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October, 2017

Welcome to the tenth month of the year, October, month of alchemy and transformation. We are preparing for the shift inward, gathering and sharing what we have grown and learned over the year so far. In Cosmic Consciousness, the 10 o’clock hour is represented by Scorpio, sign of Physical Love, where we bring our focus to our higher consciousness and visualize our world from there. As we envision what we want to create from that highest perspective, we manifest it into being. As the Divine Feminine gains power, it is vitally important to take responsibility for what we envision from our deepest heart’s desire and allow it its full expression, knowing full well we have no idea how it will manifest. It is time to accept the fact that we are co-creators of the world we live in. As creators we must search our hearts for the Truth that lives there, and allow it to come forth. The Truth is we are One with Source, there is no other. We are Unity ItSelf, undivided, whole and limitless.

The circle, the endless end and the beginningless beginning, represents this unity; it is pregnant with possibilities. According to Rosalind Pape, “the energy of the 1 and the zero, or the seed and the egg is expressed in the form known as the Monad, a circle with a point at the center. The Monad is the womb of vibration from which the language of number and form flow. The Monad represents the energy that caused the beginning to begin.” We are each the seed of the Divine’s longing to know ItSelf. It is no coincidence that Haumea, the 5D planet representing wholeness and unity consciousness, is egg-shaped. We access this unity consciousness from the unlimited Love each of us carries within our hearts; out of this unity we set our intentions of the Highest Vision for the good of All.


Our task is to call on Source as a re-source to keep our hearts open and pure; this inner Light transforms us from within, en-Lighten-ing and freeing us to become conduits for Source to act through us. We become aware of our interdependence and connection to one another, and are thus able to co-create from a pure mind/heart space for the good of All, reclaiming our power as physical expressions of the Divine Source.


In the Motherpeace Tarot, the 10 Major Arcana is the Wheel of Fortune, whose energies, according to Karen Vogel, lifts us out of our accustomed life and drops us somewhere new, transporting the energies of our lives out of everyday reality into a new horizon. We can choose to allow this movement fearlessly and openheartedly or we can resist or hesitate, letting the lower mind slow us down, but it is always a choice. Allowing creates alignment with the frequencies of the River of Life, which aims to transform us in accordance with what our higher Selves and Source have already created. It will flow regardless; we might as well consciously align our higher intentions with it and watch them manifest into being.

Planetary Patterns and Energies of the Month

As a month of beginnings, October brings a preview of what is to come in 2018, its energies more oriented towards the future. This is a good month to pay attention to what comes into your life, as the themes you find will play a large part of next year’s energies. Remember that what comes into your life now is the manifestation of prior thoughts and intentions; we are that powerful.
The month opens with 3 planets in Virgo: Mars and Venus have begun new cycles with Orcus, Master of the Invisible Realm; the rulers of the physical and emotional realms of the divine feminine within each of us, aligning with the energies of the Divine Mother, now have the capacity to take our hearts and bodies beyond the limits of the physical. They create their own new cycle on 10/5, when Venus overtakes Mars, leaving the physical realm the last to complete the lower body calibrations as they both head into Libra later in the month. Meanwhile, there are 6 archetypes, including two 5D planets, already in the Libran quality of consciousness: Mercury, Makemake, Vesta, the Sun, Haumea, and Jupiter, all reflecting back to us parts of ourSelves. Unity consciousness, informed by the Cosmic Law of One Love, is expanded, purified and upgraded. By month’s end, Mercury and the Sun, divine masculine rulers of the higher mind and our own life force, together with Jupiter, take residence in Scorpio, bringing us the opportunity to transmute our thoughts, actions, and newly emerging social consciousness based on what we were shown in Libra’s mirror.
Chiron and Sedna have been in a resourceful aspect for well over a year, bringing healing and wholing to the re-membrance (coming together of the parts) of the divine feminine.  Chiron is the dispositor of Virgo, representing purity, wholeness, and alignment, the birthing of Christed energies. As we heal and whole the divine feminine, we raise our frequencies and capacity to discern its place within the Unity of All. Chiron and Sedna point with a Finger of God (FoG) to Haumea, with Uranus and Eris at her opposite point; we must choose the perspective that we are all One, over and over, and as we do, we continue to awaken to higher frequencies. This process has been going on for quite awhile and continues well into 2018. In October, both Mercury (10/13) and the Sun (10/17) make new cycles with Haumea, becoming part of this Finger of God, bringing the divine masculine (spirit and higher mind) in line with this integration.
Another long-standing FoG involves Haumea in a resource (sextile) with Ixion with Saturn joining in. They create great eliminators (inconjuncts) to Sedna, underscoring our collective purpose on this planet in this lifetime to re-member the divine feminine as part of our larger purpose of unifying our consciousness. This month, Jupiter and Quaoar lend their energies; we are ready to expand this re-membering with new perspectives borne of our changing social consciousness.  Our mental operating systems and personal awareness merge in new cycles with unity consciousness, and we get a new beginning in wholing ourSelves and Gaia with a New Moon in Libra that directly connects with this Finger of God. How wonderful to know that our very existence holds the space for the unification of the Divine Feminine.
Neptune and Pallas, representing enlightened clarity and feminine wisdom of intuitive Knowing have been in resource for weeks, with great eliminators formed by any planets reaching 10-14° Libra. Once again we get to choose to apply the wisdom and clarity of unlimited potential to our consciousness, minds, hearts, and values as the Sun, Mercury, Vesta and Venus make their way through this part of Libra throughout the month.
In addition to these huge evolutionary energies, the Grand Fire Manifestation (Trine) of Eris in Aries, Soul Star Chakra (dharmic North Node) in Leo and Saturn/Ixion in Sagittarius continues till the end of the month, as the Soul Star moves away. We have already manifested the awakenings necessary to steer us towards our evolution, as we redefine our purpose through reclaiming our inner authority to act with integrity in all ways.  With each action we clear ancient karma and bring ourSelves closer to the wholeness that we Are.
In this month of Physical Love, Mars sets the stage with a manifestation with Pluto 10/1; we are due for transmutation on the physical level. We must align ourSelves with Source and pay attention to the proper use of power in our thoughts and actions in order to create what we truly want. Venus bridges Neptune and manifests with Pallas bringing clarity, unlimited potential, higher Love and wisdom to the heart. Thus calibrated, she is ready to connect with Pluto for a deeper resurrection at the heart level. This is especially fitting now as Jupiter moves into Scorpio, the sign disposed by Pluto, for the first time in 12 years.


Jupiter Enters Scorpio

Jupiter represents the part of us that is the Truth Seeker. Jupiter is wise, optimistic, expansive, aware, abundant and benevolent, seeking growth in an outward expression. It is the largest planet in our Soular System, and its effects always make themselves known. Where Jupiter is, that’s where our consciousness expands. Along with Saturn, Jupiter is one of the social planets, teaching us to expand our experience of ourSelves with explorations of and interactions with others. Jupiter imparts the courage to go beyond one’s limits, providing the impetus to engage and create in collaboration with others. He directs us to seek wisdom and Truth through educational, cultural and spiritual pursuits as we interact with the outside world.


It takes Jupiter about a year to move into another sign, and 12 years to move around the zodiac. The last time Jupiter entered Scorpio was 10/26/2005. What was your experience then? In the Cosmic Conscious system, the Cosmic Clock is based on the 12-year cycle, with each hour or mansion representing a year of one’s life. Now that Jupiter has finished his time in the Libra mansion, or quality of consciousness, where every interaction expanded our understanding of ourSelves, his entry into Scorpio brings major change to our collective social consciousness.
Scorpio is a metaphysical sign. It sees deeply and has the capacity to take us deeply within. A crater lake looks smooth on the surface; it takes stillness of heart and mind to reveal the depths below (or within). Scorpio provides the vision necessary to see beyond the physical, to get inside one’s soul and see what’s there, bringing up any shadows to be cleared in the light of Love. Many are uncomfortable with Scorpio’s intensity; it is relentless in its quest to effect transformation. Where Libra seeks balance between polarities (dark/Light, masculine/ feminine, inner/outer, self/other, etc.) Scorpio seeks to purify and transmute them, regenerating them anew. When something has finished its purpose, it dissolves, falls apart, or gets removed in preparation for resurrection at a higher frequency. There is no death, only transformation. Scorpio demands honesty and clarity of vision, revealing our Light and our shadow by what we manifest. Shadows must be embraced and Loved into Light; Scorpio provides us the opportunity to bring Love’s alchemical power to bear through the mechanism of physical love, consciously envisioning the world we want to create, and then surrendering to that vision.
Jupiter enters Scorpio on 10/10, cosmically perfect (you can’t make this up!) in this month of new beginnings amplified by Love and Light; he will remain there until 11/2018, moving back and forth within the sign. The next year will be filled with intense transformation of consciousness, especially consciousness of Self in relation to the world. As cherished but outdated ineffectual beliefs are shown to be illusions, they will fall away or be forcibly removed in the evolutionary push towards Truth and evolution. We are called to hold the strength of Love and actively wield it as a sword into every action, interaction, word and thought. We are called to go deep within our hearts, keep it open and pure, and trust in its wisdom. As Jupiter enters Scorpio, Venus will be in a perfect bridge with Chiron; we have the capacity to heal and whole any wounds of the heart, aligning and purifying it as we make the choice to awaken to new frequencies of Love. Mars connects with Saturn and the Earth Star Chakra: our evolutionary path is clear as we step up to act from the authority of our inner guidance, unraveling karma as we go forward. Our actions and emotions are congruent as the divine feminine resonates within each of us.
Jupiter steps up with Varuna on 10/17 bringing the highest perspective to our social consciousness. Mercury conjoins Jupiter on 10/18 for a new cycle expanding our newly calibrated mental operating system. On 10/23, the same day the Sun enters Scorpio, Jupiter conjuncts a massive black hole in the Shapely supercluster, the supercluster of stars next to our own Laniakea cluster, located at around 2° Scorpio. The Sun goes over the same point 10/25 (Mercury went over it 10/18), on his way to a new cycle with Jupiter on 10/26. Jupiter, as well as the rulers of the divine masculine, is in for a calibration of some massive, deep cosmic energies—like Scorpio itself.
It is interesting to note that except for the Moon, there have been no planets in Scorpio since the Sun left and entered Sagittarius in November 2016.

Changing Consciousness

Every month the lower body planets enter a new sign (except for Mars, which takes about 6 weeks in a sign and Mercury sometimes enters two), and we integrate their energies in accordance to the new consciousness they are entering. Following Jupiter’s change of consciousness, Venus moves into Libra, a sign she is comfortable in (she is the classical 3D dispositor of Libra) on 10/14. On 10/17, Mercury ingresses Scorpio on a very auspicious day: the Sun, Venus, Mars and Jupiter all interact with 5D planets as our mental operating system is imbued with transmutational energies.  Five days later, on 10/22, the co-ruler of the divine feminine, Mars, enters Libra, an energy where he is most uncomfortable. One must slow down to clearly actualize the Mirrored Self, and Mars wants action. Mars will finish up the lower-body calibrations as he follows Venus through Libra, making new cycles with Makemake and Vesta. The divine feminine (Venus and Mars) harmonizes and integrates the Libran lessons of balance and relationship through emotions and the body, in preparation for its own transmutation when Venus and Mars enter Scorpio next month. Finally the Sun, dispositor of the spiritual body, enters Scorpio on 10/23, and everyone will feel the intensity build. All of these sign changes occur over 9 days, no wonder we are feeling a bit ungrounded. As the divine masculine undergoes the process of transformation, shadows may be unearthed: let’s put those envisioning skills to work and see what manifests!


New Beginnings:

October opens with Mercury sitting on the Super Galactic Center (2° Libra); he makes a new cycle with Makemake on 10/1, and another with Vesta on 10/4 (the same day as a Ceres/Makemake resource). Our higher minds calibrate with the higher cosmic laws, making them more accessible to us.
The Venus/Mars new cycle at 19 Virgo also occurs on 10/4, bringing a new alignment to the co-rulers of the divine feminine. What the heart knows, the body feels. When we listen to their messages, we know what course of action to take without hesitation, analysis or judgment.
When the Sun and Mercury come together and the Great Communicator is going direct, it is called a superior conjunction. This new cycle occurs on 10/8 at 16° Libra, in a stepping stone with Pluto. The co-rulers of the divine masculine have their own new beginning, imbued with Pluto’s alchemical energies. Pluto clears what is not needed, sharpening our focus and thinking processes, enabling us to communicate with more intention and clarity. Following this new cycle, the Sun follows Mercury as they make the same aspects for the remainder of the month.
The next aspect made by the dispositor of the mental body is the 10/13 Mercury/Haumea new cycle at 24° Libra, exactly resourcing (sextiling) Ixion.
Thoughts become manifest; we have a reenergized capacity and renewed purpose to tap into unity consciousness, hold space for it and communicate it into the world through thought, word (Mercury) and action (Mars in a subtle aspect).  On 10/17 our consciousness gets a boost with a Sun/ Haumea new cycle at the same degree as Mercury’s conjunction with Haumea. It is a very auspicious day, with 6 — count ‘em! — other major events happening: a Sun/Ixion resource, Venus/Makemake new cycle, Mars/Uranus great eliminator and Mars/Sedna manifestation, Jupiter/
Varuna stepping stone, AND Mercury’s entry into Scorpio. With so much activity, the energies will be huge! Every planet (except Vesta) in the Virgo-to-Scorpio stellium is involved, including the Moon as she conjoins Mars and enters Libra on her way to her rendezvous with the Sun on 10/19. This will be a day to remember.
On 10/18, right after he steps up to Varuna, Mercury makes a new cycle with Jupiter, adding wisdom to our newly calibrated viewpoint. The Sun makes his own stepping stone with Varuna (10/24) before his own new cycle with Jupiter 10/26, recalibrating and expanding our consciousness and making it more accessible to us. Mars, who completes the lower body physical calibration when he reaches the degree of the end of the worm hole (27 Virgo) on 10/18, finishes out the month with a new cycle with Makemake on 10/29, completing the lower-body calibration with the Keeper of the Cosmic Laws. We have a renewed capacity to act with awareness and congruence with these divine laws. On the same day, Saturn, the Great Teacher, conjoins with Ixion for the last time, creating a new cycle in resource with Haumea and a stepping stone with Chiron. Collectively we are reaffirming our purpose to bring ourSelves to unity consciousness through reclaiming our authority to act with integrity, clearing all obstacles that prevent us from experiencing wholeness.


Lunar Matters

The Full Moon in Aries, known as a Hunter’s Moon, brings to fruition the energies of the 9/20 Virgo New Moon that closed the worm hole, ending that chapter of transformation. Venus and Mars just began their new cycle and Mercury and the Sun are conjoined; divine feminine is purifying and aligning with the emotional wisdom of Divine Mother energies, and divine masculine is recalibrating mind and spirit with the power of physicality. They are 25° apart, surrounding the Libran Portal of Truth as part of the Virgo-Libra stellium. The Moon, at 13 Aries, lies within a Neptune/Pallas resource that points to the Sun in a Finger of God. We have at our disposal the wisdom of our inner guidance system, creating unlimited possibilities if we choose to engage the higher mind/heart. The Moon’s stepping stone with Pluto guarantees that Source-driven rebirth is involved.
The 10/19 New Moon at 26 Libra brings a new beginning in the remembrance of the Highest Realization that despite the blessing of experiencing ourSelves in separate bodies, there is no real separation between us, that I am you and you are me. The Divine Feminine and the Light Bridge to unity consciousness are activated with the New Moon conjunct Haumea, bridging Uranus, and forming a great eliminator to Sedna. There is also a Grand Earth Manifestation created with the energies of Pallas, Juno and Orcus, connecting the energies of the divine feminine in the physical realm with the Keeper of the invisible realm, keeping our Soul’s promise to bring the fragments of the divine feminine to the physical plane for reuniting. Mars, dispositer of the physical body, has finished the last calibration of the worm hole energies and turns his attention to Quaoar; we are ready now for a new understanding of physical reality and how our crystalline bodies operate in 5D. We are the living bridges between Unity Consciousness and the physical world, spirit beings having an earthly experience.
Every change, realization, or event brings transformation, an ending and a new beginning at the same time. When we transition to a new state of being we are no longer in the old state, it is done, ended; that is the “death” we fear: attachment to what no longer exists. That moment provides the potential for anything to manifest, and suddenly we enter the state of being totally new, reborn, with no preconceptions, expectations, roadmaps. We are in a new world.
October is all about alchemy, transmutation from one state to another. Life flows in cycles; we are always in a state of transition from birth, growth, death and regeneration. As we change within, the world reflects that change. The divine feminine teaches us to accept the transmutation, bless the old and let it go, creating space to welcome and allow the new into our lives. A practice for this month: get still and centered, and bless all that you are right now, accepting yourSelf totally and unconditionally. Pick one thing you would like to change: an attitude, habit, or belief. (You can write it on a piece of paper and burn it if you like.) From the heart, give it to Spirit, Source, your Higher Self, etc., with no conditions or expectations. Thank them for taking it from you. Envision yourSelf free of this condition; see yourSelf the way you are without it. Visualize your new Self for a few minutes every day. Then watch the magic, as you become your new Self.


Awakening is not changing who you are but discarding who you are not. ~~Deepak Chopra

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