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For September, 2016

As polarized as the 3D world is now, we keep leaving our Selves clues that we are moving towards unity consciousness in all manner of ways. More and more we are seeing people coming together to create, to make change in the outside world. For instance, 1,000 singers came together outside Lincoln Center in NYC on Aug. 13 to perform a free concert. And in the latest Star Trek movie the theme was how to access unity:  through disempowerment and submission to someone or something else, or through the strength of each individual retaining their individuality but contributing their gifts to the Whole. Which one makes your heart sing? You can imagine which side won (I typed “one”). 

September is the 9th month, made more powerful in this 9 year of endings and conclusions. It is a culmination of energies born at the beginning of the year at the Winter Solstice, marking the “closing square”, if you will, of the year’s cycle. It is a time of reflection, of letting go of what is no longer working or has completed its usefulness. In Cosmic Consciousness, it is the time we enter the physical quadrant, harvesting the wisdom gleaned from the spiritual, mental and emotional cycles of higher consciousness, mind and heart, bringing it to fruition through our physicality and into the world. Here we begin to prepare our Selves for the next spiral up the evolutionary ladder, clearing the field and planting seeds for the future. 
Eclipse Season
Before the month is 6 hours old, the Moon and Sun join together at 9+ degrees of Virgo, opening the sideways elevator that is the wormhole, with a New Moon annular solar eclipse. The Moon moves in front of the Sun, but leaves the Sun’s outer edge visible, forming a “ring of fire”. This blocking of the Sun’s light causes a reboot of consciousness, and the wormhole will take you where you need to go, if you’ll allow it. The last time this occurred at 9+ degrees was Sept. 1, 1997. Check to see what happened then in your life, and what needs to change now. Virgo, sign of the Divine Mother, is where we align and whole our Selves, unifying our Selves in feeling, thought, and action, like the Sun, Moon and Earth align themselves to create this wormhole. The Soul Star Chakra is nearby, signifying that what ends or is karmically cleared here will pave the way for our own contributions to the new world. This New Moon activates the Saturn/Neptune stepping stone by bridging Neptune and squaring Saturn; it also resources Juno. We are walking the bridge to enlightenment, armed with unity consciousness and Saturn’s lessons of inner authority. With the Pluto/Vesta bridge and Mars/Vesta connection we devote our Selves to actions that will transform us on many levels. Today Mercury retrograde and Jupiter meet in a new cycle also, expanding our capacity for wholeness at the level of thought and speech, correcting imbalances and misqualified energies that lead us astray.  Quite a beginning for a new month!
Eclipses come in pairs, and the partner to this eclipse is the September 16Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 24+ degrees Pisces/Virgo. This penumbral eclipse is created when the Earth blocks some of the Sun’s light from reaching the Moon with part of her shadow. Even with part of this light being eclipsed, the Light gets through, and is powerful. On Sept. 16, 1997, there was a lunar eclipse at almost 24 degrees Pisces/Virgo, so again, check to see how far you’ve come and how you are responding now. This eclipse features a Wisdom intersection (T-square) between the Sun, Moon with Chiron, and Mars (with Ixion) making stepping stones to each other. The integration and healing of the spiritual and emotional, masculine and feminine, can be achieved through Self-love, expressed in gratitude for what we have, and faith that what doesn’t seem like a blessing is really one in disguise. Through intentional loving choices and response able actions we are already manifesting a new consciousness, triggered by the constant disruptions that are shaking us to our core. The sideways elevator can take us towards wholeness and personal mastery if we open up and allow Chiron, dispositor of the Virgo Sun, to lead us fearlessly to our higher Selves, reminding us that we are always Whole, we just need to breathe and remember. We are even now healing the wounds of patriarchy by balancing and honoring our masculine and feminine Selves, and responding to whatever comes with Love. 
Mercury Retrograde
Mercury, divine masculine ruler of the mental body, began his third retrograde of the year on August 31 at the master degree of 29 Virgo, and spends most of the month moving towards Source, until Sept. 22, when he stations direct at 15 Virgo. Virgo is the sign of pure heartedness and service to others; it represents Mother Mary, birthing Christed Consciousness, and as such is the essence of the Divine Feminine. There is a balancing of divine masculine and feminine energies as we go within to integrate and align these energies with our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. Spirit manifests into matter; our thoughts, energized by our e-motions, gain expression in the physical world. Now is the time to recalibrate and purify the process so that our manifestations are in line with our loving Spirit, and in service to the world. 
Mercury begins his retrograde with a new cycle with Jupiter, expanding our Christ Consciousness, connecting with Quaoar in a stepping stone, and resourcing Varuna; we expand our perspective and go beyond outworn ideas, bringing in new beliefs from our new, higher vantage point. On Sept. 9, Mercury forms a bridge with Virgo’s dispositor, Chiron, and forms Great Eliminators with divine awakeners Uranus and Eris, and Pallas as well. This Finger of God provides many options we did not see before, coupled with the wisdom to help us make the best choices that will take us to the high road. What we think and say is so important, but so is Silence, allowing the mind to rest and let the heart speak. Chiron gives us access to the mastery we need to heal and quiet our minds and access this inner Silence. 
The Mercury/Sun inferior conjunction occurs on Sept. 12. It is the midpoint of the retrograde cycle, and it is marked by a stepping stone with Mars. It is fitting that our consciousness gets downloaded with new information at the same time we have a new mind/body connection. With the changing of the masculine archetype from Mars to Mercury, we are no longer keeping mind and body separate; we are learning how to make them work together harmoniously. Our thoughts can literally heal our bodies, and our bodies communicate as deeply as our minds. 
Right before Mercury stations he connects with a manifestation to Pluto onSept. 20; after he goes direct they make the same exact aspect on Sept. 23. This means that Mercury and Pluto are manifesting together for over a week. What an opportunity to transform our thoughts and understanding, letting go of what is no longer working, diving deep and resurrecting what needs to be expressed. Our thoughts have the power to transform us at all levels, and as we transform, or thoughts take new shape. The last aspect Mercury makes this month is a resource with Juno, once again reinforcing the unity consciousness we are collectively working towards, even as things are falling apart. There is a longing for connectedness, and this awareness provides the impetus for the transformation required to access the wholeness and unity that underpins our higher consciousness. 
Fingers of God
In addition to the Mercury/Pallas/Uranus-Eris Finger of God, there is a Finger of God among the 5D planets of Varuna, Sedna, and Quaoar. Sedna, at 26 Taurus, makes a resourceful aspect to Varuna at 29 Cancer. Both of these archetypes make Grand Eliminators (inconjuncts) to Quaoar, hanging out at 27+ degrees of Sagittarius at the Galactic Center (with nearby Ixion in tow). These are very high energies, and the planets involved are very slow moving, so this configuration will be around for a long time. At a very high level we are rewiring our emotional body, observing from the highest perch as we learn to come from the heart. We see how our feelings come and go, like clouds or, more aptly, like waves; we are learning not to get caught up in them. This new perspective, this evolution, is now becoming a part of our human history; more and more we are becoming grounded in Love and non-attachment, learning to trust our inner guidance, feeling and intuiting our way forward. But in order to create a new belief system, we must collectively observe where we are and remember where we’ve been with Love and compassion for our human condition, and dispassionately eliminate the unformed ideas and primal passions of our collective past lives. This is why we are here; it is another indication of our ascension, as we travel up the spiral of higher consciousness together. This Finger of God will be triggered when Mars connects with Quaoar in a new cycle on Sept. 23.
There is another, even longer lasting Finger of God between Haumea (Libra 22), Ixion (Sag. 22) and Sedna (Taurus 26). This one brings together the profoundly divine feminine energies of Haumea, representing unity, harmonious action, and respecting all the parts of the Whole as One and unifying them, with Sedna, the archetype of the Divine Wisdom held in the record of humanity, brought to us by the reunification with Divine Feminine energies that have returned to the cosmos. It is our collective soul purpose to master the physical experience of being embodied through learning the Truth of who we Are; we do this by respecting and honoring all parts of ours Selves, even the shadow parts reflected by others, and bringing them together consciously through actively choosing Love over fear and resistance (which is really fear) to the higher energies. This aspect shows us just how far we have evolved, and how we can continue to rise together in unity consciousness.  
Autumn Equinox
On September 22 the Sun changes signs from Virgo to Libra at the most profound divine feminine energy point. We turn our consciousness from creating integrity and wholeness through balancing, aligning and unifying our hearts, minds and actions, to working with everything that comes to us on the physical level, realizing that it is really all that we have not yet aligned and integrated within our Selves. 
The chart for this day provides a blueprint for the entire season.  The Sun forms a resource with Varuna, giving our consciousness new eyes and a higher observer’s perch with which to view the energies permeating the cosmos. It resonates with Jupiter and Makemake, who are still conjoined in a new cycle which perfected on Sept. 19, and all are conjunct the Super Galactic Center. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to birth an expansive new consciousness based in Cosmic Law, that all that exists is Love.  Chiron, Uranus/Eris, Vesta, Haumea and Ixion, all at 22-23 degrees, form connections, bringing purity and devotion, healing and mastery, disruption and new insights, and wholeness and higher purpose to our creativity, emotions, reflections, and Self-mastery.  We have the capacity to bring our new belief systems into our physical being, testing its veracity though thoughtful action. We have an opportunity to use the resources of Juno and Pluto to deepen and transform our unity consciousness.  We are well equipped to make use of these energies, and have the whole season to put them into practice. 
Changing consciousness 
Every month the lower body planets change signs, and thus change the focus of our consciousness, but the slower a planet’s orbit, more time spent in a sign, and the more profound the energies in that quality of consciousness. Jupiter, planet of social consciousness, expansiveness, abundance, wisdom and optimism, spends a year in each sign; on Sept. 9, (the 9/9/9 stargate) he crosses the Physical Portal of Truth and enters Libra, where he will remain until October 10, 2017 (the 10/10/10 stargate!). For the next year, we will have Jupiter’s wisdom and higher social consciousness to work with as we explore and calibrate our relationship with our Selves, and then welcome what comes to us in the mirror of relationships with others. 
Varuna’s 282-year orbit means it spends quite some time in a sign. Varuna has been in Cancer since July 19, 1992. He moves into Leo, sign of Emotional Love, on Sept. 15, and remains there until Aug. 22, 2042. For the next 20-odd years we will have this multidimensional, dispassionate, all-seeing Eye of Universal Consciousness that sees what is and what’s possible from the universal perspective available in our life force, where we learn to locate and shine our Light without fear. If we can remember to count our blessings, and that everything is a blessing, we will have access to these cosmic energies. Any planet that enters a new sign will connect with Varuna’s vast energies. It’s notable that Jupiter makes a resourceful aspect with Varuna at 29+ degrees of Virgo/Cancer, right before both planets change signs. This is significant. We will have access to the expanding wisdom of the cosmos as it relates to the purpose, mastery and alignment of our emotional body as part of our growing consciousness. 
Venus’s focus on bringing Love to our reflections changes to a focus on resurrecting and transforming our fear-based reactions into Love-based responses when Venus ingresses Scorpio on Sept. 23. Here we bring Love deeper into our hearts and purify the heart energies. The more uncomfortable we feel, the deeper the transmutation. But the big news is that Mars, the co-ruler with Venus of the Divine Feminine, who begins the month on the Great Attractor, finally leaves Sagittarius after making a stepping stone with the Sun/Mercury new cycle (Sept. 12), connecting with Ixion (new cycle), Haumea (resource) and Chiron (stepping stone) on Sept. 15, manifesting with Uranus/Eris (Sept. 16), choosing the high road with Sedna (Sept. 21) and forming a new cycle with Quaoar (and the Galactic Center) on Sept. 23. Thus purified and bringing physical embodiment to these multidimensional energies, Mars is finally ready to enter Capricorn on the World Axis on Sept. 27, to begin a new spiritual cycle of right action guided by Source. Feel your actions guided by Spirit and know that by being still and receptive, your Higher Self will make those actions congruent with your Higher Self.
Saturn/Neptune Stepping Stone
The Sun taps into the Saturn/Neptune stepping stone, creating a Wisdom intersection, squaring Saturn, bridging Neptune, on Sept. 2. The Earth and Soul Star Chakras are involved too, along with Juno. We are consciously working on separating Truth from illusion, fantasy from reality (although what is “real” these days?), what is necessary and important from what is superfluous. We see others wrestle with authenticity vs. deception; inner guidance vs. giving up power to another. And we hold the space for enlightenment, even while we struggle with the many distractions surrounding us. This is the last meeting of these two planets in stepping stone energies; the other squares occurred on Nov. 26, 2015 and June 18, 2016.  This is the ending of a phase, the mastery of applying what we’ve learned by working with these two very different energies to bring out the best of both. We are clearing karma, giving up old ideas, grieving for that which used to make sense and does no longer, as we are just beginning to make a new foundation on which to stand.  It is not an easy journey, but we must go through it to clear the way for the new world. 
Thought for this month: We create unity on all levels by being compassionate with ours Selves and each other, by trusting that beyond this necessary polarization lies the Truth that I AM You and You are Me and we are in each other. 
“The Power of the Universe will come to your assistance if your heart and mind are in Unity”
White Buffalo Calf Woman 

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