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For August, 2016

Lion’s Gate

August is the 8th month of this year of endings, in this year of intense change and upheaval. It brings its own vibrant energies to us, of infinite joy, abundance, opportunity, creativity, courage, and potential‚ÄĒand, of course, Love. It begins with the Lion‚Äôs Gate Star Portal, which opened on July 26 in Leo. Those energies will culminate on August 8, and the Gate will close on¬†August 12. While it is open, Light codes from the Great Central Sun enter our Sun, offering us the opportunity to balance heart and mind, and to master higher aspects of Love by transforming lower frequency energies around and within us into Light through Love and compassion. When the Sun shines on something dark, it brings it into the Light for awareness and healing. In Cosmic Consciousness, Leo is the domain of the heart, holder of the life force within, where what we focus on will manifest. We are all Creators, what world will we create?

Disruption and Choice

Great Eliminators are about choosing the high road, but to do that we must look at both archetypes involved and acknowledge both roads. We need to see the Truth of what we are doing, and eliminate the road that takes us from that Truth. Eris and Uranus are both retrograde, traveling towards Source, and Jupiter (Aug. 8 and 13), Mercury (Aug. 18 and 19) and Venus (Aug. 24 and 25) contact them with Great Eliminators in Virgo. We will likely see an amplification of disruption that can ultimately bring the Truth to Light, sparking more awakening if we are brave enough to embrace this Truth; doing so will enable us to Whole our Selves.

Our higher mind and high heart, divine masculine and divine feminine, will each get their chance to make empowering choices as well. Chiron, the Master Teacher/Healer adds his energies, when Jupiter (Aug. 12), Mercury (Aug. 19) and Venus (Aug. 24) form bridges with him. The disruptions caused by Eris/Uranus reveal where we need to master and heal our Selves, and Chiron helps us to see how the polarities within our hearts, minds and social consciousness are really connected; it is just a matter of taking a higher view.

Endings and Beginnings

Wisdom Crossroad energies are active all month; there are many planets in Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces. These energies bring change in the form of endings and beginnings. Saturn and Neptune, as part of this Wisdom Crossroad, have been in a stepping stone aspect all summer. A stepping stone is the 5D version of the square, which used to mean conflict between two archetypes; it was a stressful, tense aspect, especially where the energies are so different as they are here. In Cosmic Consciousness a square becomes a stepping stone, where you work with both archetypes and find ways to deal with their energies that offer new perspectives. This is accomplished by finding that place within where you stay out of fear, learning to respond instead of react.

Saturn in Sagittarius looks for Truth in any situation; seeking authenticity, it gives us the authority to stand in our Truth, but we must be awake to it. This is Physical Wisdom. Neptune in Pisces asks us to trust in Source, especially when we’re confused because we don’t see the whole picture. We are feeling our way, allowing Spirit to move us, and our inner teacher to guide us. We are clearing our karma here. Will we cower in fear and surrender our authority? Or will we stand up and face the illusion of separateness and call it out for what it is, making it disappear like smoke? We are beacons shining through the darkness; our compassionate responses are sorely needed at this time.

The lower body planets connect with Saturn/Neptune (and the nodes) throughout the month, activating the Wisdom Cross.  Sun manifests with Saturn on Aug. 1, shining light on our capacity to be authentic and congruent with our Selves. He forms Great Eliminators with Neptune and the Earth Star Chakra on Aug. 3 and 4; we get to eliminate old karmic ideas that keep us from our higher perspective.  A Mercury/ Saturn stepping stone onAug. 6, and a bridge with Neptune (Aug. 7) encourages us to communicate with authority, thinking from the heart. Mercury begins a New Cycle with the Soul Star Chakra (Aug. 8) bringing new ideas to what we want to create, while we clear fear-based thoughts. Venus has her own stepping stone and bridge with Saturn and Neptune on Aug. 13 and 14, bringing our hearts to this process. She begins a New Cycle with the Soul Star Chakra Aug. 15, as we open our hearts to the expansion and transformation to come. Mars connects with Saturn in a New Cycle, forming a stepping stone with Neptune (Aug. 24, 25), bringing their energies into the physical realm. We act on our higher authority, bringing clarity and compassion to those around us.

Saturn enters his station and goes direct mid month. It is time to take to heart the lessons of the Inner Teacher regarding what it takes to become empowered and maintain that empowerment. We must allow the Truth of who we are to come forth and empower us to overcome the lower self.

Divine Masculine

Mercury spends the entire month in Virgo, the sign of Emotional Wisdom. The Divine Masculine energies settle in, working to realign and balance our emotions, thoughts and actions. It’s time to tend to our well-being at all levels, tuning in to what is out of alignment, being gentle and accepting of our Selves and expressing gentleness and acceptance to others.

On the 3D level many are in need of healing; mental energies are running rampant and there is much fear-based anger flying around. Mercury reminds us to use our higher consciousness to create thoughts aligned with the 5D consciousness of knowing we are already whole and united. Mercury enters his shadow on Aug. 9 and goes retrograde on Aug. 31 on the master degree of 29 Virgo, the world axis point where the world manifests; the Portal of Truth between Virgo and Libra, the most profound Divine energy point; making a resource with Varuna, the highest observers’ perch we are capable of.

We are balancing Divine male and female energies within our Selves and through our relationships. As if to put a point on it, Venus moves into a New Cycle with MakeMake at the same time!  This balancing of energies is part of the divine order that we are ready for at the heart level. Amazing!

The Sun, co-ruler of the Divine Masculine, changes signs on Aug. 22, moving our consciousness from the open-hearted Leo energies to the sign of Emotional Wisdom and the Divine Mother, where we apply Love to heal and whole our Selves.

Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine energies are very prominent this month, beginning with the Grand Water Manifestation between Vesta, Juno and Pallas; the Ceres/Juno bridge, which lasts all month; and resources between Pallas and Ceres and Ceres and Vesta. We are resurrecting our responses through wisdom and understanding of our connection to each other. Divine Masculine balance is maintained with Mercury’s resource with Juno and bridge with Pallas, connecting our unity consciousness with wisdom and higher understanding.

Venus, co-ruler of the Divine feminine, travels from the masculine sign of Leo, through Virgo, the Divine Mother (from August 5), and entering Libra on August 30. She makes many heart-centered connections, beginning with a stepping stone to Sedna, aligning our hearts with the remembrance of those divine feminine energies that have returned to the planet. She begins New Cycles with Orcus, resourcing Black Moon Lilith (Aug. 11), Jupiter (Aug. 27), Mercury (Aug. 28) and MakeMake (Aug. 31). Our hearts are expanding, becoming more capable of holding more love with our increased understanding of our place in the universe and the outer realms. Nothing happens without Love.

Mars, co-ruler of the Divine Feminine, enters Sagittarius on Aug. 2 in the Virgo hour. It’s time to honor and heal our bodies and environment by taking action to align ours Selves with who we really are, and being mindful and nurturing of nature, our home, community, and beyond.

New Cycles: Multidimensionality and Expansion

It is always exciting when the lower bodies make contact with the newest planetary energies. These galactic energies serve to raise our consciousness to the highest level it can go; the fact that we know about them and can locate them in space indicates how much we have evolved collectively.

Orcus is our capacity to be attuned to the Invisible Realm, our true home, the world between worlds. It is where we go between lives. We are ready to tune into this realm on a more personal level as Mercury (Aug. 4), Venus (Aug. 11) and the Sun (Aug. 30) all begin new cycles with Orcus, giving our minds, hearts and consciousness access to our ancient spiritual home. As we evolve we will be capable of going there while still in our bodies. These new cycles also tap into the Wisdom Cross energies of Saturn and Neptune. We are truly multidimensional and working to manage the vast energies becoming available to us.

Mars, representing our physicality, presence, and actions in the world, finally meets up with Saturn, representing our authority and foundation from which our presence and actions emanate. This new cycle occurs on Aug. 24 at 10 Sagittarius, tapping Wisdom Cross energies, in the hour of Mental Wisdom, where only Love motivates what we do. When we are empowered to come from our authentic Self, which is Love, our actions take root, go further; we are a force for good in the world. When we are disempowered, or not congruent with who we are we are, we spread discordant vibrations and lose our footing.

Jupiter begins new cycles with Mercury (Aug. 22) and Venus (Aug. 27), adding its expansive energies to the balancing of mind and heart, as we align all parts of our Selves, knowing we are whole. The expansive mental energies of the Mercury/Jupiter new cycle have access to multidimensional wisdom via the Great Eliminator to Sedna. What an opportunity for growth.

Lunar Wisdom

The Lights form a New Moon in Leo on Aug. 2, at 4:44 PM. The Sun, happy in his home sign, welcomes his spiritual co-ruler as they conjoin in the sign of Inner Gratitude, reminding us to shine brilliantly by taking everything that comes as a blessing, even if it feels uncomfortable or even scary. By keeping a positive outlook we lift up everyone around us; that is our gift to the world. If we choose to go deep and face those barriers we will manifest the Love that we are into the world.

On Aug. 18, at 5:26 AM, the Sun in Leo and Moon in Aquarius form a bridge (Full Moon) culminating and perfecting the energies of the New Moon. We walk the bridge between shining a light on our imbalances and bringing them to wholeness, and responding with love to any fears arising out of this process. The Moon embraces Pallas’ wisdom, Jupiter’s expansiveness, Sedna’s remembrance of the Divine Feminine, and Varuna’s wide-ranging vision. We have much to be grateful for.

This month, be aware of what you want to create, and trust your authority and ability to create it-with Love.

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