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For May, 2016

spring choreography


stage set

The month opens on the bubbling cauldron stirred by the upcoming union of Uranus and Eris, which will happen in the next act, as we know. Their eruptive awakening energies affect every aspect of life in a context of liberating instability and empowering enlightenment. The Aries-Libra polarity is highlighted and displays the magnitude of the scene: on one side of the bridge Uranus and Eris, on the other side Haumea, who is holding the space for the global ascension at play. Her all-embracing cohesive presence keeps all parts together, maintains their essential integrity and enhances their malleability, whilst providing the process with a reassuring continuum.


A grand Earth trine (manifestation) comes front and center. The Sun is in manifestation (trine) with respectively Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, both of which are retrograde, that is moving towards source. Jupiters expansive pull to connect with higher Self and Plutos relentless urge to transmute what no longer fits generate a creative tension inviting us to consciously and fully embrace our divine humanity.


Consciousness, mind and heart (Sun, Mercury and Venus) are grounding in Taurus and attuning to Gaia’s upgraded frequencies. Mercury, who has just turned retrograde, is conjunct Vesta, the divine flame within and Sedna, the memory keeper of all that happened since the beginning of manifestation. As Mercury stations retrograde, he bows and connects with Vesta, indulging in devotion for the Self, refraining from conjunction with Sedna, postponing the recollection of the entire story until later.


Recognising the Universal Self takes owning ones Individual Self fully or to put it differently, access to the macrocosm is via the microcosm.

In the Sagittarius corner of the stage Mars, the physical body, and Saturn, the social body, keep performing their retrograde duet, displaying the merging of personal and social identity. Their elegant and masterful performance shows the countless expressions of unity and the empowerment of Self in embodying ones own purpose and honoring humanity as ones own body.


enlightening sparks

The Taurus New Moon occurs on May 6, as part of a massive stellium in Taurus. Mercury who stands in the middle of the stage witnesses two important reunions: as the Moon connects with the Sun on one side, Vesta unites with Sedna on the other side. Mercurys vast still presence allows him to access and integrate both events at once: the embodied consciousness on Earth and the divine wisdom of the origin.


Its attuning to both energy vortexes is supported by Uranus-Eris in Aries, the leading force of a planetary picture known as a boomerang, in which Haumea is the tail and the Earth Star (South Node) and Mercury are the wings. In this scene, strategic placements feature a geometric pattern, which facilitates the release and final clearing of residual limiting beliefs related to time bound karma. Time is an illusion, karma is an illusion. Enlightenment is now, if we choose to acknowledge it. In Taurus, everything is sacred geometry, manifesting the laws of the Universe.


different speeds

When Jupiter turns direct on May 9 after a four-month retrograde journey, he starts slowly re-stepping on the ground he had covered previously. In Virgo, the emphasis is on more wholing until we can fully own who we are. On his way forward he forms a stepping stone with still retrograde Saturn. Jupiter will have recovered his retrograde shadow in August, when Saturn will turn direct as well, completing their 9 month long three-part dance. These huge powerful bodies, together the body of humanity, are the living matter of our upgraded social consciousness. The stepping stone acts as a hormone inducing another stage of labor in the collective birthing of Unity consciousness on Earth, as the grand trine they form with Venus in Taurus suggests.


On that same day, May 9th,  the Sun and retrograde Mercury bump into each other in Taurus and that highly energized  super conscious package activates a resource with the Earth Star (karma) and a manifestation with the Soul Star (dharma). Unity consciousness is here and now: at any moment the intelligence of the now defines our action, and at any moment we can change options, directions etc. and tune in with the harmony of the whole. Our action, also known as karma, mirrors our understanding of the global order, dharma.


suspended in awe

New stage set: the Sun enters multifaceted Gemini on May 20, presenting us with myriads of aspects of Self at once. Makemake, who holds universal law and order and with which the Sun is in an exact trine, has retrograded to 0° Libra once again. The Sun and Makemakes hieratic communion on 0 degrees of two air signs, Gemini and Libra, respectively mental wisdom and physical power, opens a new era.


A clear sense of Self and instantaneous recognition of Self in every aspect of life is emerging. Reality as we perceive it is a reflection of ourselves. The pristine purity and untouched potential of that shining light on stage and the intricate order behind the scenes.


A great eliminator between Jupiter in Virgo and Ceres in Aries highlights the scene and amplifies the silent interaction. Their benevolent supportive presence enshrines the epiphany: motionless, we hold our breath, a miracle is happening!



be the light

The Sagittarius super Full Moon is on May 21, in exact conjunction with Mars. In the Gemini-Sagittarius polarity, air and fire, the rising breath of awakening is activated.


The connection of the Moon, the embodied consciousness, with Mars, the physical body, attests the reality of an intimate intuitive relationship between spirit and matter. Which resonates with the Wesak or Buddha Moon, commemorating Gautama the Buddha, the enlightened one.


And the bridge with the Sun conjunct Vesta shows that awakening the body means full spiritual consciousness embodied in a human shape and devotion to it. Enlightenment is now on Earth!


What is striking here isnt the obvious: sense your body response as you watch the slow parade of the Sun-Vesta and the Moon-Mars moving towards each other.


Mercury, depositor of the Sun and Vesta, will turn direct the following day and finalize the deal. Mercury is in a manifestation with Jupiter in Virgo and forms a great eliminator with Saturn in Sagittarius. It benefits from Jupiters magnitude and from Saturns authority, currently a great eliminator could be called a great creator: notice how this impacts on you !


That day the Moon transits in Sagittarius translating the light of Mars to Saturn, from the individual to the collective body. With both planets being retrograde, and Jupiter in a stepping stone with Saturn, it takes another personal and collective recalibration, which you wont fail to notice.


We are part of the show we are watching, Enjoy every bit of it!


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