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For January, 2018

Happy New Year! Welcome to the first month in yet another extraordinary year. 2018 is an 11 year, a year of personal mastery, which can only be achieved through relationship with our Selves. As the 1st month of the New Year, January sets the tone for the rest of the year.

In Cosmic Consciousness, Aquarius represents the 1 o'clock hour, the place within our energy fields where we learn--and remember--to love our Selves unconditionally, as Source ItSelf does. It is where the heart opens, which turns fear into Love. This month the Sun, the seat of our consciousness, mirrors the Source energies of Capricorn, which are then stepped down into each of us individually as it enters Aquarius on 1/19.  We allow  our Selves to be seen as who we Are; all parts of us unhidden and shining.
The Earth Star Chakra (S. Node) and Juno are already in Aquarius as the month opens, to be joined by Venus, the Sun, and finally Mercury on 1/31. It is fitting that the divine feminine heart leads our consciousness into the province of Divine Love; we must find our way to our heart center first before we can balance its energies with that of the divine masculine mind.
The 1 is the circle, unbroken and unending, as well as the point at its center. It is the oneness that all creation comes from, the realm of infinite possibilities not yet distinguished into separate entities.
According to Rachel Zuses Hartenstein, the number 1 offers the gift of Unity. It is through the 1 that we remember our connection to all of creation. The 1 energy is meant to bring forth every experience that pushes us to discover the truth of who we are; it pushes us to uncover our unique, unequalled and one of a kind Self.  This is accomplished in myriad ways according to the needs of each soul, but the impetus is always the same: for us to realize who we truly Are, and our soul’s purpose in this lifetime –the exquisite Intent that our Creator/Source had at the moment we were created.
In the Motherpeace Tarot, The Magician represents the 1 Major Arcana. Magicians transmute and channel energies. We are all magicians; we manifest Spirit into the physical through our intentions (will) and thought-forms, leading to conscious action. We connect heaven and earth, mind and heart, masculine and feminine, human and Divine energies within our very souls. Thus united, we become whole, which makes vast amounts of energy available to us, raising our frequencies to reflect the light already within us.


Blueprint for the Year

The January 1 chart reveals the themes for this year of personal mastery. For starters, 7 planets occupy the energy field spanning 18 Sagittarius to 19 Capricorn: Mercury, Ixion, Quaoar, Saturn, Venus, the Sun, and Pluto; Black Moon Lilith (BML) is also located there. At the same time next year with the exception of Venus, all those planets will be located there again, in that order! The transformation of consciousness through connecting with the feminine within and claiming the authority inherent in the centered heart space is a powerful theme for this year. We are shedding victimhood, growing our Self-esteem, clearing out stagnant beliefs and attitudes, as we purify and strengthen our souls’ purpose, which is to create a new, more balanced world led by the Knowing of the newly calibrated heart. This is what we are working to master this year.
The Sun manifests with Orcus’ Source-bound energies, conjoining BML as well. As we connect with the divine feminine within, we gain access to the immortal part of ourSelves, the part we’ve been longing for but couldn’t reach. The Moon’s nodes sit at the World Axis points of 15 Leo/Aquarius, indicating that everyone on the planet is grappling with the issues of transforming fear into Love; of blaming others for any suffering, real of perceived, verses finding the blessing in whatever comes. Ceres conjuncts the Soul Star Chakra (N. Node) twice this year, reflecting the blessing of what is evolving out of the ashes of the crumbling order. Will we be fearful in our separation, or supported in our unity? The ongoing Finger of God between Chiron, Sedna and Haumea can provide answers, but we must choose to eliminate barriers to wholing ourSelves by allowing the Divine Feminine into our hearts.

Highlights of the Month

The Haumea-Uranus/Eris Light Bridge, which currently includes Pallas’ intuitive wisdom, is especially active as Uranus, Eris and Haumea all change direction this month. Mercury reclaims his shadow and makes new cycles with 4 planets; there are 10 new cycles in all. And there are 3 lunations this month, including an eclipse. Our emotional responses will be most important. Let’s discuss these highlights…


Lunar Matters

1/1 Cancer Full Moon:  How often does a Full Moon occur at the beginning of the month, let alone the beginning of a year? On January 1, the Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon form a Full Moon bridge at 11° Cancer. It is also a SuperMoon, and it will be the largest and brightest of the year, since it is at the closest point to Earth in its monthly orbit. The first day of January sets the tone for the month and the year itself; this event indicates that this year we are called to respond from our deepest core, reflecting the loving Source energies within us in outward expression to the world.
The Moon is in her home sign of Cancer, which is Emotional Power. E-motion is energy in motion; it must be acknowledged and allowed to flow unfettered by the mind’s judgment, especially when those energies are the strongest. The challenge is how we respond to those e-motions, how we direct the strongest energies into speech or action that brings more Love and light into the situation. Venus and BML (the point within us where we connect with the divine feminine) are conjunct the Sun, underscoring how important our open hearts are to this process. Neptune forms a resourceful connection with the Sun and manifests with the Moon. When we add our consciousness to Neptune’s energies we grow our capacity to manifest an enlightened, loving response to any situation.
1/16 Capricorn New Moon: Smack in the middle of the month the Sun and Moon begin a new cycle at 27° Capricorn. The divine feminine is present, as Venus once again conjuncts this Moon as she prepares to enter Aquarius, and Mercury conjoins BML in Capricorn, manifesting with Orcus, reflecting the integration of mind and heart needed to access the immortal Self, home of the Soul. To that end, we have the resources to heal and whole ourSelves with Chiron’s energies, stepping up over lower frequencies to unify our consciousness with Haumea.
Right before this lunar event, retrograde Ceres conjoins the Soul Star Chakra for the 2nd time at 15 Leo, the World Axis point, which makes this a global event; and Juno is approaching the Earth Star Chakra as well. Those who are ready can use the energies to go within and rebirth a new understanding in our relationships with ourSelves, and what nurtures us. We manifest this understanding when Ceres and the Soul Star form a new cycle at the end of April.
1/31 Leo Full Blue Moon Total Lunar Eclipse: The end of the month brings us to another Sun/Moon bridge, this time at 11° Leo. (Interestingly, every Full Moon since 12/3 occurs on the 11th degree of each sign from Gemini through Virgo, up to and including the 3/1 Full Moon.) This event is special for a few reasons: it is the 2nd and last SuperMoon of the year, and it is the 2nd Full Moon this month, which makes it a Blue Moon. Blue Moons occur every 2-3 years; the last one occurred on 7/31/15, the 2nd Full Moon following the one on 7/2/15. This year there will be two months with Blue Moons: January and March. This won’t occur again until 2037. The following link discusses the January event:
In addition, the nodes (Earth and Soul Star Chakras) are a mere 3° away from the Sun and Moon, and therefore conjunct, producing a total lunar eclipse. With a Ceres/Moon/Soul Star Chakra triple conjunction bridging the Sun, Earth Star Chakra, Venus, and Juno, we are taking the sideways elevator to a new way of being: balancing and clearing karma by responding differently in each of our relationships (even the ones with ourSelves), and bringing more awareness and compassion to every situation.

Changing Directions on the Light Bridge

This month the Light Bridge to Unity Consciousness is active with all its members changing direction. Uranus stations direct at 24 Aries on 1/2, hours after the Cancer Full Moon. He makes his final aspect to Haumea on 2/21 before pulling away from the Light Bridge as the year progresses. Uranus has been moving retrograde (clockwise) since 8/3/17; in Cosmic Consciousness it is known as moving towards Source. For 5 months the energies related to Uranus have been expressed internally as sudden realizations and revelations. As a higher octave of Mercury, these awakenings serve to shake up our attitudes and beliefs, changing the way we think and perceive, and therefore act. Aries, disposed by Mars, represents the energy field where we consciously bring higher (Source) energies into our minds through the discipline of thinking loving thoughts, which are then manifested into the physical world through action.
Also on 1/2, Makemake begins his 5-month retrograde journey towards Source at 5° Libra; he makes a stepping stone with Saturn on 1/30. Saturn represents the laws made up by man, and Makemake resonates higher, signifying universal natural law: the laws of attraction, karma, nature, gravity, Love. If we can step beyond the discord and drama we can see the dissolution of laws that are out of integrity with the higher frequencies, to be replaced with those that align with natural universal Law.
On 1/10 Eris the female Great Awakener stations direct, completing her 4½- month retrograde cycle. Eris’ energies are expressed when we uncover a long-standing situation or pattern of behavior that no longer resonates with who we Are. With Uranus also direct, our higher consciousness is activated; there will be more awakenings, individually and collectively, expressed within ourSelves and out in the world. We will need the conscious discipline of putting Love into our thoughts and actions this year.
At the other end of the Light Bridge, Haumea, representing the experience of wholeness that can only be accessed with higher consciousness, goes retrograde on 1/23. Haumea and Eris have maintained this bridge since 2013, and will maintain this connection for 2 more years. There is more awakening to unity consciousness to be experienced.


New Beginnings

As mentioned, there are 10 new cycles this month, including 3 with Venus and 4 with Mercury! Our minds and hearts are being stretched, attuned and recalibrated as they conjoin with other planetary bodies, creating new frequencies of cosmic energies.  The dispositors of the divine masculine and divine feminine are active, changing and balancing one another.
Venus: The co-dispositor of the emotional body has been out of bounds in uncharted territory since the 12/21 Winter Solstice. On 1/3 she returns to the ecliptic at 11° Capricorn, resonating resourcefully with Neptune’s higher octave of Love. On 1/9 Venus begins a new cycle with the Sun, spending 3 hours together before moving ahead of the Sun and conjoining with Pluto for a new beginning. Venus then resurrects as a morning star, rising before the Sun. The Sun/Venus/Pluto new cycles signify the end of the old story of divine feminine victimhood and powerlessness, rebirthing it as a new story of empowerment through Love and awareness. Emotions no longer enslave or overwhelm us; they are signposts indicating when we have strayed from our evolutionary path.
Over the next few days (1/12-1/14) Venus connects with Eris, Uranus, Chiron, Haumea, and Sedna; our hearts undergo recalibration and wholing with Unity Consciousness and Divine Feminine energies before Venus moves into Aquarius on 1/17. Thus stretched, we can apply Self-Love and remove any protective barriers preventing us from allowing our Love to flow. Venus’ last aspect this month is a new cycle with the Earth Star Chakra (S. Node), mirroring the new beginning in bringing Love to our old patterns, thereby clearing them forever.
Mercury: Last month the co-dispositor of the divine masculine ended his retrograde and began moving direct, making connections with the nodes and Ceres for the 3rd time, manifesting the lessons of those connections.
This month he continues on his way, creating a new cycle with Ixion on 1/8, right on the Galactic Center. It is time for the divine masculine to discard its misqualified energies and set a new course for its expression in the world.
On 1/10 Mercury recovers his shadow at 29 Sagittarius, just before entering the Capricorn quality of consciousness (sign) on 1/11, where he meets Quaoar for the 3rd time. This reflects our readiness to manifest new paradigms and communications regarding the divine masculine, which involves heart-centered action.  We are ready to communicate with renewed integrity and Source-based authority as Mercury and Saturn meet for the 3rd time on 1/13. Our higher minds are transmuted with the energies of the Mercury/Pluto new cycle on 1/24, and recalibrated when the Great Communicator aspects Uranus, Chiron, Haumea and Sedna on 1/28, bringing unity consciousness and alignment with the Divine Feminine to our mental operating systems. Mercury moves into Aquarius, the sign of Spiritual Love, where we remove barriers to sharing ourSelves by infusing Love into every thought, on 1/31, literally minutes after the Leo Full Blue Moon.
There are other new cycles as well. The Mars/Jupiter new cycle at 18° Scorpio on 1/6 is significant; it represents a new beginning in the relationship between the expansion of our consciousness and our physicality and environment, including the changing climate, all of which is being transmuted here and now. The Sun/Pluto new cycle underscores this, along with the Sun/Venus and Venus/Pluto new cycles, all part of a triple conjunction on 1/9. Both Venus and the Sun resource Mars: the empowered heart is newly transformed, growing our capacity to act with Love and awareness.
Divine feminine energies interact with the Moon’s nodes on 1/16, with 2 conjunctions. Retrograde Ceres, the cosmic midwife, joins with the Soul Star Chakra for the 2nd time; the resurrection of our evolutionary path takes an inward turn and won’t be complete until their new cycle manifests on 4/30. Right before that Juno, representing how we show up for ourSelves, begins a new cycle with the Earth Star Chakra. We clear out old karmic habits, preparing to receive the energies that bring new ways of nurturing ourSelves in relation to others.

Changes in Consciousness

As mentioned before, Mercury enters Capricorn 1/11 and Venus ingresses Aquarius 1/17. Vesta enters the Sagittarian energy field on 1/14 and our devotion to clearing obstacles to the Truth inside and outside ourSelves comes into focus. On 1/19, Pallas Athena enters Taurus, the sign of Mental Love, and the Sun ingresses Aquarius, representing Spiritual Love; they form a stepping stone (formerly square) to each other. When we focus our consciousness on loving ourSelves unconditionally we gain access to our inner guidance, infused with our innate wisdom, and we accept its direction.
Our physicality is due for clearing as Mars enters Sagittarius on 1/26 for almost 2 months. Misaligned energies within our bodies and in our environments will make themselves known; we would do well to pay attention and resolve what comes up. Mercury finishes up the month entering into Aquarius, the quality of consciousness where his energies are compatible. He forms a Light Bridge with Varuna, reflecting our capacity to take our mental operating systems to the highest perspective.

Important Transits

Every interaction between planets is significant, but some transits involve planets with higher energies and long-lasting effects. One such transit is the 150° great eliminator (inconjunct) aspect between Quaoar and Varuna, exact on 1/7. Great eliminators represent the choice to take the high road, the one that leads to Love instead of fear. We can choose to see the world through new eyes, from the highest viewpoint, and create new paradigms from that perspective.
The long-standing great eliminator between Haumea and Sedna becomes exact on 1/13 at 26° Libra/Taurus. This transit will continue for years to come, reflecting our willingness to eliminate obstacles to accepting and realigning the Divine Feminine within each of us. This recalibration is needed to provide balance and integration with the divine masculine energies within each of us, thereby wholing us, and bringing the experience of Oneness to us all.
Jupiter reflects our capacity to expand our consciousness; Pluto symbolizes rebirth, and transmutation from one state to another. On 1/15 Jupiter resources (sextiles) Pluto; our social identities are in the process of being transformed as we grow in wisdom through interactions with others. We are preparing ourSelves for the new cycle between these 2 planetary bodies, along with Saturn, in 2020.



The world is in transition, but we Lightworkers have already entered 5D, where we can create (manifest) in an instant. That means that we can clear karma in an instant as well. This year we would do well to notice when an old pattern resurfaces and simply change our response to it. Where fear arises, we observe it, bring it to our hearts, embrace it and let it go, shifting our thought about it, speaking/acting lovingly in response to it. In this way we break the old pattern and clear those energies for good. Attending to our “karmic business” will free us to access the energies of higher consciousness, and lighten the karmic load for everyone on the planet.
January’s energies require us to slow down, meditate, focus on ourSelves and take one day at a time. We are moving into higher frequencies; whatever is out of integrity will fall apart, creating fear-based reactions. With all these distractions and disruptions, we will need to be observant, feeling our way, maintaining our connection to Source and giving ourSelves over to it.  As we proceed slowly, grounded in our bodies, being present in every moment, we will find focus and clarity, a calm oasis in the midst of the surrounding chaos, where we can rest in our heart-space. May all our hearts be joined together in peace.


 How people treat you is their karma. How you react is yours.
~~Wayne Dyer


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