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Shelly LealMonthly Aspects


For May, 2017:

Welcome to the 5th month of the year! After all the intense energies of April seeking stabilization and grounding, feeling very Saturnine, May brings energies of evolutionary growth, expansion, idealism, curiosity, progress, adaptability, freedom and movement. It is courageous, kind, and exhibits faith in action, wanting to learn through action; it feels very Jupiterian, yet with its vibration of movement, change, and transformation, it taps the energies of Mercury, archetype of our higher mind. Mercury and Jupiter are the dispositors of Gemini and Sagittarius, which form a polarity between knowledge and its application as wisdom. In Cosmic Consciousness, these Wisdom signs mark the place along the vertical axis where masculine and feminine energies meet: Gemini at the end of the mental quadrant in the masculine hemisphere, Sag at the end of the physical quadrant in the feminine hemisphere. Where these energies meet, ascension and transformation occurs.

May vibrates with the frequencies of the ‘5’, with its mindful connection to and expression of, the unity of nature. The ‘5’ is a Fibonacci number and appears in many configurations in nature: many fruit producing plants have 5-petaled flowers, which transform into fruits bearing seeds in a 5-pointed star or pentagonal formation, such as apples and pears. Starfish, sea urchins and sand dollars are examples of the physical expression of the ‘5’.

We have 5 senses, five fingers and toes on each hand and foot. There are five elements: earth, air, fire, water and ether, consciousness itself. There are also 5 platonic solids; the fifth, dodecahedron, is comprised of 12 faces (representing the zodiac), all made up of pentagons. The geometry of the ‘5’ teaches us about regeneration and evolutionary growth. If lines joining all 5 points are drawn, a pentagon (5 sided shape) appears in the center; joining these five points by adding diagonals creates another pentagram within. One can keep going forever drawing 5-star pentagrams within each other. This regenerative nature of the pentagram, created by the Phi or Golden Ratio, reflects the holographic nature of the Universe, where a small part of divine proportion is a model for a larger part, which is a model of the Whole. Each of us is a totally unique individual, yet we are made in the holographic image of the Universe, inseparable; by divine design we are each a note in the symphony of the cosmos.


In Cosmic Consciousness, Gemini represents the 5 o’clock mansion of Conscious Wisdom, where the higher mind unites with the heart, using Love as the motivation for every thought, word and action. When the mind is aligned with the heart our thoughts are deepened and elevated, allowing us to speak our Truth with love and compassion, and share our wisdom. It is here we consciously check our thoughts: when they are fear-based, or we become overwhelmed or anxious due to overthinking, we step back, center our Selves and activate our heart center, allowing our intuition to guide us to intelligent action. Through the faculties of open-hearted observation and intuition, without labeling, defining, or judging what comes to us, we raise our perspective above that of (trying to) comprehend to clear pure perception of our experiences. The divine qualities of Gemini consciousness include forgiveness, compassion, and intuition, which are only possible to experience when the higher mind is riding on the wings of the heart. Interestingly, Ceres and Mars are the only planets in Gemini this month until the Sun arrives on 5/1, when we focus our consciousness on this area. All month we are bringing new life to the ways we motivate, express and care for our Selves.


The Light Bridge to Unity Awareness

Haumea and Eris, the 5D planets that make up the Light Bridge, have been bridging (opposing) each other since 2014, and will continue until at least 2020, when Haumea moves closer to Taurus. The two feminine archetypes represent awakening to the slow realization that things cannot go on as they have (creating a need/desire for change which in turn causes disruption-Eris); and the consciousness of the unity that exists in all of creation, manifest and unmanifest, including the spaces between all parts, perceived or not, that make up the whole (Haumea). Like an earthquake, Eris works to dismantle structures that no longer sustain; Haumea shows how that structure is part of the whole, thus uncovering what can replace it to maintain the integrity and unity of Wholeness. We are awakening to realize that our prior conception of the divine masculine no longer fits in our lives as humans on planet Earth; this awakening is disruptive to the status quo and the systems that benefit from old ideas of divine masculine energies. This awakening leads to Unity and Wholeness as we are lifting up our consciousness to find the fragments of the divine feminine, bring them together and integrate them, and balance these energies with the newly aligned divine masculine. This process is and will continue to be aided by the energies of Uranus, the male Great Awakener, (whose sudden bursts of revelations and understanding lights up what needs to be seen), expansive and wise Jupiter, and other planets that connect with the Light Bridge. Pluto, now retrograde and moving towards Source, is currently in an intersection (T-square) with the Light Bridge and will remain at 19 Capricorn all month. These awakenings are alchemizing us at a deep level, challenging us to claim our power and see our part in the whole of things.


All month Ixion (and Saturn) resources Haumea, and both manifest (trine) with Uranus, exact on 5/7 (Ixion) and 5/19 (Saturn). We may come to realize that certain structures of our lives are too restrictive; owning this realization will show us where to make changes that allow us to be who we truly are. Varuna lends his energies in a stepping stone to Uranus all month, while Sedna continues her great eliminator (inconjunct) aspect with Haumea. Sudden awakenings and intuitive hits broaden our capacity to See from the highest, widest vantage point on the Light Bridge; as we stand tall in the energies of the Divine Feminine, we fulfill our promise to remember her and hold her energies for ourSelves and the planet.


May 1 finds Mercury retrograde smack in the middle between the Great Awakeners in Aries, where he stations direct on 5/3, one degree apart from Eris, without conjoining her. It takes Mercury until 5/10 to get to Uranus and begin the long-awaited new cycle that opens us up to new revelations, breakthroughs and awareness. We will know so much more by then. Mercury/Uranus brings revolutionary thought/insight/evolution; the energies of the divine masculine are getting electrified in preparation for the reconstitution of the divine feminine.  On 5/8 our emotions connect with unity consciousness when the Moon conjuncts Haumea and we get to experience emotional wholeness. The Sun enters this 5D Hi-Way with a great eliminator to Haumea 5/13 and intimate (semisextile) connections to Eris (5/13) and Uranus (5/16). By choosing to see the unity in everything we are becoming more comfortable with the disruptions and changes, as they are part of what is needed now. Mars and Venus, co-rulers of the divine feminine, make their own connections to this energetic Hi-way: Mars manifests with (trines) Haumea 5/24, resources (sextiles) Eris the next day, and resources Uranus 5/30. Venus bridges Haumea on 5/29, and forms a new cycle with Eris 5/30, thus connecting to both sides of the Light Bridge. Fortified with wisdom and unity consciousness, armed with right action, our hearts are ready to look within and see what is blocking us, what no longer sustains us, what can no longer be tolerated and needs to go, in order to be our best, complete, whole Selves. You can see the activation of this energy through the coming together of like-minded souls to act in unison, calling attention to long-held injustices. The divine feminine has found her voice, and will not be silenced and longer.


Planetary Movements: Shifts in Consciousness

Quaoar and Makemake: At the beginning of the month, Ceres (in Gemini), the Moon’s nodes (Virgo-Pisces), and Quaoar (Capricorn) all hold the purest energies of their signs at 0 degrees. Ceres forms an intersection with the nodes, aka the Star Chakras, the doorways into and out of this lifetime, where our souls have chosen to bring in gifts and work out lessons. This placement breathes new life into our chakra system, connecting it with Quaoar and the capacity for fresh new Source-based thought (right before the nodes move into new signs). It also connects with the Venus (Aries)-Makemake (Libra) Light Bridge, exact on 5/2 (same day as the 1st quarter Moon), clearing and opening us to think with the heart at the highest levels of cosmic law, which is Love is All there is.


Due to their slower orbits, the planets at the far reaches of the soular system and beyond anchor, deepen, and expand our experience, serving as multidimensional gatekeepers to the personal planets as they travel around the cosmos. For example, as he heads towards the Galactic Center, Quaoar, sitting at 0 Capricorn, continues to aspect every planet that enters a new sign, bringing the capacity for new thought and belief systems through mind/heart balance to that planet. On 5/1 there is a Venus/Quaoar stepping stone and Ceres/Quaoar eliminator, as well as Soul Star Chakra (manifestation) and Earth Star Chakra (resource) aspects. The heart leads the way, and when we follow her without question, we uplift our mental operating system to new heights. Talk about thinking with the heart: our hearts are being upgraded in preparation for Venus’s journey to the Light Bridge. The next planet to change signs and connect with Quaoar is Vesta (into Leo 5/3); Mercury enters Taurus on 5/16, manifesting the capacity for new thought arising from our inner guidance; and the Sun moves into Gemini 5/20, shining his Light on our beliefs, helping us make choices over which to eliminate. After those aspects, each of these personal planets makes connections to Makemake, on the Super Galactic Center at 2 Libra, representing the highest authority of Divine Law. Our hearts (Venus), minds (Mercury), conscious awareness (Sun), and even Ceres (nurturing, rebirthing energies) get to resonate with the natural and divine Laws of the Universe.


Planetary order:

Throughout the month Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Sun (and Moon) make aspects with Orcus (representing our immortality beyond the invisible realm), Neptune (enlightenment, lifting the veil of illusions), Jupiter (expansion, wisdom), Pluto (resurrection, metamorphosis), Haumea (unity, wholeness), Eris (disruption, slow awakening), Ixion (soul’s promise in this incarnation, soul purpose), Sedna (remembrance of the divine feminine, keeper of all knowledge), Uranus (revelations, sudden insight), Saturn (inner authority and Teacher), Chiron (alignment, wholing) and Varuna (all-encompassing vision of What Is)–in that order. And so we go from the capacity for new thought, ideas, and beliefs to the space of new perspectives, observations, and Knowing, creating new worlds and endless possibilities. For each of us, body, heart, mind and Spirit all cycle through these frequencies at their own pace, receiving, connecting, integrating, expanding, recognizing, creating, shifting, realigning, clearing, transforming, holding and expressing these energies in unique ways, forming wholistic interconnected patterns that are each a part of the fabric of the Universe and Source’s longing to Know Itself.



The Soul Star Chakra (N. Node) and the Earth Star Chakra (S. Node) move from the Virgo/Pisces axis into the Leo/Aquarius polarity on 5/9, where they will remain until Nov. 6, 2018. For the next 18 months our past (Earth Star chakra) and future (Soul Star chakra) Selves will negotiate the bridge between Emotional and Spiritual Love, learning to find those spaces where we do not love ourSelves unconditionally and eliminating our defenses so that we can see our blessings, and allow our Inner Light to shine for all to see. We will see themes that involve taking down old survival strategies and barriers to Self-Love through consciously directing our thoughts to a higher perspective through the heart chakra. This leads to finding the blessing in everything, even in events and situations that may seem harrowing and deeply uncomfortable. By maintaining a positive attitude, even if only inwardly, we will see the positive affect we have on others, and we will see it reflected into the world through the way others respond to us. For the rest of the month the Star Chakras connect with Varuna, giving us the choice to make use of the highest vantage point we can reach and getting comfortable with it, using it to see where our emotional beliefs need reworking. They also connect with Chiron, making us aware of where we are fearful (misaligned) and helping us see the blessing in that, so that we can work on mastering (realigning) ourSelves. By the end of the month the Soul Star Chakra will form a Grand Manifestation involving the Light Bridge (on the Uranus/Eris side) and the conjoined energies of Saturn/Ixion. This configuration, containing energies that involve awakening to our strength, inner authority, authenticity, and collective life purpose will lead to collective evolutionary growth and expansion; it will continue all summer and into the fall.


Juno: May 10 is loaded with cosmic planetary changes: the Mercury/Uranus new cycle and the Scorpio Full Moon (more about them below). It is also when Juno goes retrograde at 18 Capricorn; although she is 1 degree from retrograde Pluto she does not conjoin him. Juno represents our awareness of unity consciousness that I Am You and You Are Me. We see ourSelves in another. We are due for a rebirthing of these energies; both planets are moving toward Source and will not have their new cycle until Nov. 11 at the 11:11 stargate.


Mars goes out of bounds on 5/14 until June 29; during this time he will transit through Gemini and Cancer. An out-of-bounds planet is in a higher dimension and takes our consciousness to uncharted territory. When Mars begins this journey he manifests with Jupiter, steps up with Neptune, and resources Pallas. We expand in our capacity to receive higher Love and wisdom through our bodies; we become more finely calibrated human tuning forks, able to receive Neptune’s illumination, with the wisdom to discern Truth from illusion, in our very bones. We express this in the world through Love in action, using our emotional body as a barometer to keep us on course.


Venus, newly entered into Aries at the beginning of the month, ends her shadow period on 5/18 when she reaches 13 Aries, bringing new heart-felt insights to previously covered ground. She will connect with Makemake (5/2) and Orcus (5/10) before she gets there, elevating and upgrading the heart with the energies of the Divine Law of Love, which can take us beyond the invisible realm if we choose. Immediately following the recovery of her shadow Venus bridges Jupiter, expanding and bringing these energies of Love to the social level. On 5/25, the same day as the New Moon, Venus steps up with Pluto (R), taking these higher energies and resurrecting them in a new orientation, preparing her for connection to the Light Bridge.


New Cycles

Every month new cycles are formed when 2 planets come together, creating a new beginning that energizes the vibrations of the planets involved. Aside from the renewal of each monthly Sun/Moon cycle that recalibrates our spiritual consciousness, May’s new cycles involve mind/heart interactions with the Light Bridge, energizing and upgrading the divine masculine and feminine energies.


On 5/10, Mercury and Uranus meet for the 3rd time, creating a new cycle between the Great Messenger and the Great Awakener, bringing new information to our higher minds for integration and communication, energized and infused with the spark of higher insight and revelation. Uranus is Mercury’s higher octave; like a flash of light borne of mind/heart integration, he illuminates the dark corners of our minds to reveal what we have forgotten or didn’t want to see; once seen, this awareness can never be taken from us and it raises our consciousness to a higher level through our mental operating system. This new cycle is part of a stellium that includes Chiron, Venus, Pallas and Eris, integrating Love, wisdom and mastery into our conscious discipline of bringing Spirit to our higher mind. Saturn/Ixion manifest a structure that brings these higher energies to our Inner Teacher to use with our higher purpose.


Every year around the middle of May, there is a new cycle between the Sun and Sedna. It has always occurred, but now we are aware of it, and it will begin to occur later in the month every year as Sedna progresses towards Gemini. Sun/Sedna cycles bring our awareness to the remembrance of the Divine Feminine, and this year’s conjunction, on 5/16, has Ceres in tow. With this new cycle’s great eliminator to Saturn/Ixion, not only are we birthing a new awareness and understanding of the Divine Feminine, we are given the choice to step into our authority and be empowered by it.


Venus and Pallas create a new cycle of Love and wisdom (and the wisdom that emanates from Love) on 5/26. Pluto adds his alchemical energies that can transform our hearts into vehicles for discernment of what is True for us at the heart level when we step up to it. A wise heart Knows what sustains and nurtures it.


Venus is now on the Light Bridge, bridging Haumea before meeting up with Eris on 5/30. Our resurrected hearts are infused with the energies of wholeness; the heart expands to include and permeate all parts of ourSelves, our relationships, our environment, including the spaces in between. When Love is everywhere there is no “elsewhere”, we are Here, we are Home. If we can know this, feel it deep in our hearts, the Venus/Eris new cycle can bring it into our consciousness where it can be expressed in our thoughts, actions, our very Being. Venus/Eris shows us where in our hearts the blocks of old conditioning/strategies/beliefs and other barriers to wholeness lie, allowing us to begin the work of removing them.


Lunar Matters

Following the potent April 26 Taurus New Moon, the 1st quarter Moon occurs on May 2 at 13 Taurus/Leo. Whatever seeds of consciousness were planted at the New Moon, it is time to take action to nurture them, tending to the garden of our souls, bodies, minds and hearts. We are clearing away the debris of our old systems, grateful for the service they provided. Neptune’s resourceful energies provide clarity for this clearing.


As mentioned before, 5/10 is a powerful day, not the least of which includes the Scorpio Full Moon at 20 Taurus/Scorpio. This is the culmination of our conscious obedience to our inner guidance; we see the fruits of our labors reflected in what was envisioned at the New Moon. Pluto, the Moon’s dispostitor, manifests with the Sun and resources the Moon along with Juno; creating more space for unity consciousness to arise.


The Last Quarter moon gives us a chance to apply what we’ve learned throughout this cycle, retaining the kernels of Truth that resonate within our minds and hearts. This month’s ¾ Moon occurs on 5/18 at 28 Taurus /Aquarius with the Sun forming an intersection with the Moon’s nodes, and the Moon conjoining the Earth Star Chakra. Now is the time to apply unconditional Self-Love to old karmic wounds, tilling the soil of the soul in preparation for the new cycle of mind/heart integration.


The Gemini New Moon occurs on May 25 at 5 Gemini, creating a new cycle of conscious wisdom. It is here that we love with the mind, applying forgiveness and compassion when mental chatter and too much external stimulation and distraction overwhelm us. We consciously align with our hearts, allowing it to soothe and balance us, allowing us to reflect the brilliance of our die-mond mind rather than dispersing our mental energies indiscriminately. Through this mind/heart balance we can feel our Truth, expressing it as Love in action in everything we do.



The practice for this month is to see the wholeness/connectedness in every event, situation, relationship, and interaction; and to see how we fit in and play our part within the Whole. We are all facets of the jewel of Creation, each adding our love, knowledge, energies and experience. Love is the glue that holds seemingly disparate thoughts, emotions, actions, manifestations, ideas, and physicality together. Similarly, lower monkey mind is just a jumble of thoughts without the heart (Love) to center and elevate it to the Silence of the higher Mind, allowing Truth in action to emerge. This is a good month to center within the heart before any communication and action, knowing that whatever we think and do, it is connected to the rest of humanity.


Happy May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Ascension Day, Ramadan, Memorial Day and Shavuot. And especially, Happy Mother’s Day. Let us honor our mothers, Mother Earth, and the Great Mother by sending/Being Love.


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