December 2022 Monthly Aspects

Shelly LealMonthly Aspects

December 2022

The energies of December 2021 are brought into the new year, and so bear revisiting. Newly infused with galactic frequencies, Venus bridges (opposes) Mars, bringing heart energy into the body, and then goes out of bounds (12/1) for 3 weeks. One could way Love knows no bounds.


Neptune has the capacity to lift veils and enlighten, allowing us to clearly see through the fog of illusion, distortion and deception currently surrounding us. On 12/3 Neptune stations direct, forming a stepping stone (square) with Venus.  We are working for more clarity in interactions, more compassion and a greater willingness to face the truth without fear, so we can reconnect with each other in healthy ways.


As Mercury and Venus finish their journeys through Sagittarius, they make new cycles (or conjunctions) with the Galactic Center (on 12/4 and 12/7), the black hole and creator (Source) energy at the center of our own local galaxy. These infusions of higher consciousness can lead us to the place where we can clear lower frequencies in mind and heart, aligning with our higher Self. Then they enter the quality of consciousness of Capricorn, 12/6 and 12/9, respectively, where they connect with Ixion (12/8 and 12/11), checking in with the collective purpose for clarity and integrity. We have to believe it, and it has to feel right. The duo goes on to make new cycles with Quaoar (12/11 and 12/15) providing balance from which new thought arises.


While that’s happening, the Full Moon in Gemini occurs, on 12/7, with the Moon occulting (conjoining) Mars, which is like a mini eclipse, in a bridge with the Sun. Our emotions can lead us to act in certain ways, but if we question what motivates our emotions we can respond in a more conscious, appropriate way. The Juno-Orcus Lightbridge crosses the Full Moon, creating a crossroad in Wisdom (mutable) signs. Uranus is also part of the mix. Wise action arising from the perspective of unity consciousness has the capacity to awaken those around us to the existence of higher planes of awareness. The Ceres Pluto manifestation signifies the dismantling of old structures to make way for the birthing of a new emotional wisdom that informs new ways to serve the collective.


On 12/18 Ceres enters Libra, the same day that the Sun meets up with the Galactic Center for some serious downloads. It takes the Sun 3 days to make it into Capricorn (12/21), the sign of Spiritual Power, and the Winter/ Summer Solstice. According to Cosmic Consciousness, it is during that time that the resurrection into a new cycle of being happens. Each year we are reborn, and this year it begins with Salacia going direct 12/19, which lightens us and delivers us to a greater capacity to find the hidden joy in our lives, as well as Jupiter’s entry into Aries for good on 12/20, bridging Ceres, providing the ingredients for a Solstice full of promise and potential.
The solstice chart gives clues as to the energies of the next 3 months. The first thing to notice is the Lightbridge (or opposition) between Ceres and Jupiter, intersected by the Sun in a T-square, all at 00° of Power signs Capricorn, Aries and Libra. The Sun also resources (sextiles) Haumea at 00° Scorpio. New, expansive energies are entering the planet, and our consciousness, and they are creative and Light-filled. Mercury bridges the Black Moon, and resources Juno; the potential is there for discovering new truths about old ideas and beliefs, and these truths can manifest the idea of connectedness and unity consciousness to those who never really thought about it. The 5D planets Salacia, Chariklo and Quaoar all connect, another indication of the availability of higher thought that can provide stability and lightness, even joy. Even with all the darkness we see, more Light and higher consciousness is pouring into the world for us to work with.


The New Moon in Capricorn occurs 12/23, conjoined with Ixion and Quaoar, and in a stepping stone (square) with Ceres, and Jupiter. We are redefining our purpose now, and some of us are already, or will be called to become activists for the environment or social justice, while others may become healers to help ground the newly awakened ones. Jupiter’s influence bodes well for social engagement. This lunar event serves to reinforce the Solstice energies, with the extra added attraction of Chiron stationing direct at the same time, inviting healing, alignment, and wholing back into the world.


The Sun follows the degrees taken by Mercury and Venus with his own new cycles with Ixion 12/24 and Quaoar 12/28. It is so synchronous to become more aware of new paradigms of thought on the same day that Pluto makes his final return to the degree he occupied when the US was born. Pluto has been dismantling what no longer works, and he will continue to do so. Yet this is the point of manifestation, where ideals that have merit begin the process of resurrection into something sustainable for the future. Also, on 12/28 the Juno-Neptune new cycle (conjunction) occurs, with Venus making a resource aspect, bringing new life and love into the dream of unity consciousness.


 In 2021 Mercury’s retrogrades all took place in air signs. For most of 2022 the retrogrades shift between air and earth signs. Air is masculine and earth is feminine, so there is a balance between the mental and physical energies. This retrograde begins a new kind of cycle, since it occurs totally in earthy Capricorn.


Mercury takes his last retrograde on 12/29 at 24° Capricorn. He approaches, but does not meet Pluto, meaning we won’t be ready for Pluto’s kind of empowerment at the mental level until after the retrograde. More introspection is needed first. But while Mercury is stationing, Venus comes along and makes a new cycle with him, once again manifesting a balance to the restructuring of mind and heart. When they work together, we are receptive, secure, and responsive to the requirements of any situation that presents itself. Now Venus leads again, going on to make a new cycle with Pluto just minutes into the new year. This brings us back to the theme of the empowered heart, the awareness of the power of Love to heal and to connect that we started 2022 with. When we honor our emotions, and honor our connection to Source, we empower ourselves to approach whatever meets us with strength, compassion, and Love.


As we prepare for the new year, I wish you love, joy and peace through the coming season and new year. Happy holidays!!

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