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For June 2017:

Welcome to the month of June, the 6th month and midpoint of the year, bringing us the fullness of its potential. It bridges (opposes) December, the 12th month. There are 12 signs (qualities of consciousness), and in Cosmic Consciousness, 12 hours or mansions; each is a reflection of its opposite, creating 6 bridges, which allows us to walk between 2 polarities, integrating and balancing their energies, creating harmonic resonance between them, resulting in unified consciousness. In sacred geometry 6 lines form a hexagon; its internal structure consists of two equilateral triangles: one pointing up to the heavens, the other pointing down to the earth. Thus formed, the 6-pointed Star of David represents the uniting of heaven and earth, spirit and matter, the stars in the sky reflecting the atoms that comprise physicality, symbolizing the axiom As Above, So Below.  Astrologically, the Star of David is comprised of 2 Grand Manifestations (trines) that form a ring of sextiles, resourcing all the energies in a balanced way, with a Mystic Rectangle in the center. Such a planetary picture represents various energies working together in balanced, harmonious ways, manifesting something powerful into the world.

The 6-pointed Star of David lies at the center of the heart chakra which lies at the center of the chakra system, the balance point of unconditional Love which springs forth from the very fabric of the universe, across all dimensions, time and space; the fulcrum upon which all Reality rests. In Sanskrit it is called Anahata, the unstruck soundless sound of the balanced heart. An open, balanced heart at rest is cleared of all past hurts and future anxieties. Here we find unconditional Love, compassion, forgiveness and peace.
In numerology, the energies of the 6 relate to connection, reconciliation, union, love, perfection, combining intellect with imagination and intuition, balance in all things, nurturing, healing, peacefulness, harmony, providing service, deep inner knowing, truth, emotional depth. In Tarot, this resonates with the Lovers, with its unification of opposites, balance of giving and receiving Love, and serving and nurturing each other within the relationship.
In Cosmic Consciousness, the 6 o’clock hour represents emotional power, where the masculine mental quadrant comes together with the feminine emotional quadrant at the core of our being along the vertical axis, reflecting the physical and spiritual realms. Balancing mind and heart at the Cancer Portal of Truth allows us to ascend to a new level of unified Source consciousness. It is here that we add depth of emotion arising from the heart center to our mental operating system; when we allow these energies freedom to rise up and mingle with our higher Mind, we create space for an authentic, heartfelt response instead of a shallow reaction from the ego. We think with the heart, making the unconscious conscious, bringing it into awareness; we See with Love’s eyes.

Planetary Geometry with 2 Light Bridges!

The June 1 chart features a Fire Grand Manifestation (Trine) between Venus/Uranus, Soul Star Chakra (N. Node) and Saturn/Ixion, interacting with an Air Grand Manifestation consisting of Mars, Haumea, and the Earth Star Chakra (S. Node).  All month manifestations of Spirit (fire) and Mind (air) interact with each other, as the 4 lower bodies (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) and various parts of the divine feminine (Ceres, Pallas, Eris, Vesta) make their aspects. The Haumea-Eris/Uranus Light Bridge resources the Saturn/Ixion Light Bridge when the Sun, Mercury and Ceres move in to complete it, forming a Mystic Rectangle that magnetizes, amplifies and expands the higher frequencies, propelling us forward on our evolutionary journey. The Chiron/Varuna manifestation occurring all month provides mastery of our highest perspective with which to observe what we are creating from the depths of our hearts, at the moment we create it.
The Fire Grand Manifestation combines both Light Bridges with the Soul Star Chakra; the heart gets imbued with these transformative energies when Venus joins them on 6/1. Pallas adds her wisdom on 6/6 resonating with Eris, creating new cycles with the Great Awakeners. The Moon runs by the Aries planets on 6/19; feminine energies continue to be awakened and recalibrated through this Light Bridge. June 1 finds Mars activating the Saturn/Ixion Light Bridge; Quaoar begins to resonate with it when he retrogrades back into Sagittarius on 6/6. The Moon accesses Saturn/Ixion just after the Full Moon on 6/9, while the Sun (6/15), Mercury (6/18) and Ceres (6/25) bridge (oppose) them.
Meanwhile the Air Grand Manifestation created by Mars, Haumea and the Earth Star Chakra at the beginning of June grows to include the Moon in Libra (6/4) and the rulers of the Divine Masculine (Sun and Mercury) as well as Ceres, as all move through Gemini. This manifestation lasts as long as Ceres anchors it, well into July, creating a Star of David resulting from the interplay of Grand Trines. We have always been whole, but have only just become aware of it; we are ready to clear away old karmic debris as we birth ourSelves anew.
Summer Solstice
In the Northern Hemisphere we begin each year at the Winter Solstice, preparing for the year to come, as the days get longer. On 6/21, at 12:25 AM the Sun enters Cancer, heralding the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year, the culmination of whatever themes presented themselves to us individually and collectively in December. If one were to look at the charts for both the Winter and Summer Solstices together, one could see that Venus has moved from 15 Aquarius to 15 Taurus in 6 months, including her retrograde and connections to the Awakening/Wholing Aries-Libra Light Bridge, bringing us from Divine Love to conscious obedience to that Love; from removing obstacles to the Love that lives within us to tuning in and trusting Its guidance. Mars has moved from the beginning of Pisces to the 2nd decanate of Cancer, from mastery over our lower Selves through actions congruent with our beliefs, to the inner harmony thus created. When we listen to the wisdom of the body, allowing emotions a clear path to expression, the energies released create a direct channel to the heart at the core of our being, where we are safe in its care. And Ceres has moved from 21 Aries to 21 Gemini, assisting us in bringing the energies of Christ Consciousness into our higher Mind where it connects and aligns with the heart, putting Love into action.  Beginning with Mars, all lower body planets have crossed the Aries-Libra Light Bridge, and all have manifested with the Saturn/Ixion Sag Light Bridge. We have come so far since December, and the pace shows no sign of slowing down.
At the Solstice, the Sagittarius planets of the Light Bridge – Saturn, Ixion, and Quaoar (with Black Moon Lilith thrown in) – form the apex of a Grand Manifestation with Eris/Uranus/Pallas Athena and the Soul Star Chakra. The Sun and Mercury are about to make a superior conjunction, or new cycle, in Cancer, creating a new calibration of the Higher Mind at the core of our Being with our consciousness; together with Ceres, they tap the energies of the Sag Light Bridge, forming a kite that will raise our frequencies, taking us to new levels of awareness on our evolutionary path. At the same time, Ceres anchors the downward pointing Grand Manifestation with Haumea and the Earth Star Chakra. The chaos of the 3D movie that surrounds us is a part of the whole that has come up for clearing even as we are propelled forward by the evolutionary flow of Life. We cannot build on what is dissolving; we must let all attachments go with great Love and compassion and begin anew. The Solstice chart has not one, but two Mystic Rectangles: one created by Eris (Uranus/Pallas), Ceres (Mercury and the Sun), Haumea, and Saturn/Ixion (Quaoar too), and another involving the Moon’s Nodes, Eris (et al) and Haumea. Disruption and unity consciousness are part of the energies that actually provide a grounding stability as we learn to navigate the shifting tides between them, planting ourSelves firmly at the center of the Light Bridges, observing with detached compassion. Chiron, forming an intersection with the Sag/Gemini Light Bridge, reminds us that we are bringing in a new world through the work we do on ourSelves, mastering our fears, clearing old, painful karmic debris. Our devotion (Vesta) to seeing the blessing in every situation will affect the way we respond (Moon) to each situation, manifesting as our own rebirth (Pluto) into new Being. This promises to be a summer of amazing, intense, but very positive energies.

Planetary Movements: Stations, Sign Changes, and New Cycles

Mars has been out of bounds since 5/14, taking our physicality to unprecedented new levels of multidimensionality, especially while Mars occupies Gemini until 6/4, when he enters Cancer and completes the potent Light Bridge with Quaoar. In 3D we can re-act emotionally, but in 5D we listen for the messages percolating in our bodies from trapped emotions that reveal blind spots emanating from limited beliefs and outdated survival strategies. Fed by the spring of new thought we are informed by our emotions as they move through us, becoming lighter and clearer in the process. We heal ourSelves awake. Mars stays out of bounds until 6/29, just after his new cycle with Mercury (who is on his own out-of-bounds journey) on 6/28. The mind-body connection is thus strengthened, upgraded and recalibrated in unprecedented ways.
On 6/4, right after Mars changes consciousness, Mercury, the innermost planet of our Soular System, begins a new cycle with Sedna, the outermost planet, at 26 Taurus. The wisdom of the Divine Feminine lies in being receptive, deliberate and allowing from within, rather than acting from without. This new cycle in the sign of Mental Love aligns the higher Mind with the deep intuition and Knowing of the Divine Feminine, bringing in new information and communication from the heart of the Great Mother. We let all attachments to people, places, ideas and outcomes go, enabling us to hear the true intuitive voice of the heart and be moved by it.
June 5 is another huge day, when Saturn and Ixion, both retrograde, conjoin at 1:11 PM, solidifying the structure of our inner authority and purpose as they move towards Source.  How blessed we are to be present for this karmic clearing and renovation of our very purpose in creating this new world together. (Saturn and Ixion dance together all summer and fall, coming together for a new cycle on 10/29.) Later that day, in the exact midpoint of Gemini, we plant the seeds of rebirthing our consciousness when the Sun and Ceres form a new cycle, expanded by Jupiter and enlightened by Neptune. When we trust the process, there is no telling how far we can expand our consciousness.
Venus, dispostitor of Taurus, fresh off her connections with the Saturn/Ixion Light Bridge and new cycle with Uranus, enters her home sign on 6/6, manifesting with Quaoar at the exact same time, opening new spaces in our hearts where Love can inhabit. Everything at the heart level is brand new. A few hours later on 6/6 Mercury enters his own home sign and Pallas Athena, holding the energies of divine feminine wisdom of the Ages, begins a new cycle with Eris as she connects to the Aries Light Bridge. Wisdom and awakening begin a new reciprocal relationship. Do you feel the quickening energies of the mind? Mercury in his own sign creates multidimensional movement; it is imperative that we stay in the frequencies of the higher Mind and not go into fear or overwhelm, remembering to breathe and consciously come from the heart before communicating. That is putting Love into action. On this day, the rulers of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, mind and heart, are dignified and strengthened in the energies of their own signs, creating a perfect balance. The mind functions best with the intuitive input of the heart.
As you may have noticed, major astrological events seem to come in bunches. On 6/9, just after the Sagittarius Full Moon, Jupiter, dispostitor of this lunation, stations direct at 13 Jupiter 12 after being retrograde since 2/6 conjunct Haumea. With the advent of the 2 Light Bridges, our lower bodies are being stretched and recalibrated, made ready to receive Jupiter’s expanded energies as he makes his way back to the Haumea Light Bridge in September. Jupiter’s station resources (sextiles) Vesta and also Black Moon Lilith, steps up with (squares) Juno (and Pluto), and forms a great eliminator (inconjunct) with Neptune, continuing and expanding our growing social awareness of the divine feminine as it transforms our lives. The involvement of the Lights (Sun and Moon) conjunct Ceres and involving both Light Bridges reflects the huge manifestations we are birthing out of the ashes of the old order.
Traveling retrograde since the beginning of the year, Makemake goes direct at 1 Libra 51, on the Super Galactic Center, bridging Chiron, squaring Varuna and resourcing Quaoar, on 6/15. We can now begin to work towards mastery of these huge multidimensional energies that are bringing in new visions and new perspectives; it is part and parcel of the Divine Order of things. Veils have lifted; more and more we can See the bigger picture. Timing is everything, and now is the time to go within and reflect on the unlimited possibilities that are available to us and find our Truth in it all as Neptune stations retrograde, touched by the Moon, on 6/16 at 14 Pisces for the next 5 months (until 11/22). We tap the unlimited Ocean within; learning to feel its rhythms and ride its waves, while practicing detachment from the reflection of divinely ordered chaos.
The Mercury/Ceres new cycle on 6/16 occurs just as the Moon resources Pluto; at the personal level our mental operating systems resurrect out of the old as our emotional responses get a rebirth of their own, transforming both our unconscious and super-consciousness, opening new channels of communication. After all this activity, Mercury heads beyond the ecliptic, out of bounds for the rest of the month, taking our mental operating systems to new levels, deepening and expanding our capacity for knowing and communicating our Truth. Mars is still out of bounds at this time, and the Sun is coming to its highest point on the ecliptic; the Mercury/Ceres new cycle is preparing us for the unprecedented burst of new conscious-ness to come that will altar us physically as well. Get ready, and pay attention to your dreams; it is all divinely perfect. Mercury stays out of bounds in Gemini until 6/21, when he shifts into Cancer consciousness. Like Mars, his journey will unite divine masculine mental wisdom with divine feminine emotional power, entwining mind and heart for balancing and reflection of Source energies.
On 6/19 the fragment of our consciousness holding divine feminine wisdom gets a jolt of new awakening when Pallas continues her connection with the Aries Light Bridge with a new cycle with Uranus. She activates her connections with the other Light Bridge when she and Quaoar manifest on 6/25; she then enters Taurus on 6/26, grounding herself in the new energies.
June 21 proves to be a busy day for the co-rulers of the Divine Masculine. The Sun enters Cancer consciousness, shining his Light on who we are emotionally, untying our emotional knots. The Great Messenger prepares to leave Gemini with a bridge to his 5D octave, Quaoar, for re-mastering of mental capacities, and enters Cancer, the domain of the heart, before his new cycle with the Sun. The co-creators of the spiritual body are now in the realm of the divine feminine, along with Mars, co-ruler (with Venus) of the divine feminine. Mercury and Mars rebalance mind and body at the emotional level when they conjoin in a new cycle at 16 Cancer on 6/28.

Lunar Matters

The 1st quarter of any cycle represents the stepping up of energies, resulting in creative action. The 1st Quarter Moon at 11 Gemini/Virgo at the very beginning of the month involves the energies of Ceres, Orcus, Jupiter and Neptune. Ceres is prominent all month, nurturing our consciousness and bringing it in line with the greater wisdom and enlightenment on tap, enabling us to respond to events or changing conditions with clarity and discernment while attuning to more subtle guiding energies.
On 6/9, the co-rulers of our spiritual bodies come together as opposites, the Gemini Sun shining consciousness on the Sagittarius Full Moon; the Moon reflecting the Sun’s Light while moving the e-motions below and bringing them up for clearing. Again Ceres is prominent, having completed a new cycle with the Sun on 6/5, nurturing and guiding our consciousness towards unity. Mercury and Jupiter, dispositors of this Full Moon, are headed for a manifestation (6/27) and Mercury steps up with Orcus 6/10. It’s no coincidence that Jupiter stands powerfully still at this lunation, preparing to resume direct motion in Libra. As we surrender obstacles to our own Self-empowerment we will grow in our capacity to mirror for others the wisdom of the Truth we have found within ourSelves.
The ¾ Moon, closing out the Gemini New Moon cycle of 5/25, occurs on 6/17, just after all the activity of the previous 2 days. The Sun resources the Soul Star Chakra, and manifests with the Earth Star Chakra, reminding us that we are unlimited, multifaceted beings. The Moon conjoins Chiron, bringing mastery and healing at our fingertips; our fears are ready to be faced and dissolved, ensuring that we are physically, emotionally and mentally clear and evolved for the expression and manifestation of our greatest potential.
A new Sun/Moon cycle begins on 6/23 with the Lights in the Moon’s own sign in early Cancer. New seeds are planted around nurturing, sustaining, and thinking from our hearts; from doing to Be-ing; tapping the unlimited supply of Love that flows like an underground river from deep within and allowing it to loosen our emotional knots, clearing out debris, freeing our hearts to express the joy of who we really Are. Not coincidentally, the last aspect the Moon makes before the New Moon is with—you guessed it—Ceres, once again assisting us through the birth of this new beginning, while she holds her end of the Light Bridge with Saturn/Ixion. Mercury is conjunct this lunation; in fact, all the lower body planets are in Cancer except Venus, who is on her own transformative journey, stepping up with Pluto. Following our intuitive guidance, inner harmony is available to us on all levels.
Interestingly, on the last day of June there is another 1st Quarter Moon at 9 Cancer/Libra, just hours before the month of July begins. The Sun resources Orcus; the Moon conjuncts Jupiter, squares Juno, and makes choices with Neptune. Chiron is stationing retrograde, Venus is about to create a new cycle with Sedna. We are poised to act upon the prompting of our hearts, trusting the process, ready to welcome the energies of the new month and open to what it brings.
Throughout June the two major Light Bridges are simultaneously dismantling and restructuring our hearts, minds, emotions, bodies, and the world (and beyond) as we know it, propelling us forward and raising our frequencies as we learn to navigate the huge energies with grace and equanimity. We have no choice but to go forward, resistance only causes suffering and pain. We are on the ride of our lives, and yet the Star of David (aka Seal of Solomon) and resultant Mystic Rectangles ensure that despite how it feels, or what it looks like, the energies that are moving us are divinely Perfect. We are birthing new consciousness, and birth is never easy; all we can do is trust the process, allow it to proceed unhampered, and stay centered. The practice for this month, adapted from Gregg Braden’s book Resilience from the Heart, is to spend a few minutes each day focusing on your heart area, breathing a little more slowly than normal, as if your breath is coming from your heart. On inhale you might want to think, “Here I AM”, and on exhale, “I AM safe”. Then create the feeling of deep appreciation of someone or something you love, noting how your body feels, with no thought or re-action. Sustain that feeling for a few minutes, breathing normally. This is especially useful in cases of overwhelm and intensity. The Star of David reminds us to stay within our heart chakras, where all questions dissolve and all answers are found.
“Remember the emphasis of the heart. The mind lives in doubt and the heart lives in trust. When you trust, suddenly you become centered.”    ~Osho 
“Love is the bridge between you and everything.” ~ Rumi
Happy World Oceans Day, Flag Day, June 10th, Summer Solstice, and especially, Happy Father’s Day. Let’s honor our fathers, the men in our lives, and the Divine Masculine in each of us by acting with courage, wisdom, and compassionate mindfulness in everything we do.

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