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For April,  2017:

After the manifesting energies of the new beginnings seeded by the Uranus/Eris new cycle of last month, April brings the creation of the foundations of the Light Bridge, the polarity (opposition) between the Awakeners and Haumea, keeper of Wholeness, expanded and broadened by Jupiter. The higher frequencies of this polar relationship are available to us now, and the April ‘4’ energies of stability, inner wisdom, practicality, patience, devotion, organization, discipline and service enable us to lay the groundwork to walk on that Bridge back and forth between awakening to wholeness and, through integration of mind/heart/body/Spirit, to reach new frequencies of higher awareness. Walking this Light Bridge is an ongoing process that will last the rest of our lives, but now we will always have access to it. This month we have the energies of the Archangels to support us as we navigate this bridge to wholeness.


April’s ‘4’ energies resonate with Saturn, our inner Teacher, who asks us to be mature, set our goals and work towards them steadily, and inhabit our lives by stepping into our own inner authority and mastery. We are asked to own our greatest gifts and master our lower Selves, perhaps by learning a new skill or habit, putting it into practice and integrating it into the new awakenings that continue to pour forth. The ‘4’ represents grounding and support– the 4 elements that make up physicality: fire, air, water, earth; the 4 sacred directions that orient us in space. The 4 itself is the bridge between the manifestation of an idea into its embodiment through the diligent gathering of energies; it is the springboard to creative action. The 4 corners of the square form the base of a pyramid upon which the triangular energies of manifestation rests. In sacred geometry, the square root of 2, which is 4, represents the whole being greater than the sum of its parts; it is the expression of higher Truth. When vertical and horizontal polarities (bridges) intersect, they create 90-degree angles, or squares, requiring a higher perspective to bring the energies together. This higher perspective results in stepping stones which elevate our consciousness beyond 3D conflicts and stresses, allowing us to integrate and apply these energies to the experience; it becomes a strength for us to use. In Cosmic Consciousness, Taurus is the 4 o’clock hour of Conscious Obedience to our inner guidance system, which guides and stabilizes us when we follow it, giving us the capacity to love with the higher mind.


April Planetary Pictures

April 1 begins with a conjunction between Venus retrograde and Pallas Athena, the 2nd meeting between these two feminine archetypes (the 1st was on 1/5; their final meeting and new cycle will occur 5/26) This divine feminine conjoining forms on the Aries Point (0 Aries), where divine masculine energies of the spiritual and mental bodies come together, balancing each other. It connects with Mercury in an intimate (semisextile) aspect and creates a stepping stone with the newly retrograde Quaoar. More importantly, this conjunction also forms a Light Bridge with Makemake as well as a Power-full intersection (T-square) to Quaoar. (Mercury manifests with Quaoar too, and is preparing to contact the nodes and Makemake as well.) Our hearts, recalibrating and upgrading, are joined with divine feminine wisdom, deepening our understanding and appreciation of Cosmic Law of Love, which is, after all, that Love is ALL there is, without exception, even within our shadows. Love is everywhere and in everything, and beyond everywhere and everything. The divine masculine/feminine energies integrate comfortably with each other, but while our higher minds easily manifest with our capacity for new thought, our hearts, graced with newly acquired wisdom, need to reexamine its values and step up above any outworn attachments or emotions that cloud its Light. This is part of Venus’ journey towards healing and wholeness (Chiron). After that meeting, Venus will go direct, reentering the Power Intersection with Quaoar and Makemake on 4/29 and activating that Light Bridge, ready to make choices regarding how to calibrate the heart’s new values with our collective evolution.


Mercury forms his own connection with Makemake (at the Super Galactic Center, 2 Libra) at the beginning of April with a great eliminator (inconjunct), creating a Finger of God (FoG) with a resourceful sextile to the Earth Star Chakra (S. Node). The higher laws mandate a karmic clearing of old ideas through what we choose to think and communicate. This FoG continues throughout the month as Mercury stations retrograde on 4/9 and forms an inferior conjunction with the Sun 4/19 at 0 Taurus; the Sun then takes the Great Messenger’s place in the FoG in early Taurus, culminating with the Taurus New Moon on 4/26. Our entire lower body system resonates and calibrates with the higher Cosmic Order, which includes the higher laws of Love, of nature, karma, of attraction and intention. Mind, heart and Spirit balance as each makes its own connection with the higher octave of Saturn. We are becoming aware of these immutable laws and able to observe them in action; through surrendering to them and living in accordance to them we bring integrity and alignment into our lives at the highest levels.


The ongoing FoG with Chiron (in Pisces) resourcing Sedna (Taurus) and both forming great eliminators to Jupiter and Haumea (Libra) continues in April. The re-membering of the Divine Feminine is well on its way; as the various parts come together and align, the new unity consciousness thus created will manifest a new expression of the Divine Feminine that will prove healing/wholing for us all. Meanwhile, throughout the month other archetypes add their energies to this re-membering: Mars, male co-ruler (with Venus) of the divine feminine forms a new cycle with Sedna on 4/14, just hours before Venus stations direct in a Chiron new cycle 4/15. Ceres, representing nurturing and assisting us in birthing these new beginnings, has her own new beginning with Sedna 4/18. Our newly aligned hearts can now make use of the Record-keeper’s new frequencies brought in by the cosmic midwife and made tangible by Mars. This marks the beginning of a very active period of the lower bodies making new cycles to Sedna: the Sun follows suit next month, with Mercury and Venus in the coming months. Sedna is also involved in another FoG, resourcing Vesta/Varuna, with great eliminators pointing towards Saturn/Ixion. More and more, as we own our inner authority and power within to reclaim and heal our emotions and bodies, we are growing in our capacity to See the wholing interactions of the Divine Feminine energies at work. There is much to do but we are on our way. In fact, we are already there, but we must grow into and master these energies.


Planetary Movements: Retrogrades, Stations and Sign Changes

Our emotional bodies realign and recalibrate, moving towards Source, and on 4/2 Venus reenters Pisces, sign of Spiritual Wisdom, where she is most resourceful, until 4/15, when Venus stations direct at 26 Pisces 54, conjunct Chiron, energized and resourced by the new Mars/Sedna cycle. Our personal divine feminine connects with the universal energies of the eternal God-dess, raising our frequencies to allow us access to these new energies. That is a huge realignment! On 4/28 Venus moves back into Aries, stepping up with Quaoar and making choices with the Soul Star Chakra (N.Node); our newly upgraded emotional system is ready for the new thoughts that will eventually manifest after she meets with the Uranus/Eris-Haumea Light Bridge next month.


Saturn, our Inner Teacher and keeper of our inner authority, discipline and maturity, begins his own recalibration when he stations retrograde at 28 Sag on 4/6 for his yearly retrograde cycle, which will last until Aug. 25. During that time we have the opportunity to review who, or what, we might be giving our authority to, and reexamine our beliefs about what is true for us and which beliefs are old unconscious patterns we have been given. Saturn sits on the Galactic Center, the center of our galaxy from which everything comes; our very Source, and he will remain there all month and well into May. At the beginning of the retrograde Saturn forms a stepping stone with Venus and a great eliminator with Varuna; we can manifest a new level of Self-esteem by choosing to take response-ability for who we are at the deepest emotional level. In our hearts, from the highest perspective, we are realigning our social identities to fit who we are becoming.


After all the mental connections made in March, Mercury, newly entered into Taurus, gets another turn at reintegrating and upgrading the way we think and communicate when he goes retrograde for the second time this year on 4/9 at 5 Taurus, until 5/3. Prior to this he manifested with Quaoar, contacted the nodes, and made a great eliminator with Makemake; during the retrograde he repeats these aspects, completing them in May. All this activity serves the choice to open up to the upgrading of our mental operating system with the higher cosmic laws of authenticity, leadership and integrity, manifesting as new belief systems and new ways to communicate them. April 20 is midpoint of the retrograde cycle with a Sun/Mercury inferior conjunction; right after that Mercury reenters Aries, sparking a reboot of the conscious discipline of using the heart chakra to energize the mind. The Great Messenger manifests with Saturn (4/24) and Ixion (4/27), giving us the capacity to speak with purpose and authority; he conjoins Uranus 4/28, bringing in news that might be surprising or even revelatory. Stay tuned.


Right before Mercury changes signs on 4/20, Pluto the Great Rebirther stations retrograde at 19 Cap 23, where he will remain for the next few weeks. Pluto has been making a Power-full intersection with the Uranus/Eris-Haumea Light Bridge, forcing us to surrender our illusions and resistances, his alchemical energies slowly transforming us into the Light Beings we already are. We are here for this; we are more than ready.


There are other planetary movements as well. Varuna, 5D planet representing the impersonal all-seeing Eye of Universal Consciousness, goes direct on 4/10 at 28 Cancer, after 5 ½ months of traveling towards Source. We are learning to See how emotional power can be used to deepen our connection to the highest frequencies pulsating from the Universal Mind by allowing it to show us where we resonate with it; when we fall out of alignment our emotions guide us back.


Every month the Sun enters the sign of the hour on the Cosmic Consciousness Clock that corresponds to the numerological energies of the month, focusing our consciousness on that energy. On 4/19 (the 4th month of the year) the Sun enters Taurus, the 4 o’clock hour of Conscious Obedience to our inner guidance system through focusing on our values and practicing non-attachment to what is swirling around us. This focus is the grounding cord that stabilizes us and allows us to build the foundation from which we can access the higher Mind and be present with it; intuition then has a clear path of expression. Mercury manifests with his higher 5D octave, Quaoar, right before this ingress; hours later the Sun and Mercury meet in an inferior conjunction and the Sun manifests with Quaoar (4/20). April 21 the Sun manifests with the Soul Star Chakra and resources the Earth Star Chakra (Moon’s south node); it is no coincidence that he makes a great eliminator with Makemake on Earth Day, 4/22, the day set aside to highlight the choice to acknowledge and respect the laws of nature or face the consequences. We are serving our evolution and clearing ancient karma through our growing capacity for new thought regarding the higher cosmic laws, which now have access to our higher consciousness through our expanded mental operating system. How blessed we are to experience this, how sorely needed now.


Mars, the active, masculine expression and physical manifestation of the Divine Feminine enters Gemini on 4/21, disposed by the Source-moving mental energies of retrograde Mercury. Gemini is wisdom in action; here we are aware of our thoughts and the motivating force behind them, consciously choosing to serve by acting only from and with Love. When our minds are clear we can act from an open heart.


Ceres, newly energized by her communions with Mars and Sedna, enters Gemini 4/29, forming a wisdom (mutable) intersection with the Star Chakras (nodes) and a great eliminator with Quaoar at the same time (4/30). We now have the capacity to bring in new thought that will positively alter who we are and the world we live in.


New Cycles

The new cycles occurring this month are powerhouses; many take place between personal planets and higher order 5D (and beyond) archetypes. The 4/10 Mars-Ceres new cycle marks the first time in 2 years that the two planets have conjoined. We are due for a rebirth at the physical level, recalibrating all the crystalline energies, especially after the last Mars retrograde in 2016. The Sun/Eris (4/12) and Sun/Uranus (4/14) new cycles change our consciousness as the Light Bridge to awakening and wholeness is activated and energized, intersected, transmuted and purified with the energies of Pluto and Vesta. While our consciousness gets infused with new frequencies of awakening/revelations, we are expanded at the DNA level to receive and hold the energies of the re-membering of the Divine Feminine being implanted into our very cells. With each tiny remembrance we get that much closer to wholeness.  As if to bring this point home, the next day Venus communes with Chiron at her station, channeling these feminine energies through the heart for integration, alignment and mastery. The 4/18 Ceres/Sedna new cycle brings this re-membrance to a new level, birthing a new intuitive understanding at the core of our Being.


The Sun/Moon 4/26 new cycle (New Moon) in Taurus allows us to be present in our emotions, rooted in our heart chakra, bringing that Divine Feminine energy into Gaia her Self. Vesta conjoins Varuna for the 3rd time on 4/27, creating a new beginning to the cycle of purifying the emotions in order to See more clearly from the highest perspective.  Finally, on 4/28 Mercury, moving towards Source, has his 2nd meeting with Uranus, collecting more insights and information as he makes his way to their new cycle on 5/10. By then the world will be so different than it is now.


Lunar Matters

We live our lives in cycles great and small. Our consciousness (Sun) enters a new mansion (sign) every 30 days or so; it’s feminine counterpart, the Moon, circles the entire zodiac in that time, changing signs every 2-3 days. Where our very Light and life force is meant to shine on and express through a particular quality of consciousness for awhile, our emotional responsiveness is meant to be ever moving, flowing and changing; it is energy in motion after all. When it stagnates it engages the lower mind, creating all sorts of distortions and misqualified energies. Once a month the Moon meets up with her Spiritual co-ruler to seed that particular mansion of consciousness with new (feminine) energies. As she moves through the zodiac connecting with the other planets, her relationship to the Sun changes: these are the phases of the Moon. Although all phases are equally important, we note the stepping stones (squares) made by the Moon’s relationship to the Sun; these represent the cornerstones (pun intended) of each part of the Sun-Moon cycle. At each cornerstone, every 6-7 days, we take stock of where we are based on the location of all the planets. We see the development and flowering of the New Moon energies, when to initiate and when to release and prepare for the next cycle; this is the ebb and flow of spiritual energies in a microcosm of spiritual growth each month. The same pattern plays out amongst all the planets, personal and multi-dimensional, beginning with each new cycle; this is the basis of 5D Cosmic Consciousness and all astrology. Bringing awareness to this process lifts us up into the observer’s perch, broadening our perspective and making the higher energies available to us.


The current lunar cycle began with the Aries New Moon on 3/27, bringing the creative spark of Spirit into the higher Mind, manifesting into the physical. Aries is the beginning of life on Earth; spiritual potential is unlocked into love-based thought, which finds expression (manifestation) in the physical realm. The first quarter 90-degree stepping stone occurs on 4/3 with the Moon in her home sign at 14 Cancer, conjunct the 7D fixed star Sirius, etheric home of the ascended Masters, ready to assist us. We are inspired and ready to initiate action, but our emotions (fears) can lead us astray, creating doubt and hesitancy. If we give in to fear we lose the opportunity to grow. Now is the time to call on the Masters, apply conscious discipline to our thoughts, embrace our fears and move through them, trusting in the process by taking action. Doing so will increase our empowerment and allow the energies to flow; we will know the rightness of our actions by the emotional release we feel.


The potent 4/11 Full Moon in Libra at 21 Libra 32 marks the midpoint and pinnacle of the lunar cycle. This Sun-Moon opposition illuminates the Eris/Uranus-Jupiter/Haumea Light Bridge as it intersects the Pluto/Juno-Vesta/Varuna Light Bridge, reenergizing the Power Crossroad from which all these energies can be accessed. Our consciousness is about to be awakened with new cycles to Eris and Uranus; the Moon has connected with Source-moving Jupiter in the sign of the Mirrored Self, and is on her way to Haumea (and Spica and Arcturus). Our social identities are expanding and transmuting into the realization that there is no separation between Self and other. The more we think and act on these Love-based thoughts, the more this becomes our reality. We must remember that what we see in others is merely our own reflection and we can change it in a heartbeat.


The last quarter Moon occurs on 4/19, with the Lights at the master degree of their signs, 29 Aries and Capricorn. Now is the time where we prepare for the next cycle by evaluating what we have learned in this cycle, what was important that wasn’t addressed, what needs went unmet, letting go of old attachments or misqualified energies that may have come up. This is a transformational time in general, where we leave what no longer nourishes us, but at this point in this particular cycle both the Sun and Moon are preparing to move into new signs, changing consciousness. The Sun moves into Taurus and conjoins Mercury at the midpoint of his retrograde. We are now ready to access our inner guidance system through the mental body, dropping any emotional resistance that impedes this access, preparing our Selves for the new lunar cycle. Pluto, who begins to move towards Source the following day, assists us with this process, insisting we purge what no longer nourishes us.

A new cycle begins when the Sun and Moon conjoin at 6 Taurus 27 on 4/26. The masculine and feminine energies of the Lights co-mingle in the sign of Mental Love, where expression and receptivity come together in the place where we can become conscious of our emotions before acting upon them; this can only be done through Love Itself expressed as our inner guidance. Like the Tree of Life that Taurus represents, we ground our Selves by rooting our emotions in Love, as we open to, allow in, and express higher frequencies and possibilities.


With all the intense energies, April is a good month for grounding practices. This month we need to be present in our bodies and hearts, holding the space of Love as an oasis in a desert. The Taurus Master’s Affirmation is I AM Present; the Affirmation is I AM Guided from Within. It is a good time to practice yoga, mantra, meditation, prayers, breathing from the heart, focusing on the 3rd eye chakra, and other forms of grounding techniques. Self-nurturing through rest, proper nutrition, chakra clearing, time alone, etc. is vital now; it forms the foundation from which we strengthen our bodies, minds and spirits in order to hear and feel our inner guidance. We cannot support anyone else unless we ourselves are supported. Once heard, this guidance, from Source itself, comes through our higher minds into our hearts for us to act upon it. This is a good month to make space for our Higher Selves to speak to us, and to follow its advice.


Whatever good things we build end up building us. ~  Jim Rohn


Happy April Fools, Palm Sunday, Passover, Good Friday, Easter, Earth Day and Arbor Day.


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