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For June, 2016

We are evolving, whether we are ready or not, whether we are aware of it or not. The formidable planetary energies of June reflect the transmutation of our consciousness and our collective evolution.


The month begins with stepping stones between Saturn in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Virgo (the archetypes of our changing social consciousness); between Saturn and Neptune in Pisces (our inner authority and our capacity for confusion or enlightenment); and between Neptune and the Sun in Gemini (veils lifting), exact on June 1. The planets located in these signs form a Wisdom Cross, which is like standing in the intersection of a 4-way street, except that we have the capacity to go down any and all of them at the same time. The Cross includes bridges between Saturn and the Sun and Jupiter and Neptune. As the Sun moves out of the Cross other planets move in and share their lessons and knowledge, including Vesta, the Nodes, Mercury and the Moon. All month long we have available to us the gifts of our inner higher authority, unlimited faith and capacity for enlightenment, and expanded consciousness and wholing, gained through the strengths we have accrued through repeated attempts to broaden our consciousness. Wisdom is love in action; we must come from the heart in all that we do.


In addition, Mercury in Taurus, the Soul Star Chakra (North Node) in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn create a very grounded Grand Manifestation in Earth signs as the month opens. Our newly transformed mental operating system is helping us integrate the abundant downloads we receive. Jupiter and the Soul Star Chakra will be traveling together all month, and with Pluto in an ongoing manifestation (trine) to both there promises to be much expansion of consciousness coupled with a breakdown and removal of what is not working or needed. Surrender is required here, to clear a path to the positive energies being downloaded.


This month there are some days where the energies come in bunches. For example, on June 3, Venus makes a stepping stone with Neptune, the Sun bridges Saturn, Ceres forms a Great Eliminator with (inconjuncts) the Soul star Chakra, Venus bridges Saturn, and Venus and the Sun form a new cycle! Any one of these would be major, but having 5 events in one day is unprecedented. This is a day to tap deeply into our authentic Selves, coming from and following the heart, with compassion and faith that we are birthing the world we want to live in. And that’s just the beginning! The Sun and Venus travel within 1-2 degrees of each other for the first half of June, an invitation to shine our Light on Love!


There are two powerful Moon events this month. June 4’s New Moon is attended by Venus, at 15 Gemini, a World Axis point; and part of the ongoing Wisdom Cross with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Located in the Taurus hour of Cosmic Consciousness, we are seeding a new beginning in how we learn to trust our inner guidance and use it to come from Love. We can use this newly honed inner guidance to deal with our changing social status as we move from separation and self-interest to unity consciousness and coming together for the good of all.


June 20 is another power-packed day with lots of aspects, featuring a second Full Moon in Sagittarius, called a Blue Moon. We are mastering the lessons begun on May 21 with the first Sag Full Moon. This time, with Venus (the heart) and new planet Quaoar (where thoughts begin) in attendance, we are learning to master our responses by allowing Love to enter our thoughts every time we get overwhelmed. Mars inconjuncts (forms a Great Eliminator with) Uranus/Eris/Ceres;  there is plenty of disruption in the air; we are birthing a new world and labor is uncomfortable, even painful. This full moon teaches us to embody our deepest truths and remember that we come from Love and we are Love; it’s the only thing that makes sense. Drop into the center of your heart, keeping your focus and breath there. Mercury, dispositor of the Sun, is conjoined with Vesta; the Moon’s dispositor, Jupiter, is conjunct the Soul Star Chakra, and both are part of the Wisdom Crossroad. On this day, Mercury forms a bridge with Saturn, giving us the capacity to speak with authority. This is also the day that the Sun enters Cancer, bringing our focus from our multifaceted minds to the inner harmony and quiet flow of our heart center. In Cosmic Consciousness, this balancing of mind and heart, divine masculine and feminine energies, occurs at the core of our being, where we allow them to move through us, freeing us to receive the higher energies with open hearts and minds. Quite a lot going on!


No discussion of this amazing month would be complete without an emphasis of the new cycle between Uranus and Eris. The last time these two awakeners met was in 1927, three years before we became conscious of Pluto. Uranus looks to bring new ideas and fresh perspective into our lives where we need to change; resistance only brings sudden shakeups, like a kick in the pants.  Eris works more subtly, creating discomfort until we realize the situation is untenable and we move to change it. On June 8 these two change agents come together in a new cycle that will continue into 2017 and reverberate for years to come. Ceres will be nearby, midwifing, helping us to resurrect ourSelves from the ashes of the old.  Change is not a bad thing, but so much of it in so many places brings fear to the forefront. Yet this conjunction is bridged by Haumea, providing more Divine Feminine mothering energy at the other end. Haumea brings to us the knowledge that we are already united together, we just need to see and respect each other as parts of the whole. As much as Uranus/Eris’ disruption makes us feel fearful, separate or fragmented, Haumea reminds us of our unity, and how each of us (and each part of ourSelves) is valued equally without judgement, contributing a necessary part to the Whole.  These disruptions serve to remind us to consciously choose a loving perspective, which in turn is mirrored back to us on the physical level through other’s reactions. We are all in this together; let us stand in the middle of the Uranus/Eris/Haumea bridge, holding hands, space and Love for each other.


June 9 is yet another intense day with many major aspects. The Sun and Venus maintain their new cycle (conjunction) and form a resource (sextile) with Uranus/Eris, another indication to keep Love front and center in the midst of whatever happens. As if that wasn’t enough, Mercury begins a new cycle with Sedna, the Cosmic Recordkeeper, a clarion call to allow Sedna’s wisdom to percolate into our minds through our inner guidance system. With Mars bridging this duo, and Chiron sextiling it, we now have the resources with which to access this wisdom for healing and mastery of our consciousness at a higher level, and the capacity to express this wisdom on the physical level. Our minds and bodies are adapting to our new consciousness. And let’s not forget Pluto’s exact Soul Star Chakra manifestation: more multidimensional transformation! All in one day!


And yet, there’s more. On June 12 Neptune enters his retrograde station, giving us the impetus to go within, integrate our new consciousness, and come from the heart when confusion and disorientation reigns. Here we go slowly, trusting that all is perfect, as it all comes from Source. On the same day, Mercury ingresses into Gemini, bringing a creative spark to our thinking and communicating. Through being impeccable with our words, we may provide the spark of enlightenment for someone else.


Watch for Venus’ ingress into Cancer on June 17, in the hour of unconditional love, reminding us to acknowledge and feel all our feelings, especially the uncomfortable ones, and to love ourSelves through them all. On June 19, Mars forms a Great Eliminator with the Uranus/Eris duo; be mindful of your body and its needs. Chiron stations retrograde on June 26, giving us the space to go within and see how far we’ve come and what still needs to be healed. With Sedna as a resource, what we have mastered will forever be a part of us.


At the end of a busy month, on June 29, Mars stations direct, preparing to manifest on the physical level the rewiring and realignment garnered these past weeks. Mercury moves into Cancer, adding his Divine Masculine energies to our emotional body; helping us to understand our emotions, discern if those emotions are ours or others’, and bringing loving thoughts into our hearts. Not a bad way to start a new month!


Happy June!

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