant of the lower four-body system (spirit, mind, emotion, physicality). What occurs among the planets that make up the Power Crossroad continues to reflect the enormous changes occurring within each of us. On 3/2 Jupiter bridges Uranus for the 2nd time (the first was on 12/26/16), continuing the building of the bridge to higher, expansive social consciousness through the collective awakening consciousness. On the same day Mars bridges Haumea, increasing our capacity to feel in our very cells the wholeness that shines behind the chaos, if we keep our focus on our Selves.

But of course the biggest news is the life-altering New Cycle between Uranus and Eris on 3/16, the first to occur with the elevation of consciousness that permits humanity to be aware of Eris’ existence. Operating from active, sudden, lightning-quick intuitions and revelations Uranus was always the Great Awakener, but with Eris’ divine feminine energies of deeper, slowly emerging realizations now a part of our consciousness, we have the balance needed to effect ascension, and a new realization of our place in the cosmos, on Earth, and within Divine Spirit. Now Uranus and Eris fuse their energies in a new way in Aries, sign of the divine spark of creation, where we can manifest a new beginning by choosing to see and think Love as much as possible, regardless of what is happening on the physical plane. During this new cycle, Mars, Aries’ dispostitor, is in Taurus, manifesting with Orcus and the Soul Star chakra; we are ready for what emerges from this new beginning, but we have to trust our inner guidance to help us feel this emergence in our bodies and hearts; we need to ground ourselves in Love, and consciously choose it when fear arises. Mercury and Venus, recalibrating herself, are also in Aries, seeking balance of the masculine/feminine energies, when they come together on 3/18. The Sun squares Ixion and Saturn, helping us to see and begin to redefine our life’s purpose, and align it with whom we are becoming in the light of the awakenings yet to come. This cycle of awakening won’t come again for another 90 years; how fortunate we are to have chosen to be here now in this time/space!

But wait, we haven’t discussed the Jupiter/Pluto stepping stone that occurs on 3/30. It is the 2nd of three such aspects (the last in August), the mid-point of the closing square of the Jupiter/Pluto cycle, which will begin anew in July 2020. We are at a turning point, where we question what we believe in, and let go of attachments to old beliefs, ideas and social identities that no longer serve us, knowing not where it will lead. Doing so, we will rebirth our Selves into a new, multidimensional expansion of the higher mind that will utterly transform us, especially socially, from the inside out. We are in transition; we cannot build anew without surrendering the old. Jupiter reminds us that this resurrection will be positive in ways we can’t imagine, if we stay above the fray, willingly surrendering what needs to go with faith and a light heart.

Recalibration of the Heart

Speaking of the heart…. On 1/30 Venus entered her shadow at 27 Pisces. On 3/4, at 13 Aries she changes direction, heading towards Source for 6 weeks, reintegrating and upgrading the lessons of the awakened heart. She moves slowly, making subtle, intimate semisextiles with the Sun, Mercury, Neptune and Ceres, before meeting Juno in a stepping stone on 3/14. We are slowing down emotionally, getting in touch with our values, with what nurtures us and raises our Self-esteem, what opens our hearts and allows us to connect with unity consciousness. A Mercury/Venus retrograde conjunction at 9 Aries on 3/18 brings much needed balance to the mind/heart connection within each of us. (The next such connection won’t take place until mid December!) Venus herself is surrendering her identity as an evening star, and on 3/25 she merges with the Sun in an inferior conjunction, igniting our hearts, the mid-point of her retrograde cycle. After it ends on 4/15, she resurrects as the morning star, fiercer and purified, ready to face whatever comes.  Venus ends the month with a Great Eliminator to the Soul Star (N. Node) Chakra and a bridge to Makemake. By choosing to come from the heart even in the most trying circumstances, we come to see our alignment with the Divine Law of Love and how it manifests in our relationships and the people we meet.

Vernal Equinox

Every year when the Sun crosses the celestial equator (the imaginary line in the sky above the Earth’s equator) from south to north we in the Northern Hemisphere enter the Vernal (Spring) Equinox (it becomes autumn in the Southern Hemisphere). The tilt of the Earth’s axis is perpendicular to the Sun’s rays, instead of tilting towards or away from it. Astrologically the Sun enters Aries, which, in 3D astrology, is considered the start of the zodiac, representing new beginnings, one’s individual effect in the world, rebirth. In Cosmic Consciousness, the Spring Equinox occurs in the Divine Masculine Portal of Truth that connects the spiritual realm with mental realm; it’s here that the energies of spiritual power, love and wisdom of the last 3 months descend into the realm of Mental Power, into the heart chakra, where they can be directed into our higher mind (Christed Consciousness) with the application of conscious discipline. The resurrection of Spirit is in the remembrance of it in our thoughts, which must become our discipline; only then does it become so automatic that it allows the spark of Creation to touch and enLighten us unbidden, and work through us. We become channels of divine Light. The Sun’s entry into the 3 o’clock Aries hour marks the 1st quarter of the Earth’s passage around the Sun. The next 3 months are a time to take action without hesitation, letting Spirit move through, trusting in the process of manifestation and laying its foundation, using all the talents and gifts in our possession. The smallest action or change of mind creates a shift that reverberates in the whole.

At the moment of the equinox, the Moon contacts Ixion and then Saturn, before she enters Capricorn and connects with the Sun in a last quarter stepping stone. Any anxiety arising from our subconscious regarding our life’s purpose or our ability to step up to it is temporary, and there to be cleared; new ideas are waiting to be accessed. It’s time to let go. Venus retrograde semisextiles Neptune and squares Juno, all at 12 degrees: taking our hearts to the highest perspective will enable us to reach the unity consciousness we seek. Chiron resources Sedna, and Jupiter steps up to Vesta, reflecting how we are purifying, expanding, and aligning the divine feminine parts of our Selves. This spring we are working on defragging and strengthening the Divine Feminine within us all.


Changes in Consciousness

As the planetary archetypes move into different signs we experience changes in our consciousness according to the planet and the sign. The same is true when a planet moves from direct motion to retrograde, and vice versa. The biggest changes were already discussed: the Sun’s entry into Aries and Venus retrograde. The energies of asteroids, plutoids and other multidimensional (5D and beyond) planets are so important now, their activities are noteworthy. On 3/8 Vesta, representing the purity of devoted action, turns direct at 20 Cancer, after 3 months of traveling towards Source, reintegrating her lessons of devoted service that occurred following her 1st conjunction with Varuna in Leo on 10/21/2016. Vesta was retrograde when she conjoined Varuna again at 29 Cancer on 1/12/17, and she will make her way to a final new cycle with him at the end of April. You can see how our newfound passion for the truth from the highest possible perspective must be allowed to flow unimpeded but always tempered by Love, growing our capacity for openness and trust in what transpires, with faith in the future. The next day, 3/9, Mars leads the lower bodies when he enters Taurus, grounding us at the physical level.

Our mental bodies are exceptionally active this month; Mercury enters Aries on 3/13, conjuncts Venus (R) on 3/18, makes a stepping stone with Pluto 3/23, and connects with Jupiter, Vesta, Eris, Uranus and Haumea from 3/24-26. Mercury enters his shadow on 3/27 before manifesting with Saturn on the Galactic Center (3/29); he finishes the month by moving into Taurus on 3/31. We are applying our newly upgraded mental operating system to the transformative energies from within and without (same thing!); we are now ready to apply intuitive guidance as well.

Our collective purpose begins a recalibration when Ixion goes retrograde on 3/26 at 26 Sag, a process that will last 5 ½ months. Pallas Athena brings her divine feminine wisdom to the divine spark of creation when she enters Aries on 3/30. Quaoar, Ixion’s traveling companion, representing our capacity for new thought, goes retrograde on 3/31, also for 5 ½ months. Quaoar entered Capricorn on 1/26, right before the New Moon in Aquarius that began the eclipses and wormhole passage that we just completed with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces last month. Positioned in the Portal of Truth at the top of the Cosmic Clock, we have the capacity to experience new thought arising out of new spiritual direction. Every planet that enters a new sign gets infused with this capacity for new thoughts and new beliefs pulsing from Source itself. This capacity will be fine tuned when Quaoar returns to the Galactic Center, our very Source, on June 6.


New Cycles

The Uranus/Eris New Cycle is the most important one of our lifetime. It has a multidimensional and multigenerational effect and signifies a total reworking of our consciousness. The Sun/Neptune New Cycle at 12 Pisces on 3/1 prepares us for this recalibration by lifting veils and providing clarity and higher consciousness to those ready to receive it. Mercury has his own New Cycle with Neptune 3/4, clarifying our mental operating system. The two governors of the Divine Masculine continue to create new beginnings with one of their own, a superior conjunction New Cycle on 3/6 at 16 Pisces.

With 4 planets 5 degrees apart vibrating with the energies of love in action, there are so many new beginnings being created; the question is, what will we create? It is no coincidence that we have so much limitless love and spiritual wisdom available to us now; we each have the capacity to ride the oceanic waves, letting them carry us forward, effortlessly, without resistance. Fear causes us to stiffen and sink below the waves, cast to and fro and unable to get our bearings. There is so much unlimited potential available now; the only way to utilize it is to get out of our own way and allow that potential to manifest by loving ourSelves through our fears, in spite of our fears, because of our fears. We must let it come, and let it go, moving through us. The archetypal energies of the Sun (consciousness), Mercury (higher mind, communication and connection), Pallas (feminine wisdom) and Chiron (alignment and wholing) are available to assist us. With the exception of Uranus/Eris, every new cycle this month occurs in the unlimited realm of Pisces! And except for Pallas, all the Piscean new cycles are made by the Divine Masculine co-rulers, Mercury and the Sun. Mercury makes a new cycle with Pallas AND Chiron on 3/10 (along with a Great Eliminator to Haumea), aligning the higher mind with the wisdom of Knowing and allowing. March 14 brings a unique and rare triple conjunction (New Cycle) of Sun/Pallas, Sun/Chiron, and Pallas/Chiron, all taking place in the space of less than 40 minutes! What an amazing opportunity for growth and alignment in consciousness and wisdom!

Mercury goes on to a new cycle with Eris on 3/26; he stations direct before he can meet Eris again in his retrograde journey next month. This is significant; we are ready for a new way to apply our higher mind to the soul’s slow, volcanic awareness of what must change. We are ready to be heard. Not so with Uranus; we will need some additional mental reintegration first, especially after all the Mercury aspects this month. And the Sun’s last New Cycle this month is his monthly meeting with the co-ruler of the spiritual body, the Moon, on 3/27 in Aries. Which brings us to….


Lunar Matters

The 1st quarter Moon on 3/5 marks the opening stepping stone between the Pisces Sun and Gemini Moon, the first after the closing of the wormhole of the Pisces New Moon Soular Eclipse on 2/26. We get inspiration from the Moon/Venus resource and Moon/Mercury square, balancing mind and heart energies. This is when we act upon the inspirations and downloads received during the reboot of our consciousness, manifesting our Truth by putting it into action through what and how we communicate, motivated by Love.

The Full Moon bridge in Pisces/Virgo on 3/12 marks the culmination of the energies begun with the Feb. Soular Eclipse. We take the lens of unlimited love and zoom into it, purifying our hearts and letting the Christed Self emerge; we cleanse and align our souls with pure Virgin Mother energies as we walk this Wisdom Bridge to wholeness. The Sun forms a Great Eliminator inconjunct with Jupiter/Haumea and the Moon makes the same aspect with Uranus/Eris. Our emotions will point out where we are not in alignment with our Truth, bringing us back to our Selves.

Last quarter energies represent an impetus to initiate change and prepare for the next cycle. The waning Moon in Capricorn delivers us to a renewed connection with Source, which we can infuse into our higher mind by being receptive to it. Intuitively we discern what is not working for us emotionally and move to let it go, making space for something new to arise. This last quarter Moon occurs right after the Vernal Equinox on 3/20, another new beginning, and marks the transition from wisdom signs to power signs.

The 3/27 Aries New Moon is the last new cycle the Sun makes before meeting with Great Awakeners Eris and Uranus. The Lights make a Great Eliminator aspect with Orcus and the Soul Star Chakra, giving us the choice to take our spiritual Selves on the journey to the place where our eternal Selves live, a place we are becoming more comfortable with in some part of our consciousness, even if we can’t always access it. Sustained with this knowing, armed with the alignment of the awakened heart and Cosmic Law of Love (Venus/Makemake bridge), we plant the seeds of greater social transformation.


March is a month for sowing the seeds of what we want to manifest in the world. It is active and creative, and we need to cultivate strength and perseverance to direct our thoughts (which create our actions) with Love and diligence away from lower energies. It is a month to practice what we already know, that “thoughts become things,” and Love-based thoughts will create more Love. The practice this month is to consciously focus your thoughts on Love and Light, making your actions congruent with that. Meditating on yellow gold color, or repeating “I AM the Light” or “I AM Love” or other mantra can be a starting point and a place to return to when needed. The world needs our Light.


Happy Ash Wednesday, Purim, St. Patrick’s Day, Equinox Day and Annunciation! Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead at 2AM on March 12.


Reality is a projection of your thoughts or the things you habitually think about. ― Stephen Richards

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